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REA Chris

Personal Data:

Born: 04.03.1951 (Newcastle, GB, as Christopher Anton Rea)
REA Chris (photo)


1973 Magdalene
1975-77 The Beautiful Loners
2007-cca 10/07 The Fabulous Hofner Blue Notes

Line-Up (1993):

Chris Rea - voc,g
Robert Ahwai - g
Sylvin Marc - bg
Max Middleton - kb
Martin Ditcham - ds

Albums Discography:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Whatever Happend To Benny Santini?
produced by: Gus Dudgeon
19.05.1978Magnet 49
2.Deltics2/1979 Magnet54
4.Chris Rea3/1982 Magnet52
5.Water Sign03.06.1983Magnet64
6.Wired To The Moon4/1984 Magnet35
7.Shamrock Diaries5/1985 Magnet15
8.On The Beach4/1986 Magnet11
9.Dancing With Strangers9/1987 Magnet2
10.New Light Through Old Windows: The Best Of Chris Rea17.10.1988WEA5 92
11.The Road To Hell23.10.1989Magnet/WEA1 107
12.Auberge25.02.1991east west/WEA1 176
13.God's Great Banana Skin09.11.1992east west4
14.Espresso Logic
produced by: Chris Rea
01.11.1993east west8
15.The Best Of Chris Rea24.10.1994east west3
16.La Passione04.11.1996east west43
17.The Blue Cafe19.01.1998east west10
18.The Road To Hell Part II11/1999 Warner Music54
19.King Of The Beach02.10.2000east west26
20.The Very Best Of Chris Rea29.10.2001east west/Warner Music69
21.Dancing Down The Stoney Road9/2002 Jazzee Blue14
22.Stony Road10/2002 edel/Warner Music
23.The Blue Juke Box2/2004 edel/Warner Music27
24.Very Best of Chris Rea14.12.2004WEA
25.Heartbeats: Greatest Hits01.08.2005WEA24
26.Blue Guitars17.10.2005Jazzee Blue
27.Platinum Collection21.03.2006WEA International
28.The Road To Hell & Back16.10.2006Polydor34
29.The Return Of The Fabulous Hofner Blue Notes12/2007 2LP
30.Still So Far To Go - The Best Of Chris Rea
31.Original Album Series09.03.2010Warner Bros
32.Santo Spirito Blues9/2011 Rhino/Warner Bros13
33.The Journey 1978-2009
04.11.2011Music Club Deluxe72
34.La Passione11/2015 Jazzee Blue
35.Road Songs For Lovers9/2017 BMG11
36.The Works12/2020 Rhino

