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Athens, Georgia, USA
*  3/1980+  9/2011

Line-Up (2011):

R.E.M. (photo)

Michael Stipe - voc
Peter Buck - g
Mike Mills - bg

Former Members:

Bill Berry (ds, 3/80-10/97, 9/06)

Albums Discography:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Chronic Town
(mini LP)
produced by: Mitch Easter
produced by: Mitch Easter/Don Dixon
12.04.1983I.R.S. 36
produced by: Mitch Easter/Don Dixon
16.04.1984I.R.S.91 27
4.Fables Of The Reconstruction
produced by: Joe Boyd
10.06.1985I.R.S.35 28
5.Life's Rich Pageant
produced by: Don Gehman
28.07.1986I.R.S.43 21
6.Dead Letter Office4/1987 I.R.S.60 52
7.Document31.08.1987I.R.S.28 10
8.Eponymous02.10.1988I.R.S.69 44
produced by: Scott Litt
08.11.1988WEA27 12
10.Out Of Time11.03.1991WEA1 1
11.The Best Of R.E.M.10/1991 I.R.S.7
12.Athens Andover
& The Troggs
23.03.1992Page One
13.Automatic For The People05.10.1992Warner Bros1 2
14.The Singles Collected19.09.1994
15.Monster26.09.1994Warner Bros1 1
16.New Adventures In Hi-Fi09.09.1996Warner Bros1 2
17.In The Attic07.10.1997EMI 185
18.Eponymous2/1998 EMI
produced by: Pat McCarthy
26.10.1998Warner Bros2 3
produced by: Pat McCarthy
14.05.2001Warner Bros1 6
21.In Time: The Best of R.E.M. 1988-200327.10.2003Warner Bros1 8
22.Around The Sun04.10.2004Warner Bros1 13
23.And I Feel Fine: Best of the I.R.S. Years 1982-1988
(2CD, rarity)
24.REM Live
16.10.2007Warner Bros12 72
produced by: Jacknife Lee
31.03.2008Warner Bros1 2
26.R.E.M. Live At The Olympia In Dublin - 39 Songs
produced by: Jacknife Lee
27.10.2009Warner Bros68 95
27.Fables Of The Reconstruction (25th Anniversary Edition)
28.Collapse Into Now
produced by: Jacknife Lee
07.03.2011Warner Bros5 5
29.Songs For A Green World: The Classic 1989 Broadcast27.07.2011Left Field Media
30.Part Lies, Part Heart, Part Truth, Part Garbage: 1982–201114.11.2011Warner Bros19 55
31.Right On Target: 1984 Live Broadcast06.07.2012
32.Unplugged 1991/2001 - The Complete Sessions16.05.2014Rhino22 21
33.Complete Rarities Warner Bros. 1988-201124.06.2014Warner Bros
34.7In-83-88: The IRS Singles Collection
(11x7" box set)
08.12.2014Blue Note
35.Dreaming In Paradise: 1983 Live Radio Broadcast10.02.2015Iconography
36.KCRW Studio Santa Monica CA 3rd April 199108.04.2015Echoes
37.R.E.M. by MTV02.06.2015GC
38.Stripped Down Radio Session: Live In Santa Monica California 199122.07.2015Livewire
39.Lost In Time: the Uncut Interview Sessions14.08.2015
40.Complete Studio Albums:1988-199613.05.2016Concord
41.Complete Studio Albums:1998-201113.05.2016Concord
42.Part Lies Part Heart Part Truth Part Garbage: 1982-201118.11.2016Concord
43.At The BBC10/2018 Concord40

Peter Buck:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Peter Buck20.11.2012Mississippi Mrp.
2.I Am Back To Blow Your Mind Once Again18.01.2014Mississippi
3.Opium Drivel21.01.2014Mississippi
4.Warzone Earth16.10.2015Mississippi
5.Arthur Buck
& Joseph Arthur
produced by: Joseph Arthur
15.06.2018New West
6.Beat Poetry For Survivalist06.03.2020Omnivore

