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APPICE Carmine

Personal Data:

Born: 15.12.1946 (Staten Iceland, New York, USA)


1966-3/70 Vanilla Fudge
2/70-73 Cactus
1/73-5/74 Beck, Bogert & Appice
cca 7/75-cca 2/76 KGB
8/76-11/81 Rod Stewart
1982 Ted Nugent
cca 1983 DNA
11/83-3/84 Ozzy Osbourne
1984 Vanilla Fudge
1984-88 King Kobra
1987-12/88 Whitesnake
1988-11/90 Blue Murder
cca 11/94-cca 11/98 Mother's Army
cca 4/01 Guitar Zeus
since 7/01 Vanilla Fudge
cca 2004-cca 2005 Travers & Appice

Albums Discography:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Carmine Appice1981
2.Guitar Zeus12/1995
& Rick Derringer & Tim Bogert
5/2001 SPV
4.Ultimate Guitar Zeus15.08.2006New Media Studio
5.Guitar Zeus, Vol. 2: Channel Mind Radio
credited to: Carmine Appice's Guitar Zeus
6.Guitar Zeus: Conquering Heroes25.08.2009Fuel 2000
7.Sky Is Falling
& Rick Derringer & Tim Bogert
10.11.2009Fuel 2000
8.Carmine Appice's Guitar Heroes08.02.2011Rokarola
9.Rockers & V814.06.2011Fuel 2000
10.Classics06.12.2011Varese Sarabande
& Tim Bogert
12.Drum Wars Live!
& Vinny Appice

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appeared on the LP:

Jan Akkerman: Tabernakel (1974)
Flash Fearless Versus The Zorg Women Parts 5 & 6 (16.5.75, Chrysalis)
Bo Diddley: The 20th Anniversary Of Rock'n'Roll (23.4.76, RCA)
Rod Stewart: Foot Loose And Fancy Free (10/77, Riva)
Stanley Clarke: Modern Man (4/78, Nemperor)
Bill Ward: Ward One: Along The Way (1990, Capitol)
Jeff Watson: Lone Ranger (6.4.92, Roadrunner)
Brad Gillis: Gilrock Ranch (1993, Guitar)
Paul Shortino: Back On Track (4/94, Music For Nations)
Marty Friedman: True Obsessions (14.10.96, Metal Blade)
Sly Stone: I'm Back! Family & Friends (16.8.11)
Michael Schenker: Temple Of Rock (9/11, In Akustik)

Press References:

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