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Line-Up Ex-Members Albums Singles Videos Various Refers
Toronto, Canada
*  1976

Line-Up (1991):

Pat Travers - voc,g
Pat Thrall - g
Peter Cowling - bg
Tommy Aldridge - ds

Former Members:

Roy Dyke (ds, 1976-77); Nicko McBrain (ds, 9/76-1977); Clive Edwards (ds, 9/77-78); Tommy Aldridge (ds, 1978-10/80); Sandy Gennaro (ds, 1982); Pat Marchino (ds, cca 1984); Scott Zymowski (ds)

Mick Dyche (g, 9/77-?); Pat Thrall (g, 1978-8/80); Jerry Riggs (g, cca 1984)

Don Harris (kb, 1982)

Barry Dunaway (bg, cca 1984)

Albums Discography:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.The Pat Travers Band
produced by: Emil Zoghby/Pat Travers
2.Makin' Magic11.03.1977Polydor40
3.Puttin' It Straight
produced by: Dennis McKay
4.You Missed
(mini LP)
1978 Polydor
5.Heat In The Street30.03.1979Polydor
6.Go For What You Know8/1979 Polydor
7.Crash And Burn3/1980 Polydor
8.Radio Active4/1981 Polydor
9.Black Pearl1982 Polydor
10.Hot Shot4/1984 Polydor 108
11.Best Of Pat Travers1985 Polydor
13.School Of Hard Knocks1990 Episode
14.An Anthology Vol. 11990 Polydor
15.An Anthology Vol. 21990 Polydor
16.Boom Boom
1991 Episode
18.BBC Radio One Live In Concert1992 Windsong
19.Blues Tracks1992 Shrapnel
20.Just A Touch1993 Blues Burreau
21.Blues Magnet1994 Blues Burreau
22.Halfway To Somewhere1995 Blues Burreau
23.Lookin' Up1996
24.King Biscuit1997
25.Whiskey Blues1997 Purple Pyramid
26.Best Of Blues + Live!
(Blues Burreau/live)
27.Blues Tracks 21998 Blues Burreau
28.Don't Feed The Alligators06.03.2000Blues Bureau/Zomba
29.Radio 1 Live in Concert25.03.2000Fuel 2000
30.P.T. Power Trio13.05.2003Blues Burreau
31.20th Century Masters - Millennium Collection15.07.2003Polydor
32.Greatest Hits Live16.09.2003King Biscuit
33.PT=MC214.06.2005Aao Music
34.Four Play29.11.2005Majestic Rock
35.P.T. Power Trio 221.02.2006Blues Bureau Int'l
36.Boom Boom out Go the Lights26.06.2007MVD Visual
37.8+8: Best of '77-'8013.05.2008Ork
38.Stick with What You Know: Live in Europe22.08.2008Mega Force
39.Travelin' Blues19.05.2009Blues Burreau Int'l
40.Boom Boom at the House of Blues10.01.2012Rockarola
41.Birth of the Blues: The 1920s31.07.2012Cleopatra
42.Live at the Bamboo Room04.06.2013Cleopatra
43.Keep Calm And Carry On09.07.2013Frontiers
44.Snortin' Whiskey At the Warfield16.09.2014Cleopatra
45.Pat Travers Multi Pack27.01.2015Universal
46.Live At the Iridium NYC27.01.2015Frontiers
47.Retro Rocket12.03.2015Cleopatra
48.Hooked on Music: Live20.11.2015Echoes

Singles Discography:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.Boom, Boom (Out Goes The Lights) / Statesboro Blues8/1979 Polydor 56
2.Is This Love4/1980 Polydor 50
3.Snortin' Whisky29.08.1980Polydor


1. Boom Boom


Pat Travers:

appeared on the LP:

L.A. Blues Authority: Cream Of The Crop (1995, Roadrunner)
Jon Anderson: 1000 Hands (31.3.19)

Press References:

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