Singles Discography:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.Radio Free Europe / Sitting Bull
produced by: Mitch Easter
7/1981 Hib-Tone
2.Radio Free Europe / There She Goes Again7/1983 IRS 78
3.Talk About The Passion / Shaking Through
12" + Carnival Of Sorts (Box Cars) / 1,000,000
4.So, Central Rain (I'm Sorry) / King Of The Road
12" + Voice Of Harold / Pale Blue Eyes
26.03.1984IRS 85
5.(Don't Go Back To) Rockville / Wolves, Lower
12" + Gardening At Night (live) / 9-9
6/1984 IRS
6.(Don't Go Back To) Rockville / Catapult (live)
(v USA)
6/1984 IRS
7.Tighten Up
(free flexi)
2/1985 BOB
8.Can't Get There From Here / Bandwagon
12" + Burning Hell
7/1985 IRS
9.Driver 8 / Crazy
(v USA)
9/1985 IRS
10.Wendell Gee / Crazy
12" + Driver 8 / Ages Of You / Burning Down
10/1985 IRS91
11.Femme Fatale
(free flexi)
5/1986 BOB
12.Fall On Me / Rotary Ten
12" + Toys In The Attic
7/1986 IRS 94
13.Superman / White Tornado
12" + Femme Fatale
3/1987 IRS
14.It's The End Of The World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine) / (This One Goes Out To) The One I Love (live)8/1987 IRS87 69
15.The One I Love / Last Date (live)
CD + Disturbance At The Heron House (live)
9/1987 IRS51 9
16.Finest Worksong / Time After Time (live)
12" + Red Rain / So - Central Rain (live)
CD + It's The End Of The World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine)
1/1988 IRS50
17.Finest Worksong (lengthy club mix) / Time After Time
(v USA)
3/1988 IRS
18.The One I Love / Fall On Me
12",CD + So - Central Rain (I'm Sorry)
10/1988 IRS99
19.Parade Of The Wooden Soldiers12/1988 R.E.M. Fan Club
20.Stand / Memphis Train Blues
12",CD + Eleventh Untitled Song
1/1989 Warner Bros51 6
21.Orange Crush / Ghost Riders
12",CD + Dark Globe
5/1989 Warner Bros28
22.Pop Song 895/1989 Warner Bros 86
23.Stand / Pop Song '89 (acoustic)
12",CD + Skin Tight (live)
8/1989 Warner Bros48
24.Get Up / Funtime
(v USA)
9/1989 Warner Bros
25.Losing My Religion / Rotary Eleven
12" + After Hours (live)
CD + Stand / Turn You Inside Out / World Leader Pretend (all live)
2/1991 Warner Bros5 4
26.Shiny Happy People / Forty Second Song
12",CD + Losing My Religion (live acoustic version)
CD + I Remember California / Get Up / Pop Song '89 (live)
5/1991 Warner Bros1 10
27.Near Wild Heaven / Pop Song '89
12" + Half A World Away (acoustic live)
CD + Tom's Diner / Low / Endgame (all live)
8/1991 Warner Bros27
28.The One I Love / Maps And Legends
CD + Driver 8 / Disturbance At The Heron House
9/1991 IRS4
29.Radio Song / Love Is All Around
12" + Shiny Happy People (remix)
CD + You Are The Everything / Orange Crush / Belong (all live)
11/1991 Warner Bros28
30.It's The End Of The World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine) / Radio Free Europe
CD + Time After Time / Red Rain / So.Central Rain (all live)
12/1991 IRS39
31.Holly Jolly Single 199112/1991 R.E.M. Fan Club
32.Don't You Know / Nowhere Road
& The Troggs
17.02.1992Page One
33.Drive / World Leader Pretend
CD + First We Take Manhattan / It's A Free World, Baby / Winged Mammal Theme
21.09.1992Warner Bros6 28
34.Man On The Moon / Turn You Inside Out
CD1 + Fruity Organ / New Orleans Instrumental No. 1
CD2 + The Arms Of You
16.11.1992Warner Bros18 30
35.The Sidewinder Sleeps Tonight / Get Up
