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London, GB
*  4/1968

Line-Up (2017):


Ian Gillan - voc
Steve Morse - g
Roger Glover - bg
Don Airey - kb
Ian Paice - ds

Former Members:

Rod Evans (voc, 4/68-6/69); Ian Gillan (voc, 6/69-6/73, 84-11/89); David Coverdale (voc, 9/73-5/76); Joe Lynn Turner (voc, 2/90-12/92)

Ritchie Blackmore (g, 4/68-6/75, 4/84-11/93); Tommy Bolin (g, 6/75-7/76); Joe Satriani (g, 12/93-11/94)

Nick Simper (bg, 4/68-6/69); Glenn Hughes (bg,voc, 7/73-7/76)

Jon Lord (kb, 4/68-7/76, 4/84-3/02)

Albums Discography:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Shades Of Deep Purple10/1968 Parlophone 24
2.The Book Of Taliesyn7/1969 Harvest 54
3.Deep Purple
produced by: Derek Lawrence
11/1969 Harvest
4.Concerto For Group And Orchestra1/1970 Harvest26
5.Deep Purple In Rock
produced by: Martin Birch
6/1970 Harvest4
6.Fireball9/1971 Harvest1 24
7.Machine Head25.03.1972Purple1 7
8.Purple Passages
(2LP, in the USA)
9/1972 Warner Bros 57
9.Made In Japan
produced by: Deep Purple
08.12.1972Purple16 6
10.Who Do We Think We Are
produced by: Deep Purple
1/1973 Purple4 15
produced by: Deep Purple
2/1974 Purple/EMI3 9
produced by: Deep Purple
12/1974 Purple/EMI6 14
13.24 Carat Purple
produced by: Deep Purple
14.Come Taste The Band
produced by: Deep Purple/Martin Birch
07.11.1975Purple/EMI19 43
15.Made In Europe
produced by: Deep Purple
16.Are You Ready For Song Rock-n-Roll1977
17.Last Concert In Japan3/1977 Warner Bros
18.Deep Purple In Live Concert At The Royal Albert Hall?
20.Singles: As And Bs1978 Harvest/EMI
22.The Mark 2 Purple Singles13.04.1979Purple24
23.Deepest Purple7/1980 Harvest1
24.Deep Purple In Concert 1970-1972
12/1980 Harvest/EMI30
25.Live In London 19748/1982 Harvest/EMI23
26.Perfect Strangers02.11.1984Polydor5 17
27.The Anthology
6/1985 Harvest50
28.The House Of Blue Light12.01.1987Polydor10 34
29.The Best Of Deep Purple11/1987 Telstar
30.Scandinavian Nights 1970 Live
1988 Connoisseur
31.Nobody's Perfect
7/1988 Polydor38 105
32.Slaves And Masters22.10.1990RCA45 87
33.The CD Anthology
3/1991 EMI
34.In The Absence Of Pink - Knebworth '85
8/1991 Connoisseur
35.Purple Rainbows9/1991 EMI
36.Knocking At Your Backdoor - Best Of In The 80's4/1992 Polydor
37.Gemini Suite - Live1993 RPM
38.Singles A's And B's1/1993 Harvest
39.Progression5/1993 Spectrum
40.The Deep Purple Family Album7/1993 Connoisseur
41.The Battle Rages On19.07.1993RCA21 192
42.Live In Japan
11/1993 EMI
43.Smoke On The Water - The Best Of9/1994 EMI
44.Come Hell Or High Water
45.Live In California '76
1995 Connoiseur
46.On The Wings Of A Russian Foxbat
7/1995 Connoisseur Collection
47.Child In Time9/1995 Spectrum
48.Deep Purple Rare Live
(in Japan)
1996 Techiku
49.Archive Alive!1996 Archive
51.California Jamming - Live At The Ontario Speedway April 19745/1996 EMI
52.Deep Purple Mk III - The Final Concerts
7/1996 Connoisseur Collection
53.Live At The Olympia09.06.1997Spin/EMI
54.Purplexed1998 BMG
56.30: The Very Best Of Deep Purple05.10.1998EMI39
57.Friends & Relatives25.01.1999Eagle/edel
58.On The Road
(4CD box set)
59.Shades 1968-1998
(box set)
60.This Time Around
11/1999 Sanctuary
61.Days May Come11/1999 2CD
62.Concertos: Live At The Royal Albert Hall With The London Symphony Orchestra
& The London Symphony Orchestra
63.The Very Best Of Deep Purple04.04.2000Rhino
64.In Concert With The London Symphony Orchestra02.10.2000Eagle/edel
65.Smoke on the Water & Other Hits03.04.2001Rhino
66.20th Century Masters: The Millennium Collection04.06.2002Mercury
67.Live Denmark 197215.04.2003Purple
68.Winning Combinations
& Rainbow, kompilace
17.06.2003Universal Special Products
69.Best of the Early Years29.07.2003Intercontinental
produced by: Michael Bradford
