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Personal Data:

Born: 13.12.1949 (Detroit, Michigan, USA)
NUGENT Ted (photo)


1967-71 The Amboy Dukes
1973-75 The Amboy Dukes
1990-11/94 Damned Yankees

Line-Up (2010):

Ted Nugent - voc,g
Greg Smith - bg
Mick Brown - ds

Former Members:

Derek St.Holmes (g,voc, 1975-3/78, 1981-82, cca 1988, cca 1995); Charlie Huhn (voc,g, 1978-81); Brian Howe (voc, cca 2/84); David Amato (voc,g, cca 1986)

Rob Grange (bg, 1975-3/78); John Sauter (bg, 1978); David Hull (bg, 1978); Walter Monaghan (bg, 1979-82); Dave Kiswiney (bg, cca 6/80-1982, cca 1988); Doug Labahn (bg, cca 2/84); Rick Phillips (bg, cca 1986); Michael Lutz (bg,kb, cca 1995); Mark Mendoza (bg, cca 12/00)

Alan St.John (kb, cca 2/84); John Winding

Cliff Davies (ds, 1975-81); Pat Torpey (ds); Carmine Appice (ds, 1982); Bobby Chouinard (ds, cca 2/84); Pat Marchino (ds, cca 1988); Denny Carmassi (ds, cca 1995); Tommy Aldridge (ds, cca 12/00)

Albums Discography:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Ted Nugent
produced by: Tom Werman
9/1975 Epic56 28
2.Free For All08.10.1976Epic33 21
3.Cat Scratch Fever10.06.1977Epic28 8
4.Double Live Gonzo
2/1978 Epic47 10
5.Weekend Warriors17.11.1978Epic 24
6.State Of Shock5/1979 Epic 14
7.Scream Dream5/1980 Epic37 13
8.Intensities In The Cities4/1981 Epic75 51
9.Great Gonzos! The Best Of Ted Nugent12/1981 Epic
10.Nugent7/1982 Atlantic 51
produced by: Ashley Howe/Doug Barker
2/1984 Atlantic 56
12.Little Miss Dangerous1/1986 Atlantic 76
13.Anthology9/1986 Raw Power
14.If You Can't Lick 'Em, Lick 'Em
produced by: Tom Werman
2/1988 Atlantic 112
15.On The Edge5/1991 Thunderbolt
16.The Very Best Of Ted Nugent6/1993 Sony
17.Out Of Control
5/1994 Epic/Legacy
18.Spirit Of The Wild2/1995 Atlantic 86
19.Live At Hammersmith '7917.03.1997Sony
20.Hunt Music
(mini LP)
1997 Hunt Music
21.Full Bluntal Nugity Live05.06.2001Spitfire
22.The Ultimate
24.Decades of Destruction14.09.2004Bizarre Planet
25.Greatest Collection
& Van Morrison & Meat Loaf & Lynyrd Skynyrd
07.12.2004Platinum Disc
26.Motor City Madness27.06.2006Collectables
27.Love Grenade
produced by: Jack Blades
04.09.2007Eagle Rock
28.Sweden Rocks13.05.2008Eagle
30.Motor City Mayhem: 6,000th Concert30.06.2009Eagle
31.Music of Ted Nugent29.09.2009Epic
32.Triple Feature17.11.2009Sony/BMG
33.Happy Defiance Day Everyday6/2010 61
34.Setlist: The Very Best of Ted Nugent Live13.07.2010Epic
35.The Essential Ted Nugent26.10.2010Epic
36.Ultralive Ballisticrock22.10.2013Frontiers
37.The Box Set Series28.01.2014Legacy
38.Shut Up & Jam!08.07.2014Frontiers 102
39.The 70s: Ted Nugent07.10.2014BMG
40.Live in Kentucky, 199503.06.2016Livewire

Singles Discography:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.Motorcity Madness / Where Have You Been All My Life11/1975 Epic
2.Hey Baby / Stormtroopin'3/1976 Epic 72
4.Dog Eat Dog / Light My Way11/1976 Epic 91
5.Dog Eat Dog / I Love You So I Told You A Lie
(v GB)
6.Free-For-All / Street Rags1/1977 Epic
7.Storm Troopin'25.02.1977Epic
8.Cat Scratch Fever / Wang Dang Sweet Poontang6/1977 Epic 21
9.Cat Scratch Fever / A Thousand Nights
(v GB)
10.Home Bound / Death By Misadventure10.02.1978Epic 70
11.Yank Me, Crank Me (live) / Cat Scratch Fever (live)3/1978 Epic 58
12.Need You Bad / I Got The Feelin'12/1978 Epic 84
13.I Want To Tell You / Bite Down Hard
(v USA)
6/1979 Epic
14.I Want To Tell You / Paralysed
(v GB)
7/1979 Epic
15.Flesh And Blood / Motor City Madhouse5/1980 Epic
16.Wango Tango / Scream Dream7/1980 Epic 86
17.Land Of A Thousand Dances / The TNT Overture2/1981 Epic
18.Bound And Gagged / Habitual Offender9/1982 Atlantic
19.No, No, No / Habitual Offender11/1982 Atlantic
20.Tied Up In Love / Lean Mean R&R Machine
(v GB)
21.(Where Do You) Draw The Line / Lean Mean R&R Machine
(v GB)
4/1984 Atlantic
22.High Heels In Motion / Angry Young Man4/1986 Atlantic
23.Little Miss Dangerous / Angry Young Man7/1986 Atlantic


1. New Year's Eve Whiplash Bash - 9/1990
2. Full Brutal Nugity Live - 4/2003, BMG, live


1. Miami Vice (starring)


on the LP "Free For All" appeared Meat Loaf (voc)

appeared on the LP:

Carmine Appice: Guitar Zeus (12/95)
Guitar Zeus: Channel Mind Radio (4/01, Locomotive Music)

Compilation Appearances:
"Free-For-All" on compilation "Mullet Rock" (4.3.03, Epic/Legacy)

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