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Calendar for 22.06.2021

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Singles Discography:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.Weed Did It
& Serg Sniper
2.Make My Music High
& Serg Sniper
3.China Jules
& Serg Sniper
4.Just React
& Serg Sniper
5.Salute Blends EP
(Pengeleng / On Line / My Neck My Buzz / Just Gimme Da Light)
& Serg Sniper
6.Freak Wit It
& Serg Sniper & Stik E & Tha Hoodz
7.Get Wild / Mujeres ("Reggaeton" mix)
& Serg Sniper present More Fire 2
8.Gettin' Busy
& Serg Sniper present More Fire 3
9.Go Shorty / Da Bouncer 03 (dirty mix, clean mix) /
& Serg Sniper
10.We Don't Give A F@#k! / We Don't Give A What (clean mix)
& Serg Sniper
11.Clubbanga Blendz EP
(Flip Side / Hell Yeah / Give It 2 Me / Like Glue)
& Serg Sniper
12.Gansta Music
& Serg Sniper
18.08.2003Club Bangaz
13.More Fire Four EP
(Do Da Dance (dirty mix, radio mix) / Milk Shake (Coolie version) / Turn Me On / Gangsta Athem (Pt 2))
& Serg Sniper
10.11.2003Club Bangaz
14.Clubbanga Blendz Vol 2 EP
(Hotel / Stunt 101 / Hot & Wet / Get Low / Excuse Me)
& Serg Sniper
15.Clubbangaz Breakz EP
(Pump It Up (dirty mix, clean mix, dub) / Wanted Break / Change Clothes & Dance (dub))
& Serg Sniper
16.Roc A Way / Twisted / Oh My God / 99 Problems / Freek A Leek
& Greg Sniper
02.08.2004Club Bangaz
17.Clubbangaz Worldwide
& Serg Sniper & Kenny Fiesta
21.03.2005Club Bangaz
18.Gettin' Right / Like That / Streets Meltin / Can't Satisfy
& Serg Sniper
04.04.2005Club Bangaz
19.Clubbangaz Blends Volume 4 (My Humps (Stepz remix clean) / My Humps (Stepz remix dirty) / Shake (Stepz remix) / Run It (dancehall remix clean) / Run It (dancehall remix instrumental) / Play (dancehall remix dirty))
& Serg Sniper
21.11.2005Club Bangaz
20.Clubbangaz Worldwide 4 (Latino Anthem (Serg Sniper & V Smoove break) / Rompe (Serg Sniper & V Smoove remix) / Reggaeton Latino (DJ Spin One remix) / Don't Stop (DJ Spin One remix) / Freekitona (V Smoove & Serg Sniper remix))
& DJ Spin & DJ Ed Swift & Serg Sniper
01.05.2006Club Bangaz
21.Clubbangaz Blendz Vol 5 (Promiscuous (Temperature remix) / Promiscuous (Dutty Wine remix) / Promiscuous (Hit The Floor remix) / Me & You (Kenny Fiesta Dancehall remix) / I Love My Bitch (Dancehall remix) / Deja Vu (Dancehall remix))
& Serge Sniper
14.08.2006Club Bangaz
22.Clubbangaz Worldwide Volume 5 (Fergilishous (V Smoove & Serg Sniper remix) / Tell Me (V Smoove & Serg Sniper remix) / Ice Box (DJ C-Lo remix) / My Love (Benja Styles Reggae remix) / Upgrade U (Benja Styles Reggae remix) / Showstopper (Clubbangaz remix))
& Serge Sniper
05.02.2007Club Bangaz