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Albums Discography:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.The 5th Exotic18.06.2001Tru Thoughts
2.Apricot Morning24.06.2002Tru Thoughts
3.Mishaps Happening05.07.2004Tru Thoughts
4.One Offs Remixes and B Sides21.03.2006Tru Thoughts
5.5th Exotic04.07.2006Tru Thoughts
6.An Announcement to Answer25.07.2006Ubiquity
7.World's Rarest Funk 45's, Vol. 207.08.2007Jazzman
8.Flowering Inferno: Death of the Revolution29.07.2008Tru Thoughts
9.Tradition In Transition
& His Combo Barbaro
02.07.2009Tru Thoughts
10.Addis To Axum: Music Words & Arrangements Of Ethiopia07.05.2010Mochilla
11.Dog With a Rope
& Flowering Inferno
13.07.2010Tru Thoughts
12.The Best Of Quantic
01.09.2011Tru Thoughts
13.Look Around The Corner
& Alice Russell
03.04.2012Tru Thoughts
14.Doo Wop (That Thing)
& Anita Tijoux
13.08.2013Tru Thoughts
15.Duvidó08.04.2014Tru Thoughts
16.Magnetica02.05.2014Tru Thoughts
17.You Will Return17.06.2014Tru Thoughts
18.Spark It07.04.2015Tru Thoughts
19.A New Constellation
pres The Western Transient
29.07.2015Tru Thoughts
20.A Life Worth Living
& Flowering Inferno
15.04.2016Tru Thoughts
21.1000 Watts
& Flowering Inferno
17.06.2016Tru Thoughts
22.Shuffle Them Shoes25.11.2016Tru Thoughts

Singles Discography:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.Life In The Rain / Common Knowledge / Time Is The Enemy29.01.2001Tru Thoughts
2.Through These Eyes / Life In The Rain (Carl Faure mix)12.11.2001Tru Thoughts
3.Apricot Morning / Snakes In The Grass (Jon Kennedy mix, Pressure Drop mix) / In The Key Of Blue (Natural Self mix)22.04.2002Tru Thoughts
4.Sweet Calling03.06.2002Tru Thoughts
5.Primate Boogaloo
featuring Aspects
02.09.2002Tru Thoughts
6.Search The Heavens16.12.2002Tru Thoughts
Search The Heavens (At Jazz remix, Carmel remix)28.04.2003Tru Thoughts
7.Ghana Sounds Vol 1 & 2 Sampler
(Bukom Mashie / Bukom Mashie (Quantic remix) / Disco Africa)
& Oscar Sulley & The Ogyatanaa Show Band
8.Don't Joke With An Hungry Man / Furthest Moment14.06.2004Tru Thoughts
9.Mishaps Happening EP
(Mishaps Happening (Quantic Beat mix) / Departure / Don't Joke With A Hungry Man (Seiji's Club Sandwich mix) / Quick Sand)
25.10.2004Tru Thoughts
10.Perception14.02.2005Tru Thoughts
11.Shapes EP
(Z (Over My Head / Out Of Sight / Mishaps Happening (Prins Thomas edit) / Bungee Jump Against Racism (Diesler mix) / Walking Through Tomorrow (TM Juke mix))
& Nirobi & Barakas & The Quantic Soul Orchestra & Polar Pair & Madasli
14.11.2005Tru Thoughts
12.Somebody's Gonna Love You / Tough Chicken
& The James Taylor Quartet & Alice Russell
10.04.2006Record Kicks
13.Tell It Like You Mean It / Giraffe Walk
& Mr Scruff
15.05.2006Tru Thoughts
14.Sound Of Everything (reprise)
feat Alice Russell
04.12.2006Love Monk
15.Sabor / Politik Society (Quantic remix) / Electric Folklore29.01.2007Tru Thoughts
16.Mi Swing Es Tropical
& Nickodemus & Tempo & Candela Allstars
21.01.2008Tru Thoughts
17.Cuidad Del Swing
presents Flowering Inferno
23.06.2008Tru Thoughts
18.Death Of The Revolution / Make Dub Not War (Making dub)
presents Flowering Inferno
18.08.2008Tru Thoughts
19.Juanita Bonita / Dub Del Pacifico
presents Flowering Inferno
06.10.2008Tru Thoughts
20.Sabor / Politik Society / Electric Folklore07.04.2009Tru Thoughts
21.10th Anniversary EP
(Only A Little While Here / Tape Packs / Spitfire / Disco Bimbo / Boogie Down Hagsatra / We Can)
& Hint & Barakas & Azaxx & Freddie Cruger Aka Red Astaire & Domu
20.11.2009Tru Thoughts
22.Turntables On The Hudson Vol 8 EP
(Sol Clap / Conmigo (ESE remix) / Release Da Freak (Simbad remix) / Sunstar (Zeb remix))
& Nickodemus & Pablo Sanchez & Watch TV
23.Sol Clap / Time Is The Enemy20.09.2011Tru Thoughts
24.Ghana Sounds Vol 1 & 2 EP
(Bukom Mashie (Afro Beat Funk & Fusion In 70s Ghana) / Bukom Mashie (Quantic remix) / Disco Africa / Disco Africa (Quantic remix))
& Oscar Sulley & The Ogyatanaa Show Band
25.Look Around The Corner
& Alice Russell & The Combo Barbaro
24.02.2012Tru Thoughts
26.Direct To Disc 7: Record Store Day EP
(Look Around The Corner (Direct To Disc version) / I'll Keep A Light In My Window (Direct To Disc version))
& Alice Russell & The Combo Barbaro
30.04.2012Tru Thoughts
27.Mi Swing Es Tropical / Conmigo
& Nickodemus & Tempo & The Candela Allstars & Sammy Ayala
28.Magdalena / Look Around The Corner
& Alice Russell & The Combo Barbaro
17.01.2013Tru Thoughts
29.I'd Cry / Here Again
& Alice Russell & The Combo Barbaro
18.07.2013Tru Thoughts
30.Muevelo Negro / Aianguita
& Nidia Gongora
07.11.2013Tru Thoughts
31.La Plata / You Will Return / Muevelo Negro
feat Nidia Gongora
09.09.2014Tru Thoughts
32.Spark It
feat Shinehead
23.04.2015Tru Thoughts
33.A Life Worth Living05.08.2016Tru Thoughts
34.1000 Watts EP
& Christopher Ellis
26.08.2016Tru Thoughts
35.Shuffle Them Shoes
& Flowering Inferno
25.11.2016Tru Thoughts
36.Que Me Duele?10.03.2017Tru Thoughts