CD1 + The Lion Sleeps Tonight (live) / Fretless
CD2 + Star Me Kitten (demo) / Organ Song
08.02.1993Warner Bros15
36.Everybody Hurts / Pop Song '89
CD1 + New Orleans Instrumental No 1 (Long Version) / Mandolin Strum
CD2 + Chance (Dub) / Dark Globe
05.04.1993Warner Bros7
37.Nightswimming / Losing My Religion
CD + World Leader Pretend / Belong / Low (all live)
12.07.1993Warner Bros23
38.Everybody Hurts / Mandolin Strum / Belong / Orange Crush (live)
12",CD + Star Me Kitten (demo) / Losing My Religion (live) / Organ Song
8/1993 IRS 29
39.Find The River / Everybody Hurts (live)
CD + Orange Crush (Instrumental)
29.11.1993Warner Bros54
40.What's The Frequency, Kenneth? / What's The Frequency, Kenneth? (instrum.)
CD + Monty Got A Raw Deal / Everybody Hurts / Man On The Moon (all live)
05.09.1994Warner Bros9 21
41.Bang And Blame / Bang And Blame (instrumental)
CD + Losing My Religion / Country Feedback / Begin The Beguine
31.10.1994Warner Bros15 19
42.Crush With Eyeliner / Crush With Eyeliner (instrumental)
12",CD + Fall On Me / Me In Honey / Finest Worksong (all live)
23.01.1995Warner Bros23
43.Strange Currencies / Strange Currencies (instrumental)
CD + Drive / Funtime / Radio Free Europe (all live)
03.04.1995Warner Bros9 47
44.Tongue / Tongue (instrumental)
CD + What's The Frequency, Kenneth? / Bang And Blame / I Don't Sleep I Dream (all live)
17.07.1995Warner Bros13
45.E-Bow The Letter19.08.1996Warner Bros4 49
46.Bittersweet Me14.10.1996Warner Bros19 46
47.Electrolite / King Of Comedy / The Wake-Up Bomb / Binky The Doormat02.12.1996Warner Bros29 96
48.How The West Was Won And Where It Got Us07.04.1997Warner Bros
49.Daysleeper / Emphysema
CD1 + Why Not Smile (Oxford American Version)
CD2 + Sad Professor (Live In The Studio)
12.10.1998Warner Bros6 57
50.Lotus07.12.1998Warner Bros26
51.At My Most Beautiful / Country Feedback Passenger / South Central Rain08.03.1999Warner Bros10
53.The Great Beyond / The One I Love / Everybody Hurts / Man On The Moon25.01.2000Warner Bros3 57
54.Imitation Of Life / 2JN / The Lifting / Beat A Drum30.04.2001Warner Bros6 83
55.All The Way To Reno (You're Gonna Be A Star) / Yellow River / 165 Hillcrest30.07.2001Warner Bros24
56.I'll Take The Rain / Summer Turns To High (demo) / I've Been High (live) / She Just Wants To Be (live)19.11.2001Warner Bros44
57.Bad Day13.10.2003Warner Music8
58.Animal1/2004 33
59.Leaving New York27.09.2004Warner Bros5
60.Aftermath / High Speed Train
CD + So Fast, So Numb / All The Right Friends
29.11.2004Warner Bros41
61.Electron Blue2/2005 Warner Bros26
62.Wanderlust / The Outsiders
CD + Low
11.07.2005Warner Bros27
63.Supernatural Superserious25.02.2008Warner Bros54 85
CD + Airliner / Red Head Walking24.03.2008Warner Bros
64.Hollow Man / Horse To Water (Vancouver)02.06.2008Warner Bros
65.Man Sized Wreath / Living Well Jesus Dog11.08.2008Warner Bros
66.Reckoning Songs from the Olympia EP
(Harborcoat / Letter Never Sent / Second Guessing / Pretty Persuasion)
67.Oh My Heart2/2011
69.All The Best / It Happened Today30.05.2011
70.We All Go Back To Where We Belong18.10.2011
(11x7" box set)
72.Radio: Acoustic (Radio Song 1) (Demo)26.08.2016Concord
73.Fretless 116.09.2016Concord
74.Losing My Religion 2 (Demo)14.10.2016Concord

