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Albums Discography:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Radioactive Man24.09.2001Rotter's Golf Club
2.Beatz Clash Volume 1
vs Transparent Sound
3.Booby Trap26.05.2003Rotter's Golf Club
4.Growl12.05.2008Control Tower

Singles Discography:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.The Uranium EP
(Uranium / Strong Booze (MD 20 / 20) / Sight & Sound / Through Mist At 200)
05.03.2001Rotter's Golf Club
2.Sector 6 / Border Patrol
vs The Dexorcist
22.10.2001Control Tower
3.Dive & Lie Wrecked EP
('Ave That / Bassic Element / Night Bus To Nowhere / You Can't Catch Me)
20.05.2002Rotter's Golf Club
4.Machine Funk Specialists Part 2
(Giver / You Can Take My Glowstick But Don't Touch The White Glove / Reaper / Redust /The Mezz (The Chairman's remix))
& Decal & The Hold & Craig Walsh
27.05.2002Rotter's Golf Club
5.It Is & It Isn't / Snare Stealer / Porn Skullard02.06.2003Rotter's Golf Club
6.FedEx To Munchen / 'Ave That (Bass Junkies "Ave This" remix) / It Is & It Isn't (Tipper remix)22.09.2003Rotter's Golf Club
7.Dive and Lie Wrecked EP05.10.2004Rotter's Golf Club
8.Uranium EP05.10.2004Rotter's Golf Club
9.The Data EP
(Datalife / Gigabot / Datalife (Suade mix) / Gigabot (Radioactive Man mix))
& Suade & Darkmode
07.11.2005Testin Out
10.Ye Olde Skoole Rayve EP
(Manwich / Ye Olde Skoole Rayve / Nobbys Berwick Express)
18.09.2006Control Tower
11.Afterhours Part 2
(Come With Us / Blue Pills / Uranium / Spacer Woman)
& Charlie & Kevin Swain & Clubbervision
29.01.2007Global Underground
12.Clean It Up
& Minticco
13.The Lab 03 Sampler 01 EP
(Fed Ex To Munchen (Andrew Weatherall mix) / Alive (Deniz Kurtel remix) / Rodeo / Arkuarium)
& Chaim & Und & Ark & Seth Troxler
21.10.2011NRK Sound Division
14.Engine EP
(Flying Fuck / 20, 000 Whats? / Knows Up Mr Brown / We Make Techno Party!)
31.01.2012WANG Trax
15.Room EP
(Nastyradio / Pretty Ugly / Bodycount / Tits & Bubbles)
11.04.2012WANG Trax
16.Killekill Megahits 10.1 EP
(The 2 / Addict / Crush Arbor / Ego Assault)
& JTC & DJ Stingray & Bill Youngman
17.Breakin Bad EP
(Heisenberg / I Had To Spank You / I Had To Spank You (Ben Sims Acid mix) / I Had To Spank You (Ben Sims Tough mix))
& Radionasty
18.Clave To The Rhythm EP
(Clave To The Rhythm / Stevie Wunderbah / Devil Fishing)
& Radionasty
19.Piercing Brightness EP
(Mordant Music Ghost Ship (part 1 (2008)) / Interplanetary Love / Comentary Orbitual Drive Suite (A) Light My Fire Ball / Attack From Planet Hattifatteners ((2008)) / Track3 / Untitled / Smasha / Pink Lady Lemonade - You're From Inner Space (recorded live (2011))
& Acid Mothers Temple & Mordant Music & Alexander Tucker
28.11.2013City Projects
20.Dub Vault Vol 1 EP
(Tuf / Ram / Magnetic)
21.10.2014UNA Sound
21.White Light Monochrome EP
(White Light Monochrome / Space Ranger / Transponder / Mechanical Music Menace)