71.Deep Purple and Beyond18.11.2003Direct Source
72.Deep Purple and Friends
& Friends
73.Live in Paris 197513.04.2004Eagle Rock
74.New Live & Rare01.06.2004Purple
75.Critical Review: Inside Deep Purple 1969-197325.10.2004Classic Rock Legends
76.Burn: 30th Anniversary Edition01.03.2005EMI
77.Critical Review, Vol. 2: 1974-197601.03.2005Classic Rock Legends
78.The Platinum Collection07.06.2005EMI39
79.Live in Stockholm 197005.07.2005Purple
80.Very Best Of Deep Purple8/2005 EMI
81.Rapture Of The Deep24.10.2005edel
82.Live In Concert 1972/7311/2005
83.Best Of Deep Purple07.02.2006Double Play
84.Collection14.02.2006BMG International
85.Legends21.02.2006Universal International
86.Live at Montreux 199602.05.2006Eagle
87.Highway Stars30.05.2006EMI
88.Deep Purple and Friends
& Friends
26.09.2006Music Club International
89.Live in Montreux 196910.10.2006Purple
90.Live In Stuttgart 199308.01.2007
91.Live at the Nec 199313.02.2007Sony
92.Live in Denmark 197202.04.2007Purple
93.Deep Purple Story17.04.2007Primo
94.Live in Montreux / In Concert15.05.2007Recall
95.They All Came Down to Montreux12.06.2007Eagle
96.Live In London8/2007 EMI
97.Colour Collection15.10.2007Spectrum
98.The Very Best Of Deep Purple3/2008 EMI43
99.Platinum Collection10.06.2008EMI
100.Hit Collection17.06.2008Sony/BMG
101.Days May Come & Days May Go15.07.2008Purple
102.Sight and Sound: Heavy Metal Pioneers22.07.2008WEA
103.Star Club04.11.2008Universal
104.Greatest Hits16.12.2008Sony/BMG
105.Live at Long Beach 197609.06.2009Purple
106.Live in Aachen 197009.06.2009Purple
107.Live at Inglewood 196814.07.2009Purple
108.This Time Around: Live in Tokyo '7506.10.2009
109.Introducing: Deep Purple10.10.2009Ear Music
110.Live Encounters
19.10.2009Metal Mind Productions
111.Space Truckin' Round the World24.11.2009Deep Purple
112.Singles & EP Anthology 68-8020.04.2010EMI
113.Phoenix Rising5/2011
114.MKIII The Final Concerts16.08.2011Eagle
115.Scandinavian Nights: Live in Stockholm 197016.08.2011Eagle
116.In Concert16.08.2011Eagle
117.Original Album Classics04.10.2011Sony
118.Live At Montreux 2011
07.11.2011Rock Classics
120.The BBC Sessions 1968-197008.11.2011EMI
122.Music Masters Collection20.02.2012Anvil Media
123.Total Abandon: Australia '9924.04.2012Eagle
124.Live 1969-197225.09.2012B13
125.Live in Concert 197208.10.2012Rhino
126.Live At Paris Theatre London 22 February 197217.01.2013B13
127.Now What?!
produced by: Bob Ezrin
26.04.2013Ear Music19 115
128.Live In Copenhagen: 197204.06.2013Eagle Rock
129.The Deep Purple Collection18.06.2013E1 Entertainment
130.Live at Montreux 1996 & 200608.10.2013Eagle
131.Perfect Strangers Live
132.The Complete Albums 1970-197615.10.2013Rhino
133.The Audio Fidelity Collection03.12.2013Audio Fidelity
134.Now What: Live Tapes24.12.2013JVC
135.Live In Stuttgart 1993
07.01.2014Hear No Evil
136.Many Faces of Deep Purple18.03.2014
137.California Jam: Live In California '7401.04.2014Eagle
138.In Concert '726/2014 Rhino
139.Lo Mejor de Deep Purple02.09.2014Universal
140.Live In Graz 197523.09.2014Ear Music92
141.Live in Verona21.10.2014Eagle Rock
142.Into the Fire13.01.2015Blitz Books
143.Live In Long Beach 1971: The Official Deep Purple Overseas Live Series2/2015 edel
144.Deep Purple: Live Performance07.04.2015Classic Music Company
145.Deep Purple With Orchestra Live In Switzerland
25.04.2015Rock Classics
146.From The Setting Sun... (In Wacken)
147....To The Rising Sun (In Tokyo)28.08.2015earM
148.The Vinyl Collection11.12.2015Universal
149.They All Came Down to Montreux: Live27.05.2016Cargo
produced by: Bob Ezrin
07.04.2017Ear Music6 105
151.A Fire In The Sky11/2017 Parlophone
152.The inFinite Live Recordings, Vol. 111/2017
153.Live In Newcastle 20017/2019
produced by: Bob Ezrin
07.08.2020Ear Music4 161