Singles Discography:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.So Much Love / Born To Lose5/1974 Magnet
2.Fool (If You Think It's Over) / Midnight Love31.03.1978Magnet30 10
3.Whatever Happened To Benny Santini? / Three Angels6/1978 Magnet 71
4.Diamonds / Cleveland Calling3/1979 Magnet44 44
5.Raincoat And A Rose / No Qualifications6/1979 Magnet
6.Tennis / If You Really Love Me2/1980 Magnet
7.Dancing Girls / Friends Across The Water5/1980 Magnet
8.Loving You / Let Me Be The One1/1982 Magnet65 88
9.Every Beat Of My Heart / Don't Look Back5/1982 Magnet
10.Let It Loose / Sierra Sierra
12" + Urban Samurai
7"(2) + Fool (If You Think It's Over) / The Closer You Get / Diamonds / Guitar Street
7/1982 Magnet85
11.I Can Hear Your Heartbeat / From Love To Love4/1983 Magnet60
12.Love's Strange Ways / Smile01.07.1983Magnet
13.I Don't Know What It Is But I Love It / Mystery Man24.02.1984Magnet65
14.Bombollini / True Love
12" + Excerpts From Bombollini
5/1984 Magnet
15.Touche D'Amour / Touche D'Amour (instrumental)
12" + Let It Loose - I Can Hear Your Heartbeat - I Don't Know What It Is But I Love It (Medley)
6/1984 Magnet86
16.Ace Of Hearts / I Can Hear Your Heartbeat
12" + From Love To Love / True Love / Smile
17.Stainsby Girls / And When She Smiles
12" + Sunrise / Dancing Shoes / September Blue
7"(2) + Bittersweet / Auf Immer und Ewig
3/1985 Magnet19
18.Josephine (remix) / Dancing Shoes
12" + Every Time It Rains
6/1985 Magnet67
19.All Summer Long9/1985
20.Ace Of Hearts (remix) / I Can Hear Your Heartbeat (live)
12" + From Love To Love / True Love / Smile
10/1985 Magnet78
21.It's All Gone / Bless Them All
12" + Crack That Mould / Look Out For Me / Let's Dance
3/1986 Magnet69
22.On The Beach / If Anybody Asks You
7"(2) + One Golden Rule (live) / Midnight Blue (live)
5/1986 Magnet57
23.Driving Home For Christmas / Hello Friend
7"(2) + It's All Gone (live) / Steel River (live)
11/1986 Magnet80
24.Let's Dance / I Don't Care Anymore
12",CD + Josephine (French version)
5/1987 Magnet8 81
25.Loving You Again / Donahue's Broken Wheel8/1987 Magnet39
26.Joys Of Christmas / Driving Home For Christmas
12",CD + Hello Friend (remix) / Yes I Do
11/1987 Magnet67
27.Que Sera / Se Sequi (instrumental)
12",CD + One Sweet Tender Touch
1/1988 Magnet73
28.On The Beach (Summer '88) / I'm Taking The Day Out
12",CD + It's All Gone (live)
7/1988 WEA7
29.I Can Hear Your Heartbeat / Loving You Again (live)
12",CD + Giverny
10/1988 WEA74
30.Driving Home For Christmas / Footsteps In The Snow / Joys Of Christmas / Smile12/1988 WEA53
31.I'm Working On It / One Golden Rule
12",CD + Stainsby Girls
1/1989 WEA53 73
32.The Road To Hell / He Should Know Better
12",CD + The Road To Hell (pt. 2) / Josephine
9/1989 WEA5
33.That's What They Always Say / 1975
CD + Driving Home For Christmas
11/1989 WEA83
34.Tell Me There's A Heaven / And When She Smiles
12" + Curse Of The Traveller
CD + Little Blonde Plaits
2/1990 WEA24
35.Texas / Let's Dance
12" + The Road To Hell (part 1&2)
CD + Working On It
4/1990 WEA69
36.Auberge / Hudson's Dreams
CD + Let's Dance / On The Beach / The Road To Hell (pt. 2)
1/1991 east west16
37.Heaven / Theme From The Pantile Journals
12" + Teach Me To Dance
CD + Stainsby Girls / Josephine / Tell Me There's A Heaven
4/1991 east west57
38.Looking For The Summer / Six Up
12",CD + Urban Samurai / Theme From The Pantile / Teach Me To Dance
6/1991 east west49
39.The Winter Song / Footprints In The Snow / Tell Me There's A Heaven
CD + True To You
10/1991 east west27
40.Nothing To Fear / Strange Dance
CD1 + Daytona (live)
CD2 + Road To Hell (live) / Working On It (live)
12.10.1992east west14
41.God's Great Banana Skin / I Saw You Coming
CD1 + Just Passing Through (live)
CD2 + She's Gonna Change Everything / You Must Be Evil
16.11.1992east west31
42.Soft Top Hard Shoulder / Melancholy
CD1 + The Van Stomp - Glasgow Horizon
CD2 + One Fine Day / One Seet & Tended Touch / Sierra Sierra
1/1993 east west53
43.Too Much Pride (new version) / Munich 1993 Improvised Intro (live)
CD1 + On The Beach (live)
CD2 + Gone Fishing / Nothing To Fear / Soft Top, Hard Shoulder (all live)
7/1993 east west
44.Julia / I Thought I Was Going To Lose You / Jordan 19110/1993 east west18
45.Espresso Logic / We Don't Have A Problem
CD + That's The Way It Goes
12/1993 east west
46.You Can Go Your Own Way / Espresso Logic (mixes)
12",CD + Ruby Blue / Three Little Green Candles
31.10.1994east west28
47.Tell Me There's A Heaven / And When She Smiles
CD + Curse Of The Traveller / Little Blonde Plaits
12/1994 east west70
48.Girl In A Sportscar / Disco La Passione
& Shirley Bassey
14.10.1996east west41
49.Only To Fly07.04.1997east west
50.Thinking Of You23.02.1998east west
51.Sweet Summer Day15.06.1998east west
52.I'm In My Car2/2000
53.All Summer Long
& The Sound Of Ibiza
07.08.2000east west
All Summer Long / On The Beach / Josephine25.09.2000east west
54.Tell Me There's A Heaven12/2000
55.Who Do You Love2/2001 Warner Music
56.Your Love Is Setting Me Free
& Watermen
57.Driving Home For Christmas12/2002
58.Driving Home For Christmas12/2007 Atlantic33
59.Driving Home For Christmas11/2008 Warner Bros53
60.Come So Far, Yet Still So Far To Go28.09.2009
61.Driving Home For Christmas12/2009 Atlantic40
62.Driving Home For Christmas12/2010 Atlantic67
63.Driving Home For Christmas12/2011 Atlantic36
64.Driving Home For Christmas12/2011 Atlantic43
65.Driving Home For Christmas12/2015 Atlantic29
66.Driving Home For Christmas12/2016 Warner Bros26
67.Driving Home For Christmas12/2017 Warner Bros14
68.Driving Home For Christmas12/2018 Warner Bros11
69.Driving Home For Christmas12/2019 Warner Bros24
70.Driving Home For Christmas11/2020 Warner Bros11


1. The Road To Hell & Back: The Farewell Tour - 16.10.2006, Polydor, live, 160 min

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since 2007 The Fabulous Hofner Blue Notes

appeared on the LP:

Hank Marvin: Hank Marvin Guitar Syndicate (11.11.77, EMI)
Catherine Howe: Truth Of The Matter (1978)
Frida: Shine (8.10.84, Epic)
Elton John: Duets (22.11.93, Rocket)
Tom Robinson: Love Over Rage (5/94, Cooking Vinyl)
John Mayall & Friends: Along For The Ride (26.3.01, Eagle)
Bill Wyman's Rhythm Kings: Double Bill (23.4.01, Ripple)

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