Michael Stipe:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.In The Sun2/2006 Warner Bros 69
2.Your Capricious Soul05.10.2019Futurepicenter
3.Drive To The Ocean04.01.2020
4.No Time For Love Like Now
& Big Red Machine
6/2020 37D03D

Peter Buck:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.You Must Fight To Live On Planet Of The Apes / The Monkey Speaks His Mind01.07.2013Mississippi
2.Opium Drivel EP
(Portrait Of A Sorry Man / If This Is Love Can I Have My Money Back? (Markham) / Drown With Me / Welcome To The Party)


1. Succumbs - 1987
2. Pop Screen - 10/1990, Warner Music Vision
3. Tour Film - Live - 1990, Warner Bros
4. This Film Is In - 9/1991
5. Drink Deep - 8/1994, videoclips
6. Parallel - 23.06.1995, WEA, compilation
7. Roadmovie - 11/1996, Warner Music
8. The Collection - 5/2001, Warner Music Vision
9. In View: The Best Of R.E.M. 1988-2003 - 27.10.2003, Warner Music, compilation, 96 min
10. Perfect Square - 16.03.2004, Warner Bros, live, 143 min
11. When The Light Is Mine - 12.09.2006, EMI
12. R.E.M. Live At The Olympia In Dublin - 39 Songs - 27.10.2009, Warner Bros, live
13. Straight out of Georgia - 12.06.2012, Hudson Street
14. REMTV - 24.11.2014, 6DVD


1. Drink Deep (7/1993, M. Stipe starring, directed by Jem Cohen)
2. Short Cuts (1993, directed by Robert Altman, Michael Stipe & Annie Ross track "Full Moon")
3. Velvet Goldmine (1996, produced by Michael Stipe)
4. A Stirling Performance (6/2001, documentary)


Marcus Gray: It Came From The South (1992)
Tony Fletcher: Remarks: The Story Of R.E.M.
David Harrington: R.E.M.
Michael Stipe: On The Road With Patti Smith (3/98, photos)
David Buckley: R.E.M./Fiction - An Alternative Biography (2002)


1991 Grammy Awards

- Best Pop Performance By A Duo Or Group With Vocal (SP "Losing My Religion")
- Best Alternative Music Album ("Out Of Time")
- Best Music Video - Short Form ("Losing My Religion")
1992 Brit Awards - Best International Group
1992 Melody Maker Album Of The Year ("Automatic For The People")
1992 Melody Maker Readers Poll
- Best Album ("Automatic For The People")
- Best Music Video ("Drive")
1993 Brit Awards - Best International Group
1993 MTV Top 200 Videos Ever #2 ("Losing My Religion")
1994 MTV Video Music Awards
- Best Direction In A Video ("Everybody Hurts")
- Best Editing In A Video ("Everybody Hurts")
- Best Cinematography In A Video ("Everybody Hurts")
- Breakthrough Video ("Everybody Hurts")
1994 MTV Top 100 Videos Ever #2 ("Losing My Religion")
1995 Brit Awards - Best International Group
1995 IRMA Awards - Best International Group
1995 MTV Video Music Awards - Video Vanguard Award
1995 Q Awards - Best Group
1995 Awards Rolling Stone - Best Group
2001 Rock & Pop Rock Awards (Readers) - klip roku International ("Imitation Of Life")
2007 Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame
2017 Grammy Hall Of Fame (SP "Losing My Religion", 1991)