Jon Lord:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Gemini Suite11/1971 Purple
2.First Of The Big Bands
& Tony Ashton
5.Wizard's Convention
produced by: Eddie Hardin
6.Before I Forget
produced by: Jon Lord
7.Country Diary Of An Edwardian Lady3/1984 Safari
8.Pictured Within26.10.1998Virgin
9.Beyond The Notes30.11.2004EMI
10.Danger: White Men Dancing
& The Hoochie Coochie Men
9/2007 Warner Music
11.Boom of the Tingling Strings25.03.2008EMI
12.Live at the Basement16.06.2009Absolute
13.Jon Lord: Concerto for Group and Orchestra
& Paul Mann & Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra
01.10.2012Eagle Rock

Roger Glover:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.The Butterfly Ball And The Grasshopper's Feast15.11.1974Purple
2.The Butterfly Ball
produced by: Roger Glover/Martin Birch
4.Mask5/1984 Polydor 101
5.Accidentally On Purpose
& Ian Gillan
2/1988 Virgin
produced by: Roger Glover
9/2002 BMG
7.If Life Was Easy...11.07.2011earMUSIC/edel

Glenn Hughes:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Play Me Out21.04.1978Safari
2.4 On The Floor1979 Casablanca
3.This Boy Can Sing The Blues1993 Roadrunner
4.From Now On
produced by: Bruce Cowdy
featuring: Hempo Hilden (ds), Mic Michaeli (kb), John Leven (bg), Anders Bojefelt (g), Thomas Larsson (g), Pat Thrall (g), Bruce Cowdy, Jean Beauvoir (g), Ian Haughland (ds)
5.Burning Japan Live1994 Steamhammer
6.Feel10/1995 Steamhammer
8.Greatest Hits1996 Empire
9.The Way It Is29.03.1999
10.The Work Tapes
& Geoff Downes
15.06.1999Blue Print
11.Return Of Crystal Karma19.06.2000Steamhammer
12.Building The Machine
produced by: Michael Scott
9/2001 Steamhammer
13.Different Stages8/2002
14.Songs In The Key Of Rock
featuring: Joakim Marsch (g), Jeff Kollman (g), Gary Ferguson (ds), Chad Smith (ds), Edward Roth (kb), Alex Ligertwood (voc)
5/2003 Frontiers
15.Live in Tokyo03.06.2003Shrapnel
16.Dep Sessions 96
& Tony Iommi
17.Soulfully Live in the City of Angels
18.Soul Mover15.03.2005Sanctuary
& Tony Iommi
produced by: Bob Marlette
20.Music For The Divine01.08.2006Frontiers
21.First Underground Nuclear Kitchen
produced by: Chad Smith
5/2008 Frontiers
22.Live in Australia16.06.2009Absolute
23.Live In Wolverhampton: Official Bootleg12.02.2013Armoury
24.The Boys Club: Live from California
& Keith Emerson & Marc Bonilla
03.09.2013Varese Sarabande

