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Appearances Various

Personal Data:

Born: 27.08.1950


? Cozy Powell's Hammer
? Gilgamesh
7/75-8/76 Colosseum II
cca 9/76-cca 1/78 National Health
1978-11/82 Whitesnake
5/82-12/83 Gary Moore
1/84-87 Whitesnake
1985 Gogmagog
11/86-? MGM
1987-89 Vow Wow
cca 1989 Mona Lisa Overdrive
5/89-2/91 Black Sabbath
11/92-2/93 Cozy Powell
1993-94 The Brian May Band
10/94-? Black Sabbath
cca 10/98 The Brian May Band
cca 8/00-cca 2/01 Company Of Snakes
cca 2002 Rondinelli
cca 2007 M3
cca 5/11 Snakecharmer


appeared on the LP:

David Coverdale: White Snake (6/77, Purple)
Bill Bruford: Feels Good To Me (1/78, Polydor)
David Coverdale: Northwinds (10.3.78, Purple)
Bernie Marsden: And About Time Too (22.5.81, EMI)
Cozy Powell: Tilt (11.9.81, Polydor)
Jon Lord: Before I Forget (2.7.82, Harvest)
Gary Moore: Corridors Of Power (8.10.82, Virgin)
Phenomena: Phenomena I (1985, Bronze)
Phenomena: Phenomena II (1987, Ariola)
Forcefield: Forcefield (1987, President)
Cozy Powell: The Drums Are Back (1992, Electrola)
Tony Martin: Back Where I Belong (1992, Polydor)
Dave Sharman: Exit Within (1992, Noise)
Iron Men: The Original Iron Men (1995, ASB)
Bob Rondinelli: Our Cross Our Sins (2002)
Empire: Trading Souls (20.5.03, Lion Music)
Michael Schenker: Temple Of Rock (9/11, In Akustik)

appeared on the SP:
Graham Bonnet: Night Games (27.2.81, Vertigo)