WWW Links:


R.E.M. = Rapid Eye Movement
first gig 5.4.1980

4/1991 - MTV Unplugged
2.7.2005 appeared at Live 8 (Hyde Park, London)

Compilation Appearances:

"Photograph" on benefit compilation "Born To Choose" (11/93, & Natalie Merchant)
"Unseen Power Of The Picket Fence" on benefit compilation "No Alternative" (11/93)
"Drive" on Greenpeace compilation "Alternative NRG" (2/94, A&M, produced by Dave Wakelin)
"Leave" on OST "A Life Less Ordinary (24.10.97, A&M)
"Draggin' The Line" on OST "The Spy Who Shagged Me" (5.7.99)
"What's The Frequency, Kenneth" on OST "Bringing Out The Dead" (19.10.99)
"Lotus (Weird Mix)" on Foundation For The Preservation Of The Mahayana Tradition benefit compilation "Mantra Mix" (24.10.00, Narada World)
"I've Been High" on compilation "Sounds Eclectic Too" (24.9.02, Palm)
"Pretty Persuasion" on live LP "Carved In Stone Vol. 2" (15.6.04)
"Final Straw (MoveOn mix)" on compilation "Future Soundtrack for America" (10.8.04, Barsuk)
"The Lifting (live)" on charity LP "Songs For Sudan" (6.9.04)
"Radio Free Europe" on compilation "Left of the Dial: Dispatches From the '80s Underground" (5.10.04, Rhino)
"Shiny Happy People" on OST "Fahrenheit 9/11" (5.10.04, Rhino)
"Drive (live)" on Aung San Suu Kyi benefit LP "For The Lady" (26.10.04, Rhino)
"Gentle On My Mind" on compilation "Sounds Eclectic: The Covers Project" (13.3.07, Starbucks)
"New Orleans Instrumental No. 1" on OST "Kurt Cobain - About a Son" (11.9.07, Barsuk)
"#9 Dream" on Darfur benefit compilation "Make Some Noise: The Amnesty International Campaign To Save Darfur" (12.6.07, iTunes)

Michael Stipe:

appeared on the LP:

The Golden Palominos: Visions Of Excess (1985, Celluloid)
Hugo Largo: Drum (1987, Land)
10,000 Maniacs: In My Tribe (7/87, Elektra)
Syd Straw: Surprise (1989, Virgin)
The Blue Aeroplanes: Swagger (2/90, Ensign)
The Golden Palominos: Drunk With Passion (1991, Virgin)
KRS-ONE: Civilization Versus Technology (11/1991, Elektra)
Neneh Cherry: Homebrew (10/92, Circa)
Kristin Hersh: Hips And Makers (1/94, 4AD)
"Kerouac: Kicks Joy Darkness (A Spoken Word Tribute With Music)" (3/97, Rykodisc)
Michael Brook. Albino Alligator (3/97, 4AD)
Patti Smith: Peace & Noise (6.10.97, Arista)
Tibetan Freedom Concert (17.11.97, Grand Royal, live 3CD)
Grant Lee Buffalo: Jubilee (28.9.98)
Now It's Overhead: Fall Back Open (9.3.04, Saddle Creek)
Placebo: Meds (13.3.06)
New York Dolls: One Day It Will Please Us To Remember Even This (25.7.06, Roadrunner)
Snow Patrol: Fallen Empires (14.11.11)

appeared on the SP:
The Golden Palaminos: Boy (Go) (Celluloid, in video)
Syd Straw: Future 40's (String Of Pearls) (1989, Virgin)
Billy Bragg: You Woke Up My Neighbourhood (8/91, Go! Discs)
Robyn Hitchcock: So You Think You're In Love (1/92, Go! Discs)
Kristin Hersh: Your Ghost (10.1.94, 4AD)
Patti Smith: Glitter In Their Eyes (3/00, Arista)