Tommy Bolin:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
featuring: Jeff Porcaro, Barrie Prairie Prince, Narada Michael Walden, Bob Berge (ds), Stanley Sheldon (bg), Paul Stallworth (bg), Phil Collins (ds), Sammy Figueroa (perc), Rafael Cruz (perc), David Sanborn (sax), Ron Franson (p), David Foster (p), Jan Hammer (p)
11/1975 Atlantic
2.Private Eyes11/1976 CBS
3.The Ultimate Tommy Bolin1989 WEA
4.Missing On A Raging Ocean12/1994 RPM
5.From The Archives Vol 126.01.1996RPM
6.Live at Northern Lights Recording Studios 9/22/76
credited to: Tommy Bolin Band
18.04.1997Friday Music
& Zephyr
13.05.1997Purple Pyramid
8.Live At Ebbets Field 197420.04.1999
10.Whips and Roses II26.09.2006Steamhammer/SPV
11.Ultimate: Redux15.01.2008Friday Music
12.Great Gypsy Soul27.03.2012429
13.Definitive Teaser04.09.2012429
14.The Infamous Glen Holy Studio Jams, Vol. 117.09.2013Glen Holy Studio
16.Teaser: 40th Anniversary
(3LP/2CD box set)

Nick Simper:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Deep Purple Mk I Songbook
& Nasty Habits

Don Airey:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.K2: Tales of Triumph & Tragedy1988
2.A Light In The Sky16.09.2008Mega Force
3.All Out8/2011
4.Keyed Up03.06.2014Music Theories
5.Contractual Obligation 2
credited to: Ian Gillan with The Don Airey Band and Orchestra

Singles Discography:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.Hush / One More Rainy Day6/1968 Parlophone 4
2.Kentucky Woman / Wring That Neck10/1968 Parlophone 24
3.River Deep - Mountain High1/1969 Tetragrammaton 53
4.Emmeretta / Wring That Neck2/1969 Parlophone 128
5.Hallelujah (I Am The Preacher) / April Part 17/1969 Harvest 108
6.Black Night / Speed King5/1970 Harvest1
7.Black Night / Into The Fire7/1970 Warner Bros 66
8.Strange Kind Of Woman / I'm Alone12.02.1971Harvest8
9.Fireball / Demon's Eye10/1971 Harvest15
10.Fireball / I'm Alone
(v USA)
11/1971 Warner Bros
11.Never Before / When A Blind Man Cries3/1972 Purple35
12.Lazy / When A Blind Man Cries
(v USA)
6/1972 Warner Bros
13.Highway Star / Highway Star (part 2)
(v USA)
10/1972 Warner Bros
14.Hush / Kentucky Woman
(v USA)
10/1972 Warner Bros
15.Woman From Tokyo / Super Trouper4/1973 Warner Bros 60
16.Smoke On The Water / Smoke On The Water (part 2)26.05.1973Warner Bros 3
17.Might Just Take Your Life / Coronarias Redig08.03.1974Purple 91
18.Burn / Coronarias Redig
(v USA)
5/1974 Warner Bros
19.High Ball Shooter / You Can't Do It Right
(v USA)
11/1974 Warner Bros
20.Stormbringer / Love Don't Mean A Thing
(v USA)
1/1975 Warner Bros
21.You Keep On Moving / Love Child12.03.1976Purple
22.Gettin' Tighter / Love Child
(v USA)
3/1976 Warner Bros
23.Smoke On The Water / Child In Time / Woman From Tokyo
produced by: Deep Purple
24.New Live & Rare EP
(Painted Horse / Black Night / When A Blind Man Cries)
25.New Live & Rare EP Vol. 2
(Burn (edit) / Coronarias Redig / Mistreated (live))
26.Black Night / Strange Kind Of Woman4/1979 Harvest
27.Black Night / Speed King (live)7/1980 Harvest21
28.New Live & Rare EP Vol. 3
(Smoke On The Water (live) / The Bird Has Flown / Grabsplatter)
10/1980 Harvest48
29.Perfect Strangers / A Gypsy's Kiss
12" + Wasted Sunsets / Hungry Daze
1/1985 Polydor48
30.Knocking At Your Back Door / Perfect Strangers
(v USA 12/84)
6/1985 Polydor68 61
31.Call Of The Wild / Strangeways1/1987 Polydor100
32.Hush (live) / Dead Or Alive
12",CD + Bad Attitude
6/1988 Polydor62
33.King Of Dreams / Fire In The Basement15.10.1990RCA70
34.Love Conquers All / Truth Hurts
12",CD + Slow Down Sister
2/1991 RCA57
36.Black Night (remix) / Speed King (remix)6/1995 EMI66
37.Haunted8/2003 EMI
38.Phoenix Rising5/2011 Ear Music
39.All the Time in the World / Hell To Pay / Highway Star (Live From Hard Rock Cafe, London, UK/October 2005) / Smoke On the Water (Live From Hard Rock Cafe, London, UK/October 2005)02.04.2013Eagle
40.Vincent Price / First Sign Of Madness / The Well Dressed Man / Wrong Man18.06.2013earM
41.Above & Beyond / Space Truckin' (Now What Tour - live In Majano Italy July 24, 2013)31.10.2013Ear Music
Above & Beyond / Things I Never Said (Studio Song From The Now Deleted Limited Edition Of Rapture Of The Deep”) / Space Truckin' (live in Rome - previously unreleased) / Hush (live in Lokeren - previously unreleased)31.10.2013Ear Music
42.Black Night / Woman From Tokyo (live version)03.06.2014UMC
43.Black Night / Speed King (Dutch single - piano version)30.04.2015Parlophone
44.Out Of Hand16.06.2015Ear Music
45.Vincent Price / First Sign Of Madness / The Well Dressed Man / Wrong Man (Live)10.02.2017Ear
46.Time for Bedlam / Paradise Bar / Uncommon Man / Hip Boots24.02.2017Ear Music
47.All I Got Is You / Simple Folk / Above And Beyond / Time For Bedlam / Highway Star)17.03.2017Ear Music
48.Throw My Bones23.03.2020

