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Appearances Albums Various


AIREY Don (photo)
6/74-? Cozy Powell's Hammer
7/75-cca 1/78 Colosseum II
5/79-11/81 Rainbow
1/80 Cozy Powell
1980 Blizzard Of Ozz
1980 Michael Schenker Group
1/82-85 Ozzy Osbourne
11/82-1983 Gary Moore
1986 Whitesnake
1988 Fastway
cca 1989 Mona Lisa Overdrive
1990-? Gary Moore
cca 1997 Quatermass 2
1998 Snakes
cca 5/00 Ten
cca 8/00-cca 2/01 Company Of Snakes
8/01 Deep Purple (g.a.)
3/02-cca 4/20 Deep Purple
cca 2004 Living Loud

Albums Discography:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.K2: Tales of Triumph & Tragedy1988
2.A Light In The Sky16.09.2008Mega Force
3.All Out8/2011
4.Keyed Up03.06.2014Music Theories
5.Contractual Obligation 2
credited to: Ian Gillan with The Don Airey Band and Orchestra


appeared on the LP:

Andrew Lloyd Webber: Variations (27.1.78, MCA)
Black Sabbath: Never Say Die (11/78, Vertigo)
Gary Moore: Back On The Streets (12/78, MCA)
Cozy Powell: Over The Top (11/79, Ariola)
Bernie Marsden: And About Time Too (22.5.81, EMI)
Cozy Powell: Tilt (11.9.81, Polydor)
Cozy Powell: Octopus (1983, Polydor)
Zeno: Zeno (1986, EMI)
Sinner: Comin' Out Fighting (1986, Noise)
Helix: Wild In The Streets (1987, Capitol)
Jethro Tull: The First 20 Years (1988, Chrysalis)
Tigertailz: Bezerk (1990, MFN)
UFO: High Stakes & Dangerous Men (1992, Essential)
Brian May: Back To The Light (5.10.92, Parlophone)
Cozy Powell: The Drums Are Back (1992, Electrola)
Leo Lyon's Kick: Tough Trip To Paradise (1994, KDC)
Uli Roth: Transcendental Sky Guitar Vol. 1 & 2 (11.9.00, Steamhammer)
Empire: Trading Souls (20.5.03, Lion Music)
Michael Schenker: Temple Of Rock (9/11, In Akustik)