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Personal Data:

Born: 05.04.1965 (Pensacola, Florida, USA, as Michael David McCready)
McCREADY Mike (photo)


1990-91 Mookie Blaylock
10/90-cca 3/07 Pearl Jam
1991 Temple Of The Dog
1993 M.A.C.C.
cca 11/94 The Gacy Bunch
1/95-3/98 Mad Season
since 9/95 Bumrush
cca 2/96 Pete Droge And The Sinners
cca 11/96-cca 3/97 Tuatara
cca 3/97 The Minus 5
since 3/98 Disinformation
cca 2/99 The Rockfords
cca 3/07 Flight To Mars
cca 3/11 Tres Mts. (g.a.)
12/14 Mad Season
11/16 Temple Of The Dog
since 9/18 Chad Smith's Super Mega Funktastic Jam Rock All Stars


16.10.92 Bob Dylan 30th Anniversary Concert (Madison Square Garden, NY)

Compilation Appearances:

"Yellow Ledbetter" on live 3CD "Tibetian Freedom Concerts" (17.11.97, Grand Royal, & Eddie Vedder)
"Hey Baby (Land Of The New Rising Sun)" on Jimi Hendrix Tribute LP "Stone Free" (1993, as M.A.C.C. - & Matt Cameron, Jeff Ament, Chris Cornell)
"The Long Road" on compilation "America: A Tribute To Heroes" (4.12.01, & Eddie Vedder & Neil Young)

appeared on the LP:
The Screaming Trees: Dust (8.7.96, Epic)
Mark Eitzel: West (9.6.97, WEA)
Brad: Interiors (7.7.97, SMIS/Sony)
The Wallflowers: Red Letter Days (24.9.02, Interscope)
Peter Frampton: Fingerprint (12.9.06, New Door)
Walking Papers: Walking Papers (16.10.12, Gadfly)

appeared on the SP:
Brad: The Day Brings (5/97)

Press References:

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