Jon Lord:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.We're Gonna Make It
& Tony Ashton
2.Buree / Aria03.09.1976Purple
3.Bach Onto This / Going Home5/1982 Harvest
4.Country Diary Of An Edwardian Lady3/1984 Safari

Roger Glover:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.Love Is All / Old Blind Mole22.11.1974Purple
2.Little Chalk Blue
(from Butterfly Ball)
3.The Mask / (You're So) Remote6/1984 Polydor
4.Dislocated / Chet
12" + Purple People Eater
& Ian Gillan
7/1987 10/Virgin
5.She Took My Breath Away / Cayman Island
& Ian Gillan
1/1988 10/Virgin

Glenn Hughes:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.Pickin' Up The Pieces1994 Roadrunner

Tommy Bolin:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.The Grind05.03.1976Atlantic


1. Concerto For Group And Orchestra - 1969, 53 min, live
2. Scandinavian Nights (Live At Denmark) - 1972, 100 min, live
3. California Jam - 1974, 77 min, live
4. Rises Over Japan - 1977, 30 min.
5. The Videosingles - 1988, 28 min.
6. Bad Attitude - 1988
7. Heavy Metal Pioneers - 1991, documentary
8. Doing Their Thing
9. Come Hell Or High Water - 31.10.1994, live
10. Bombay Calling - Live In India 1995 - 1995, live
11. California Jam 1974 - 28.06.1996, Ear Music, live
12. Around The World 1995-1999 - 1999, live
13. Total Abandon - Live Australia '99 - 1999, live
14. A Band Downunder - 1999, documentary
15. Live At Royal Albert Hall - 1999, live
16. In Concert With The London Symphony Orchestra - 12/2003, Eagle Vision, 120 min
17. Music In Review 1969-1976 - 15.1.2007, Classic Rock Distribution
18. They All Came Down To Montreux: Deep Purple Live At Montreux 2006 - 11.6.2007, Eagle, live 2DVD, 186 min
19. Around The World Live - 19.05.2008, live 4DVD
20. Live 1974 (TV Recordings) - 1/2009, live, 55 min
21. Live At Montreux 2011 - 11/2011, live
22. The Official Deep Purple (Overseas) Live Series: Copenhagen 1972 - 29.07.2013, Ear Music, live
23. From The Setting Sun... (In Wacken) - 28.08.2015, live
24. ...To The Rising Sun (In Tokyo) - 28.08.2015, live

