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Singles Discography:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.Qualified Dubs #1 EP
(Never Enough / Let It Go)
2.Qualified Dubs #208.04.2002white label
3.Quantech EP
& Jason H
4.Qualifide Dubs Vol 213.05.2002Qualified
5.Qualifide Dubs Vol 3 EP
(Blocked / Our Time / Work 4 Me)
6.Qualifide Dubs Vol 4: The 3 Way EP07.04.2003Qualifide
7.Talk To Me30.06.2003white label
8.Gotta Know / 4004 (dub)
& James Lavonz
9.See The Light / No More (dub)22.03.2004Qualifide
10.The EQ Project
(I Wonder Why / Give Into Music / I Wonder Why (Ghost mix))
& El B
11.Just Being Fooled28.06.2004Hot Flush
12.Rough & Tough 2004 / Badman16.08.2004Prolific
13.Give Me Strength20.12.2004Qualifide
14.Waiting For The Rain (Qualifide vocal mix, $ki's Underground dub, $ki's Overground vocal)
& $ki & K Warren
15.See The Light (Qualifide Step 2 remix, Qualifide Step 4 remix, The Lost In Space dub, Ski's 10 Year Itch mix)06.02.2006Qualifide
16.Disqualifide Dubz Vol 1 EP
(Badman 6 / The March / Warped)
17.04.2006More 2 Da Floor
17.Talk To Me22.05.2006Qualifide
18.Deep In My Heart25.12.2006Qualifide
19.Anger Management Vol 1
(Among The Stars / Dubifide / Nobody Move / Lowkey 140)
& Rossi B & Luca & Jason H & El B
20.Get Loose / The Rider
& Fracture
16.07.2007Compound One
21.Talk About Our Love19.11.2007Qualifide
22.Anger Management Vol 2
(Look Shook / One Ting / Badman 4 / Beautiful Sounds)
& Compound One & El B
23.Ruff & Tuff31.03.2008Qualifide
Ruff & Tuff (MJ Cole Cherry Vodka remix, MQ Spaced Out dub, El-B Ruff & Tuff remix, Qualifide Old Skool dub)20.10.2008Qualifide
24.Anger Management Volume 3
(Lego / Obliterator / Step 2 It / So Bitta)
& Compound One & Dubfide
25.Sweetest Sound EP
(Sweetest Sound / Sweetest Sound (Sweetest dub) / Temperature)
& Jazzy D
07.05.2009Groove Odyssey