produced by LP:
Hetch Hetchy: Make Djibouti (Texas Hotel)
Hugo Largo: Drum (1987, Land)
Vic Chesnutt: Little (1990, Texas Hotel)
Magnapop: Magnapop (8.6.92, PIAS)
Vic Chesnutt: West Of Rome (11.7.94, Texas Hotel/PLR)
Fischerspooner: SIR (22.9.17, Ultra)

spoluproducer movieu Desperation Angels (1993, + Oliver Read)

Compilation Appearances:
"Arms Of Love" on benefit LP "In Defense Of Animals" (17.1.94, Restless)
"One" on charity LP "ChildLine" (4.11.96, Polydor, & U2)
"Everything's Coming Undone" on Mark Mulcahy tribute LP "Ciao My Shining Star: The Songs Of Mark Mulcahy" (14.9.09, Mezzotint)
"Rio Grande" on compilation "Son of Rogue's Gallery: Pirate Ballads, Sea Songs and Chanteys" (18.2.13, Anti-, & Courtney Love)

12/95 tour s Patti Smith

Peter Buck:

produced by LP:

Uncle Tupelo: March 16-20, 1992 (17.8.92, Semaphore)
Nanci Griffith: Flyer (9/94)
Mark Eitzel: West (9.6.97, WEA)
Eyelids: The Accidental Falls (14.2.20)

appeared on the LP:
The Replacements: Let It Be (1984, Twin Tone)
Warren Zevon: Sentimental Hygiene (1987)
Robyn Hitchock And The Egyptians: Queen Elvis (12/89, A&M)
Indigo Girls: Nomads, Indians, Saints (5.11.90, Epic)
Nikki Sudden: The Jewel Thief (1991, UFO)
Billy Bragg: You Woke Up My Neighbourhood (8/91, Go! Discs)
KRS-ONE: Civilization Versus Technology (11/1991, Elektra)
The Walkabouts: Satisfied Mind (22.11.93, Sub Pop)
Victoria Williams: Loose (24.10.94, Mammoth)
Sweet 75: Sweet 75 (26.8.97, Geffen)
Robyn Hitchcok: Jewels For Sophia (1999)
Eels: Daisies Of The Galaxy (21.2.00, Dreamworks, g,bg,p)
Christy McWilson: Bed Of Roses (19.3.02, HighTone)
The Thrills: Let's Bottle Bohemia (14.9.04, Virgin)
Robyn Hitchcock: Ole! Tarantula (3.10.06, Yep Roc)
The Decemberists: The King Is Dead (11.1.11)

appeared on the SP:
Robyn Hitchcock: So You Think You're In Love (1/92, Go! Discs)
Indigo Girls: Gallileo (26.10.92, Epic) (track Tried To Be True)

author of the preface to a book Adam Webb: Dumb Angel: The Life & Music Of Dennis Wilson (6/2001, Creation Books, USA)

Mike Mills:

appeared on the LP:

Warren Zevon: Sentimental Hygiene (1987)
Nikki Sudden: The Jewel Thief (1991, UFO)
Robbie Robertson: Storyville (10/91, Geffen)
Victoria Williams: Loose (24.10.94, Mammoth)
Tibetan Freedom Concert (17.11.97, Grand Royal, live 3CD)

appeared on the SP:
Indigo Girls: Gallileo (26.10.92, Epic) (track Tried To Be True)

Compilation Appearances:
"When Things Was Cheap" on NRBQ tribute CD "The Q People" (9.3.04, Spirithouse)

Bill Berry:

appeared on the LP:

Warren Zevon: Sentimental Hygiene (1987)
Nikki Sudden: The Jewel Thief (1991, UFO)
Love Tractor: The Sky At Night (6.3.01, Razor & Tie)

Press References:

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