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Albums Discography:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Creature of the Night07.11.2006Eskimo
2.Misch Masch, Vol. 412.06.2007Fine
3.Radio Disco
& Boris Dlugosch
10.07.2007Ministry Sound Ger
4.Fabric 4820.10.2009Fabric

Singles Discography:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.Na Na Na22.03.2004
3.Get Busy29.03.2004
4.Dirt Off Your Shoulder19.04.2004Rekid
5.I'm Really Hot03.05.2004Rekid
7.Bang Bang23.08.2004Rekid
9.My Bleep29.05.2006Rekids
10.Secret Base11.09.2006Rekids
11.No Sleep (Part One) EP
(Modena / Weeeze)
12.No Sleep (Part Two) / Screaming Hands11.12.2006Rekids
13.Screaming Hands / Screamapella16.07.2007Rekids
14.No Sleep Part 3 - Dedication08.10.2007Rekids
15.Elevation (Ink & Needle remix, Radio Slave's Panorama Garage remix, Radio Slave's One More Kiss remix) / F 12
& Argy & Ink & Needle & Hideo Kobayashi & Jerome Sydenham & Tiger Stri
16.No Sleep Part 517.03.2008Rekids
17.No Sleep Part 431.03.2008Rekids
18.No Sleep Part 5
(K-Maze / What Happened?)
19.Grindhouse (Dubfire Terror Planet remix, Danton Eeprom's vocal version)
feat Danton Eeprom
20.Eyes Wide Open / Incognito11.08.2008R&S
21.Bell Clap Dance (Slam Paragraph remix, Simon Baker remix)08.09.2008Rekids
22.Tantakatan (The Drunken Shed mix)13.10.2008Rekids
23.Sex Trax EP
(RJ / Ego Trippin' / Siren FX 1 Reverse / Siren FX 1 / Streets Of Fire FX)
22.12.2008Running Back
24.Berghain 03 Part I
(Found A Place / Neverending....)
& Tony Lionni
20.04.2009Ostgut Ton
25.No Sleep Part 6 (Koma Koma (Kaytronik remix) / Sundazed (K2Beat Bangah remix) / Koma Koma (Steve Lawler remix) / Koma Koma (Affkt & Danny Fiddo remix))10.09.2009Rekids
26.Orchestrating Maneuvers In The Dark26.11.2009Om
27.I Don't Need A Cure For This / NINA27.04.2010Rekids
28.These Beats Vol 1
(Bang Me Deep / Mandali / X Beat / Trust The Drum (Argy edit) / Jack Raw / Deadly Bees)
& Marlon D & Gummihz & CJ Jeff & Jerome Sydenham & Filsonik
28.04.2010These Days
29.Berghain 03 Part 1
(Found A Place / Neverending.....)
& Tony Lionni
08.05.2010Ostgut Ton
30.I Don't Need A Cure (Kenny Larkin remix) / NINA (DJ Sneak remix)09.09.2010Rekids
31.Radio Slave Meets Skint Volume 1 EP
(Hot In Herre / Geht's Noch / Nothing Is Wrong)
32.Radio Slave Meets Skint Volume 2 EP
(Leaving Home / Lazy)
33.East West EP
(Let It Rain / Suffa Groove)
34.Radio Slave Meets Skint Volume 3 EP
(Call That Love / Kill 100)
& Skint
35.Go Bang / Make 1 2 / Lucky Cloud (Pocketknife remix)
& Yam Who & Pocketknife
15.04.2011Electric Minds
36.Absolute Absolute02.06.2011Apotek
37.Cutz #4.1 EP
(K-Maze (Youandme Secret vocal remix))
38.I Don't Need A Cure (Kenny Larkin remix) / NINA (DJ Sneak remix)22.11.2011Rekids
39.The Lost Mixes EP
(Grindhouse (Nic Fanciulli remix) (Nic Fanciulli remixes) / Definition (Nic Fanciulli remix))
& Loco Dice
40.I Don't Need A Cure (Kenny Larkin remix) / NINA (DJ Sneak remix)07.09.2012Rekids
41.Live Edits EP
(The Black Lodge / Mood)
42.Tantakatan (Mr G Nightwatch dub, Prins Thomas Diskomiks)11.04.2013Rekids
43.Repeat Myself05.09.2013Work Them
44.The Clone Wars13.12.2013Rekids
45.Repeat Myself (Rodhad remix, Bearweasel remix)29.01.2014Work Them
46.Berghain 03 Part 1 EP
(Found A Place / Neverending.....)
& Tony Lionni
27.02.2014Ostgut Ton
47.Don't Stop No Sleep / War Dub (version 2)08.05.2014Nonplus
48.Werk / Jus Werk11.06.2014Work Them
49.Sick Note08.10.2014Arts Collective
50.Sex Trax EP
(RJ / Ego Trippin' / Siren FX 1 Reverse / Siren FX 1 / Streets Of Fire FX / Siren FX 2 Reverse / Siren FX 2 / Streets Of Rain FX)
17.10.2014Running Back
51.Don't Stop No Sleep / Children Of The E / War Dub (version 2)15.12.2014Nonplus
52.Children Of The E EP17.12.2014Running Back
53.Werk Remixes EP
(Werk (DJ Richard remix) / Werk (Dan Beaumont remix) / Werk (S:VT re-werk))
29.01.2015Work Them
54.Rhythm Trainx Vol 1
& Manuel Tur & I Cube & Disco Nihilist & Ame
20.05.2015Running Back
55.The Clone Wars08.07.2015Rekids
The Clone Wars (Markus Suckut remix, Parris Mitchell 'Computer Clone' remix, DJ Spider remix)10.10.2015Rekids
56.Gemini EP
(I Need Music / The Realness Break)
57.Don't Stop No Sleep (remixes) / Don't Stop, No Sleep (Robert Hood remix, Tale Of Us remix, Roman Poncet & DJ Deep remix)18.11.2015Nonplus