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Los Angeles, California, USA
*  1979

Line-Up (2018):


Greg Graffin - voc
Brett Gurewitz - g
Mike Dimkich - g
Jay Bentley - bg
Jaimie Miller - ds

Former Members:

Brett Gurewitz (g, 1979-84, 1987-12/94); Greg Hetson (g, cca 1982-cca 7/10); Brian Baker (g, cca 10/94 g.a., 12/94-cca 7/10)
Paul Dedona (bg, 1983); Tim Gallegos (bg, cca 1982-1988)
Jay Ziskrout (ds, 1979-?, 1987-?); Pete Finestone (ds, cca 1982, cca 1984, 1987-?); Davy Goldman (ds, 1983); Bobby Schayer (ds, 1992-4/01); Brooks Wackerman (ds, cca 1/02-cca 7/10)

Albums Discography:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.How Could Hell Be Any Worse1982 Epitaph
2.Into The Unknown1983 Epitaph
3.Suffer1988 Epitaph
4.No Control12/1989 Epitaph
5.From Times Of Suffering1989
6.Against The Grain
produced by: Bad Religion
1990 Semaphore
8.Bad Religion 80-851991 Epitaph
9.Recipe For Hate6/1993 Epitaph
10.Stranger Than Fiction
produced by: Andy Wallace
05.09.1994Dragnet/Sony 87
11.All Ages13.11.1995Epitaph
12.The Gray Race
produced by: Rick Ocasek
26.02.1996Dragnet/Sony 56
14.No Substance06.04.1998Dragnet/Sony 78
15.The New America
produced by: Todd Rundgren
09.05.2000Atlantic 88
16.The Process Of Belief
produced by: Brett Gurewitz/Greg Graffin
21.01.2002Epitaph 49
17.Japan Tour2002
18.Punk Rock Songs4/2002 Epic
19.The Empire Strikes First
produced by: Brett Gurewitz/Greg Graffin
08.06.2004Epitaph 40
20.New Maps Of Hell09.07.2007Epitaph 35
21.30 Years Live5/2010
22.The Dissent Of Man28.09.2010Epitaph 35
23.True North22.01.2013Epitaph 19
24.Christmas Songs28.10.2013Epitaph 101
25.RauteMusik.Rock, Vol. 1
& Beatsteaks & Emil Bulls & Thees Uhlmann
26.Father Christmas09.12.2014Epitaph
27.30 Years Live26.02.2016Epitaph
28.Age Of Unreason5/2019 Epitaph 73

Greg Graffin:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Cold as the Clay11.07.2006Anti
2.Lincoln's Funeral Train04.11.2016Anti

Singles Discography:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.Bad Religion1981
2.Back To The Known1984
3.New World Order: War #11991
4.Lookin' In1993
5.Stranger Than Fiction / Markovian Process1994
6.21st Century Digital Boy24.10.199441
8.Punk Rock Song1/1996
9.Streets Of America14.10.1996Dragnet/Sony
10.Dream Of Unity16.06.1997Dragnet/Sony
11.Raise Your Voice09.03.1998Dragnet/Sony
12.New America08.05.2000Dragnet/Sony
13.Los Angeles Is Burning8/2004 67

Greg Graffin:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.Making Time10.01.2017Anti-


1. Along The Way - 1990, live
2. Bad Religion: Live at the Palladium - 14.2.2006, Epitaph, live, 180 min

WWW Links:


Compilation Appearances:

"Generator" on compilation "Punk-O-Rama 4: Straight Outta The Pit" (22.6.99, Epitaph)
"The Defense" on compilation "Punk-O-Rama Vol. 7" (25.6.02, Epitaph)
"Live Again (The Fall of Man)" on benefit LP "Genocide In Sudan" (11/04, Waxploitation)
"Let Them Eat War" on CD "Body of War: Songs that Inspired an Iraq War Veteran" (18.3.08, Sire)

Brett Gurewitz:

own label "Epitaph"

produced by LP:

L7: L7 (1987, Epitaph)
NOFX: Liberal Animation (1988, Epitaph)
Jughead's Revenge: Unstuck In Time (5/90, Hard)
Rancid: Rancid (1993, Epitaph)
Red Aunts: Number One Chicken (1.5.95, Epitaph)
Pennywise: About Time (19.6.95, Epitaph)
Ruth Ruth: The Little Death (8/96, Epitaph)
Red Aunts: Saltbox (19.8.96, Epitaph)
Voodoo Glow Skull: Symbolic (22.8.00, Epitaph)
Rancid: Indestructible (26.8.03, Warner Bros)
Rancid: ...Honor Is All We Know (27.10.14, Epitaph)

appeared on the LP:
Bad Religion: The New America (9.5.00, Atlantic)

Brian Baker:

appeared on the LP:

Rick Ocasek: Troublizing (15.9.97, Columbia)

Press References:

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