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IDOL Billy

Personal Data:

Born: 30.11.1957 (Stanmore, GB, as William Michael Albert Broad)
IDOL Billy (photo)


1976 Chelsea (g)
1976 Infants
1976-2/81 Generation X

Line-Up (2005):

Billy Idol - voc
Steve Stevens - g
Stephen McGrath - bg
Derek Sherinian - kb
Brian Tichy - ds

Former Members:

Steve Stevens (g, 1981-89); Mark Younger-Smith (g, 1989-cca 1993)

Phil Feit (bg, 1981-?); Marcus Miller (bg); Kenny Aaronson (bg); Phil Soussan (bg, cca 1990); Doug Wimbish (bg, cca 1993)

Susan Davis (kb); Arthur Barrow (kb, cca 1990); Robin Hancock (kb, cca 1993); Jamie Mamoberac (kb, cca 1993)

Steve Missal (ds, 1981-?); Thommy Price (ds); Keith Forsey (ds, cca 1990); Mike Baird (ds, cca 1990); Tal Berghan (ds, cca 1993)

Albums Discography:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Billy Idol
produced by: Keith Forsey
02.07.1982Chrysalis 45
2.Rebel Yell13.01.1984Chrysalis36 6
3.Vital Idol6/1985 Chrysalis7 10
4.Whiplash Smile
produced by: Keith Forsey
10/1986 Chrysalis8 6
5.Idol Songs - 11 Of The Best6/1988 Chrysalis2
6.Charmed Life
produced by: Keith Forsey
4/1990 Chrysalis15 11
produced by: Robin Hancock
21.06.1993Chrysalis20 48
8.The Greatest Hits26.09.2000Chrysalis 74
9.Billy Idol: VH1 Storytellers26.02.2002Capitol
10.Devil's Playground22.03.2005CSP/Sanctuary 46
11.Happy Holidays04.12.2006Bodog Music
12.Idolize Yourself: The Very Best Of Billy Idol23.06.2008Capitol37 73
13.Sight and Sound: Storytellers24.06.2008WEA
14.10 Great Songs12.01.2010Capitol
17.Millennium Collection: 20th Century Masters01.04.2014Capitol
18.Kings & Queens Of The Underground21.10.2014BFI35 34
19.Vital Idol: Revitalized9/2018

Kenny Aaronson:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Through The Fire
& Neil Schon & Sam Hagar & Mike Shrieve

Singles Discography:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.Don't Stop EP
(Mony Mony / Baby Talk / Dancing With Myself / Untouchables)
25.09.1981Chrysalis 71
2.Hot In The City / Dead On Arrival6/1982 Chrysalis30 23
3.White Wedding / Hole In The Wall22.10.1982Chrysalis 108
4.White Wedding / Hot In The City
12" + Love Calling / Dancing With Myself
5/1983 Chrysalis 36
5.Dancing With Myself
with Generation X
9/1983 Chrysalis 102
6.Rebel Yell / Crank Call
12" + White Wedding
(v GB 24.2.84)
1/1984 Chrysalis62 46
7.Eyes Without A Face / The Dead Next Door
12" + Dancing With Myself / Rebel Yell
(v USA 4/84)
08.06.1984Chrysalis18 4
8.Flesh For Fantasy / Blue Highway
produced by: Keith Forsey
21.09.1984Chrysalis48 29
9.Catch My Fall10/1984 Chrysalis 50
10.White Wedding / Flesh For Fantasy7/1985 Chrysalis3
11.Rebel Yell / (Do Not) Stand In The Shadows (live)
12" + Blue Highway
9/1985 Chrysalis4
12.To Be A Lover / All Summer Single
7"(2) + Mega-Idol-Mix / White Wedding
9/1986 Chrysalis16 6
13.Don't Need A Gun / Fatal Charm1/1987 Chrysalis15 37
14.Sweet Sixteen / Beyond Belief
12" + Rebel Yell
4/1987 Chrysalis17 20
15.Mony Mony (live) / Shakin' All Over (live)8/1987 Chrysalis6 1
16.Hot In The City / Catch My Fall (remix)
12" + Soul Standing By
CD + Mony Mony
12/1987 Chrysalis11 48
17.Catch My Fall / All Summer Single8/1988 Chrysalis63
18.Cradle Of Love / 311 Man
CD + Rob The Cradle Of Love
4/1990 Chrysalis34 2
19.White Wedding10.05.1990
20.Sweet Sixteen10.05.1990
21.Hot In The City10.05.1990
22.Eyes Without A Face10.05.1990
23.Blue High10.05.1990
24.L.A. Woman / License To Thrill
12",CD + Love Child
7/1990 Chrysalis70 52
25.Prodigal Blues / Mark Of Caine
12",CD + Flesh For Fantasy
26.Shock To The System / Aftershock
12" + Heroin
CD + Heroin / Rebel Yell / White Wedding
27.Adam In Chains / Shock To The System
CD + Venus / Eyes Without A Face
28.Speed / Rebel Yell (acoustic)05.09.1994Fox/Arista47
29.Don't You Forget17.07.2001
30.Scream1/2005 CSP
31.Club Wedding
& Trashcan Jack


1. The Wedding Singer (1998, starring)


Mike Wrenn: Billy Idol - A Visual Documentary (1991)
Billy Idol: Dancing With Myself (7.10.2014, Touchstone, autobiography)


appeared on the LP:

Joni Mitchell: Chalk Mark In A Rain Storm (3/88, Geffen)
Tony Iommi: Iommi (10.10.00, Divine/Priority)
Miley Cyrus: Plastic Hearts (27.11.20, RCA)

Compilation Appearances:
"Hateful" on The Clash tribute CD "Burning London" (3.5.99, Columbia, & Gwen Stefani)

Kenny Aaronson:

appeared on the LP:

Tgamesher: Burning At The Speed Of Light (1985, MFN)
Blue Öyster Cult: Imaginos (1988, CBS)
Drive, She Said: Drive, She Said (1989, CBS)
Michael Monroe: Not Fakin' It (1989, Phonogram)

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