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*  1978

Line-Up (2020):


David Coverdale - voc
Joel Hoekstra - g
Reb Beach - g
Michael Devin - bg
Tommy Aldridge - ds
Michele Luppi - kb

Former Members:

Micky Moody (g, 1978-2/82, 11/82-10/83); Bernie Marsden (g, 1978-81); Mel Galley (g, 1983-86); John Sykes (g, 1/84-12/86); Vivian Campbell (g, 4/87-1/89); Adrian Vandenberg (g, 4/87-91, cca 4/94-cca 9/97); Steve Vai (g, 4/89-?); Warren de Martini (g, cca 6/94-cca 5/95); Steve Farris (g, cca 9/97); Doug Aldrich (g, cca 6/03-cca 2/13)

Neil Murray (bg, 1978-11/82, 1/84-87); Colin Hodgkinson (bg, 11/82-12/83); Tony Franklin (bg, 1987-88, cca 9/97); Rudy Sarzo (bg, 4/87-cca 5/95); Guy Pratt (bg, cca 1997); Mark Mendoza (bg, cca 6/03); Uriah Duffy (bg, cca 3/08)

Brian Johnson (kb, 1978); Pete Solley (kb, 1978); Jon Lord (kb, 1978-4/84); Richard Bailey (kb, 1984-85); Don Airey (kb, 1986); Paul Mirkovich (kb, 6/94-cca 5/95); Derek Hillard (kb, cca 9/97); Timothy Drury (kb, cca 6/03-cca 3/08); Brian Ruedy (kb, cca 4/11-cca 2/13)

David Dowle (ds, 1978-79); Ian Paice (ds, 8/79-11/82); Cozy Powell (ds, 11/82-85); Aynsley Dunbar (ds, 2/86-87); Carmine Appice (ds, 1987-12/88); Tommy Aldridge (ds, 12/88-cca 1989, cca 6/03); Denny Carmassi (ds, cca 1994-cca 9/97); Chris Frazier (ds, cca 1/08-cca 3/08); Brian Tichy (ds, cca 12/10-cca 10/11)

Albums Discography:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
produced by: Martin Birch
produced by: Martin Birch
9/1979 Liberty29
3.Ready An' Willing
produced by: Martin Birch
5/1980 Liberty6 90
4.Live ... In The Heart Of The City
5.Come An' Get It
produced by: Martin Birch
6.Saints And Sinners
produced by: Martin Birch
7.Slide It In
produced by: Martin Birch
1/1984 Liberty9 40
8.19873/1987 Geffen8 2
9.Greatest Hits6/1988 MCA4
10.Slip Of The Tongue
produced by: Mike Clink/Keith Olssen
11/1989 Geffen10 10
11.Greatest Hits04.07.1994EMI4 161
12.Restless Heart26.05.1997EMI34
13.Starkers In Tokyo24.11.1997EMI
14.20th Century Masters - The Millennium Collection: The Best of Whitesnake27.06.2000Geffen 194
15.Winning Combinations
& Scorpions
23.07.2002Universal Special Products
16.Here I Go Again: The Whitesnake Collection29.10.2002Universal
17.Best Of Whitesnake3/2003 EMI44
19.Rock Breakout Years: 198711.10.2005Madacy
20.Definitive Collection07.02.2006Geffen
22.Live - In The Shadow Of The Blues27.11.2006Steamhammer
23.1987-2007 - 20th Anniversary6/2007 EMI
24.Good To Be Bad22.04.2008Steamhammer7 62
25.30th Anniversary Collection6/2008 EMI38
26.Forevermore29.03.2011Frontiers33 49
27.Live At Donington 199007.06.2011Frontiers81
28.Box 'O' Snakes: The Sunburst Years 1978-198215.11.2011EMI
30.Made in Japan
31.Made in Britain / The World Record09.07.2013Frontiers
33.Live In '84 - Back To The Bone11.11.2014Frontiers
34.The Purple Album18.05.2015Frontiers18 87
35.The Purple Tour - Live1/2018 Rhino60
(rarities, 2CD)
37.Flesh & Blood
produced by: Reb Beach/Joel Hoekstra
10.05.2019Frontiers7 131
38.The Rock Album19.06.2020Rhino81
39.The Blues Album - MMXXI2/2021 Rhino57

David Coverdale:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.White Snake
produced by: Roger Glover
featuring: Micky Moody (g), De'Lisle Harper (bg), Roger Glover (bg,kb), Tim Hinkley (kb), Simon Phillips (ds), Ron Aspery (sax)
6/1977 Purple
featuring: Micky Moody (g), Bernie Marsden (g), Neil Murray (bg), Brian Johnson (kb), David Dowell (ds)
3.The Connoisseur Collection4/1988 Connoisseur
4.Coverdale Page
& Jimmy Page, prod. David Coverdale/Jimmy Page/Mike Fraser
15.03.1993EMI4 5
5.Into The Light25.09.2000Chrysalis/EMI75