Glenn Hughes:

1. Soulfully Live In The City Of Angels - 11/2004, Frontiers, live, 105 min

Ian Paice:

1. On The Drums - 5/2009, edel


Roger Glover:

stage production Butterfly Ball (10/75)


Ian Gillan, David Cohen: Child In Time - The Life Story Of The Singer From Deep Purple (6/1993)
Glenn Hughes, Joel McIver: Deep Purple And Beyond: Scenes From The Life Of A Rock Star (12.5.2011)
Jerry Bloom: Time To Kill (8/2018)


2016 Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame
2017 Grammy Hall Of Fame (SP "Smoke On The Water", 1973)

WWW Links:


2-4/1968 Roundabout
disbanded 7/76
reunited 18.4.1984

10/1971 own label Purple Records

Compilation Appearances:

"Smoke On The Water" on compilation "Mullet Rock" (4.3.03, Epic/Legacy)
"Hush", "Kentucky Woman" on OST "Once Upon A Time In Hollywood" (26.7.19, Columbia)

Roger Glover:

stage performance The Butterfly Ball (1975) (+ David Coverdale, Ian Gillan, Eddie Hardin, Jon Lord, Twiggy, Glenn Hughes, Al Matthews)

produced by LP:

Nazareth: Razamanaz (27.4.73, Mooncrest)
Nazareth: Loud'n'Proud (19.10.73, Mooncrest)
Nazareth: Rampant (26.4.74, Mooncrest)
Elf: Trying To Burn The Sun (9/75, Purple)
David Coverdale: White Snake (6/77, Purple)
Ian Gillan Band: Child In Time (9.7.76, Oyster)
Rory Gallagher: Calling Card (27.8.76, Chrysalis)
Judas Priest: Sin After Sin (22.04.77, CBS)
Bob Young & Mick Moody: Young & Moody (20.5.77, Magnet)
Rainbow: Down To Earth (6/79, Polydor)
MSG: Michael Schenker Group (8/80, Chrysalis)
Rainbow: Difficult To Cure (2/81, Polydor)
Rainbow: Straight Between The Eyes (4/82, Polydor)
Rainbow: Bent Out Of Shape (9/83, Polydor)
Rainbow: Finyl Vinyl (2/86, Polydor)
Pretty Maids: Jump The Gun (4/90, CBS)

produced by SP:
Nazareth: Broken Down Angel (30.3.73, Mooncrest)
Nazareth: Bad Bad Boy (6.7.73, Mooncrest)
Rainbow: Stone Cold (26.3.82, Polydor)
Status Quo: Wild Side Of Life (3.12.94, Vertigo)

appeared on the LP:
Jon Lord: Gemini Suite (11/71, Purple)
Dave Cousins: Two Weeks Last Summer (1972)
Dan McCafferty: Dan McCafferty (24.10.75, Mountain)
David Coverdale: White Snake (6/77, Purple)
Gov't Mule: The Deep End Vol. 1 (23.10.01, ATO)
Alice Cooper: Paranormal (28.7.17)

Ian Paice:

appeared on the LP:

Green Bullfrog: Green Bullfrog (1971, Decca)
Jon Lord: Gemini Suite (11/71, Purple)
Bernie Marsden: And About Time Too (22.5.81, EMI)
Bernie Marsden: Look At Me Now (1981, Trash)
Jon Lord: Before I Forget (2.7.82, Harvest)
Gary Moore: Corridors Of Power (8.10.82, Virgin)
Pretty Maids: Jump The Gun (4/90, CBS)
Paul McCartney: Run Devil Run (5.10.99, Capitol)

Jon Lord:

1/1977 stage performance David Bedford: The Odyssey (kb)

appeared on the LP:

Richard Digance: Commercial Road (10/79)
Bernie Marsden: And About Time Too (22.5.81, EMI)
Bernie Marsden: Look At Me Now (1981, Trash)
Graham Bonnet: Line-Up (1981, Vertigo)
Cozy Powell: Octopus (1983, Polydor)
David Gilmour: About Face (5.3.84, Harvest)
Alvin Lee: Detroit Diesel (1986)
Cozy Powell: The Drums Are Back (1992, Electrola)
Ian Gillan: Cherkazoo & Other Stories (1992, Line)

appeared on the SP:
Jim Capaldi: Anna Julia (13.8.01, Steamhammer)

