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Albums Discography:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Yo! 45 Raps Vol 202.04.2007Stones Throw
2.Sex Machine Today11.02.2008Beat Junkie Sound
3.Say It Loud: James Brown & Friends Part 230.06.2008Mochilla
4.Syndromes 225.08.2008Beat Junkie Sound
5.Taster's Choice Disc 107.08.2009J Rocc
6.Some Cold Rock Stuf
02.04.2011Stones Throw
7.The Sofa Set
& Axel F & Med
30.07.2013Fat Beats
8.Beats On Tap(e)
28.01.2015Stones Throw

Singles Discography:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.Tektonics EP
(Locus / Superfunk 2000)
& Ming & FS & Soulstice meet DJ Curse
2.Play This (One) / Junkies Pick / Kashmere (bonus beats)07.04.2003Stone's Throw
3.Emcee Killer
& Ben Buford & Truly Odd
4.Say Ho! / Ain't No Thing (Steinski Messin Around mix)
& Steinski
14.06.2004Stone's Throw
5.The Unbound Project Volume 1
(The Human Element / Social Policy Derelicts / Full Court Press)
& Talib Kweli & Hi Tek & Mike Ladd & Medina Green & Aceyalone
12.07.2004Ground Control
6.Keepintime 12 Series: Part 2 of 3
(Bring Madlib Up / Entrando Pela Janela: Through The Window / You Can Know Her)
& DJ Shadow & Madlib & Nobody & Mia Doi Todd
22.11.2004Up Above
7.The Regrooved Series X
(Hustle Muscle / Blow / Funkanomical Boom / Loves California)
& Philly Blunt & DJ Wood & Fuzzbox Inc
8.Stay Fresh / Thru The Tulips (Few Seconds More mix) / PNK / Matts Band / Star (Latin remix)04.11.2011Stones Throw
9.The Beat Junkies 45 Series Volume 1 EP
(Here Comes The Live Ones (version 1) / Mr Dewitt In Brazil)
& Rhettmatic
09.07.2012Sound Junkies
10.The Minimal Wave Tapes: Edits Vol 1 EP
(Cinnamon Air / Dirty / Flying Turns / HTSA)
10.08.2012Stones Throw
11.The Minimal Wave Tapes: J Rocc Edits Vol 2 EP
(Japan Japan (J Rocc edit) / The Drum (J Rocc edit) / Who's Really Listening (J Rocc edit) / Game & Performance (J Rocc edit))
& Felix Kubin & Ohama & Mark Lane & Deux
20.08.2012Stones Throw
12.777.6 EP
(Andreti's Theme / Black Myth / Sacred No More / Changin')
& Kutmah
07.11.2013Hit & Run
13.J Rocc Enjoyed The Experience EP
(ETE (part 4 - instrumental) / ETE (part 1) / ETE (The Beat edition))
03.12.2013Now Again
14.Funky President Edits Vol 1 EP
(Brothers Party (Tribute To Show) / The Technique (edit))
12.08.2015J Rocc
15.Funky President Edits Vol 2 EP
(Boogie Blamin (45 King special) / Jingles (edit))
03.09.2015J Rocc