Singles Discography:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.Snake Bite EP
(Bloody Mary / Steal Away / Come On / Ain't No Love In The Heart Of The City)
credited to: David Coverdale's White Snake
5/1978 EMI61
2.Lie Down / Don't Mess With Me06.10.1978EMI
3.The Time Is Right For Love / Come On (live)3/1979 EMI
4.The Time Is Right For Love / Belguin Tom's Hat Trick
(v USA)
4/1979 Sunburst
5.Long Way From Home / Trouble (live) / Ain't No Love In The Heart Of The City (live)26.10.1979United Artists55
6.Long Way From Home / We Wish You Well
(v USA)
11/1979 United Artists
7.Fool For Your Loving / Mean Business / Don't Mess With Me11.04.1980United Artists6
8.Ready An' Willing / Night Hawk (Vampire Blues) / We Wish You Well27.06.1980United Artists22
9.Fool For Your Loving / Black And Blue7/1980 Mirage 53
10.Sweet Talker / Ain't Gonna Cry No More10/1980 Mirage
11.Ain't No Love In The Heart Of The City (live) / Take Me With You (live)11/1980 United Artists51 109
12.Don't Break My Heart Again / Child Of Babylon03.04.1981Liberty17
13.Would I Lie To You / Girl05.06.1981Liberty22
14.Don't Break My Heart Again / Lonely Days, Lonely Nights
(v USA)
6/1981 Atlantic
15.Here I Go Again / Bloody Luxury05.11.1982Liberty30
16.Guilty Of Love / Gambler29.07.1983Liberty29
17.Give Me Just A Little More Time / Need Your Love So Bad12/1983 Liberty29
18.Standing In The Shadow / All Or Nothing16.04.1984Liberty39
19.Love Ain't No Stranger / Guilty Of Love
(v USA)
8/1984 Geffen
20.Love Ain't No Stranger / Slow An' Easy
12" + Slide It In
2/1985 Liberty44
21.Still Of The Night / Here I Go Again (1987)
12" + You're Gonna Break My Heart Again
3/1987 EMI11
22.Is This Love / Standing In The Shadows
12" + Need Your Love So Bad
CD + Still Of The Night
5/1987 EMI8
23.Still Of The Night / Don't Turn Away6/1987 Geffen 79
24.Here I Go Again / Children Of The Night6/1987 Geffen 1
25.Is This Love / Bad Boys10/1987 Geffen 2
26.Here I Go Again '87 (US mix) / Guilty Of Love10/1987 EMI8
27.Give Me All Your Love (edit) / Fool For Your Loving
CD1 + Here I Go Again / Don't Break My Heart
CD2 + Straight From The Heart
1/1988 EMI12 48
28.Fool For Your Loving ('89) / Slow Poke Music
12" + Walking In The Shadow Of The Blues
10/1989 EMI43 37
29.The Deeper The Love / Slip Of The Tongue12/1989 Geffen 28
30.The Deeper The Love / Judgement Day
12"(1) + Sweet Lady Luck
12"(2),CD + Fool For Your Lovin' (Vai voltage mix)
2/1990 EMI35
31.Now You're Gone (remix) / Wings Of The Storm
12",CD + Kittens Got Claws / Cheap An' Nasty
5/1990 EMI31 96
32.Is This Love / Sweet Lady Luck
CD + Now You're Gone
33.Too Many Tears / Can't Stop Now
credited to: David Coverdale And Whitesnake
5/1997 EMI46
34.Don't Fade Away10/1997
35.Here I Go Again8/2011 EMI96
36.Shut Up And Kiss Me2/2019
37.Trouble Is Your Middle Name3/2019

David Coverdale:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.Hole In The Sky / Blindman5/1977 Purple
2.Breakdown / Only My Soul17.02.1978Purple
3.Breakdown / Bloody Mary
(v USA)
6/1978 United Artists
4.The Last Note Of Freedom / Car Building
12",CD + Gimme Some Lovin'
& Hans Zimmer,
produced by: Trevor Horn
9/1990 Epic78
5.Take Me For A Little While / Easy Does It
CD + Shake My Tree (the crunch mix)
credited to: Coverdale Page
6/1993 EMI29
6.Take A Look At Yourself / Waiting On You
CD + Take A Look At Yourself (acoustic) / Take A Look At Yourself (girls version)
credited to: Coverdale Page
9/1993 EMI43


1. Fourplay - 1983
2. Whitesnake Live - 11/1983, Picture Music, 52 min
3. Trilogy - 1988, Picture Music International, 27 min
4. Live - In The Still Of The Night - 1/2006, live
5. Made In Japan - 19.4.2013, Frontiers, live

WWW Links:


1978-79 David Coverdale's Whitesnake

David Coverdale:

on the LP "Coverdale/Page" (3/93) appeared:

Denny Carmassi (ds), Jorge Casas (bg), Ricky Phillips (bg), John Harris (hca), Lester Mendez (kb), Tommy Funderburk (voc), John Sambataro (voc)

Michael Devin:

appeared on the LP:

Guess Who: The Future Is What It Used To Be (14.9.18)

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