Glenn Hughes:

appeared on the LP:

Phenomena: Phenomena I (1985, Bronze)
Phenomena: Phenomena II (1987, Ariola)
Whitesnake: Slip Of The Tongue (1989)
Lynch Mob: Lynch Mob (4.5.92, Warner Bros)
L.A. Blues Authority: L.A. Blues Authority (1992, Sgamepnel)
George Lynch: Sacred Groove (1993, Elektra)
L.A. Blues Authority: Cream Of The Crop (1995, Roadrunner)
Wet Paint: Shhh ...! (1995, Ariola)
Brazen Abbot: Live And Learn (1995, USG)
Richie Kotzen: Wave Of Emotion (1996, Polystar)
Liesegang: No Strings Attached (10.6.96, Manifest)
Brazen Abbot: Nostradamus (1999)
Niacin: Deep (7.3.00, Magna Carta)
Tidewater Grain: Here On The Outside (12.9.00, Warner Bros)
Craig Erickson: Shine (11/01, Provogue)
Ryo Okumoto: Coming Through (15.10.02, InsideOut)
Chris Catena: Freak Out (3/04, Frontiers)
Monkey Business: Kiss Me On My Ego (6/05)
Tony Iommi: Fused (12.7.05, Sanctuary)
The Ken Hensley Story: Blood On The Highway (24.7.07, M.A.T. Music)
Joe Bonamassa: Dust Bowl (21.3.11)
Device: Device (9.4.13)
Gov't Mule: Shout! (24.9.13)

produced by LP:
Richie Kotzen: Wave Of Emotion (1996, Polystar)

appeared on the SP:
KLF: What Time Is Love (1988, KLF)

on the LP "Blues" (1993) appeared:
John Norum (g), Mark Kendall (g), Richie Kotzen (g), Mick Mars (g), Warren De Martini (g), Craig Erickson (g), Darren Householder (g), Tony Franklin (bg), Mark Jordan (kb), Gary Ferguson (ds)

Compilation Appearances:
"Maybe I'm A Leo" na compilation "Re-Machined: A Tribute to Machine Head" (24.9.12, Eagle Rock Entertainment, & Chad Smith & Luis Maldonado)
"Highway Star" na compilation "Re-Machined: A Tribute to Machine Head" (24.9.12, Eagle Rock Entertainment, & Steve Vai & Chad Smith a Lachlan Dewey)
"Catch The Rainbow" on Ronnie James Dio tribute album "This Is Your Life" (31.3.14, & Simon Wright, Craig Goldy, Rudy Sarzo, Scott Warren)

Tommy Bolin:

appeared on the LP:

Billy Cobham: Spectrum (10/73, Atlantic)
Alphonse Mouzon: Mind Transplant (4/75, Blue Note)

Don Airey:

appeared on the LP:

Andrew Lloyd Webber: Variations (27.1.78, MCA)
Black Sabbath: Never Say Die (11/78, Vertigo)
Gary Moore: Back On The Streets (12/78, MCA)
Cozy Powell: Over The Top (11/79, Ariola)
Bernie Marsden: And About Time Too (22.5.81, EMI)
Cozy Powell: Tilt (11.9.81, Polydor)
Cozy Powell: Octopus (1983, Polydor)
Zeno: Zeno (1986, EMI)
Sinner: Comin' Out Fighting (1986, Noise)
Helix: Wild In The Streets (1987, Capitol)
Jethro Tull: The First 20 Years (1988, Chrysalis)
Tigertailz: Bezerk (1990, MFN)
UFO: High Stakes & Dangerous Men (1992, Essential)
Brian May: Back To The Light (5.10.92, Parlophone)
Cozy Powell: The Drums Are Back (1992, Electrola)
Leo Lyon's Kick: Tough Trip To Paradise (1994, KDC)
Uli Roth: Transcendental Sky Guitar Vol. 1 & 2 (11.9.00, Steamhammer)
Empire: Trading Souls (20.5.03, Lion Music)
Michael Schenker: Temple Of Rock (9/11, In Akustik)

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