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VALENS Ritchie

Personal Data:

Born: 13.05.1941 (Los Angeles, California, USA, as Richard Steven Valenzuela)
Died: 03.02.1959 (plane crash)
VALENS Ritchie (photo)


ex The Silhouettes

Albums Discography:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Ritchie1959 Del-Fi
2.Ritchie Valens3/1959 Del-Fi 23
3.In Concert At Pacoima Junior High School1960 Del-Fi
4.Rock Lil' Darling1962
5.The Original La Bamba1964
6.His Greatest Hits4/1965 Del-Fi
7.Greatest Hits 2
1967 Del-Fi
8.A History Of Ritchie Valens2/1985 Rhino
9.The Best Of Ritchie Valens8/1987 Rhino 100
10.Greatest Hits8/1987 RCA
11.The Lost Tapes7/1992 Ace
12.La Bamba9/1993 World Star
13.The Ritchie Valens Story2/1994 Ace
14.The Very Best Of Ritchie Valens10/1995 Music Club
15.Greatest Hits18.03.2003Morada Music
16.Rock 'n' Roll Legends12.08.2014One & Only Rock'n'Roll

Singles Discography:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.Come On, Let's Go / Framed6/1958 Del-Fi 42
2.Come On, Let's Go / Dooby Dooby Wah
(v GB)
10/1958 Pye International
3.Donna / La Bamba11/1958 Del-Fi29 2
4.Stay Beside Me / Big Baby1959 Del-Fi
5.Fast Freight / Big Baby Blues2/1959 Del-Fi
6.That's My Little Suzie / In A Turkish Town3/1959 Del-Fi 55
7.That's My Little Suzie / Bluebirds Over The Mountain
(v GB)
6/1959 London
8.Little Girl / We Belong Together6/1959 Del-Fi 92
9.Paddiwack Song / Cry, Cry, Cry1960 Del-Fi
10.La Bamba / Ooh! My Head Hurts1/1962 London
11.La Bamba / Donna5/1966 Sue
12.La Bamba / Come On, Let's Go / That's My Little Suzie7/1979 London
13.Donna / La Bamba
2/1980 Old Gold
14.Donna / La Bamba
11/1980 Creole
15.Donna / La Bamba
7/1982 Old Gold
16.Donna / La Bamba8/1984 Creole
17.La Bamba / Donna
12" + Ooh! My Head Hurts / Come On, Let's Go
7/1987 RCA49


1. The Complete - 21.12.1999, Mobile Fidelity, DVD

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