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V Marco

Albums Discography:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.200V31.10.2005In Charge
2.Gatecrasher Live
3.Amnesia Ibiza DJ Sessions 1 Mixed by Marco V22.07.2008
4.Unfold 312.05.2009
5.Propaganda12.05.2009In Charge
6.Art Of05.10.2010Cloud 9
7.Marco V Presents The Art Of Vol.211.10.2011Cloud 9
8.F15 Teen Years of Good Greef: Anthems Collected
& Giuseppe Ottaviani & Liam Wilson
30.10.2015Black Hole

Singles Discography:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.Vision (Phase One) EP
(Tolerance / Savage)
24.07.2000Free For All
2.Vision / Certainly / Indicator (Phase Two)30.10.2000Free For All
3.In Charge / In Charge (Part II)12.02.2001Free For All
4.Vision / Recovered / Magnitude (Phase Three)09.04.2001Free For All
5.Indicator / Big Fat Remix08.10.2001Duty Free
6.Simulated26.11.2001Free For All
7.Certainly17.12.2001Duty Free
8.GODD28.01.2002Free For All
9.Simulated (Marc Green remix)01.04.2002ID&T
10.Godd (V Dubb mix, DJ Errik mix)22.04.2002Superstar
11.Con:fusion EP
(Revolt / I Feel You / The Mutalisk / Atlanta 02.02.2002)
12.Indicator (Grinder remix, Scott Mac's "Recall" mix)01.07.2002Duty Free86
(Milla / My Acid Pacemaker / Rise! / Echoes (Vision mix))
15.C: / Del*mp3 / Solarize28.04.2003ID&T
16.Loops & Tings Relooped
vs Jens
17.Marco V Combi:Nations (Pride's Paranoia (Marco V remix) / Praiseworthy Tunes (Hoipollo mix) / I Feel You (Thomas Datt's 2v2 mix) / Clear (Charly May remix))
& Ashland & Futureshock & Kay D Smith & Marc Tall & Passive Resistance
18.Echnalava / God Child22.03.2004ID&T
20.More Than A Life Away23.05.2005In Charge
21.More Than A Life Away (Part 2)20.06.2005In Charge
More Than A Life Away (remixes)27.06.2005Insolent Tracks
22.Second Bite (Part 1)05.09.2005In Charge
23.Second Bite (Part 2)26.09.2005In Charge
24.False Light20.02.2006Maelstrom
25.200V UK EP
(Arpanet (V.ision remix) / The Funk Battery)
03.04.2006In Charge
26.Central Energy EP #4
(Enrapture / Supaman (dub) / Red Blue Purple / Apocalyse)
& Amber Savage & Samples & Archie & Baby Gee
07.08.2006Central Energy
27.Second Bite (UK mixes)11.09.2006In Charge
28.Combi:nations 2 Sampler Part 1 EP
(Any, Better, Or? / VIP (Marco V reconstruction mix) / The Shout (Marco V reconstruction mix) / Rockin' (Marco V Bootyrocking mix))
& Just Phil & Robbie Rivera & Phunk-A-Delic
09.10.2006In Charge
29.Any Better, Or? / Red Blue Purple16.10.2006Maelstrom
30.Second Bite16.10.2006Maelstrom
31.Arpanet / The Funk Battery06.11.2006Maelstrom
32.False Light / Helpless (Dub Delux remix)
& Decaff & Roland Clark
04.12.2006Sound Division
33.Simulated (The Marco V Edits)29.01.2007In Charge
34.Confusion Album Sampler II
(Echoes / Milla / My Acid Pacemaker / Rise)
35.Confusion Albumn Sampler 1
(Atlanta / I Feel You / Mutalisk / Revolt)
37.Possible But Unlikely / Universal Enemy28.05.2007In Charge
38.Dudak17.03.2008In Charge
& Sander Van Doorn
28.07.2008In Charge
40.Coma Aid / Treviso / A Journey Into Sound23.01.2009In Charge
41.Unprepared15.04.2009In Charge
42.Propaganda Album Sampler 1
(Digital Identity / Chemicals /Solitary Confinement /Ritual Purification)
20.05.2009In Charge
43.The Man Who Was There26.05.2009In Charge
44.What Say?
& Sander Van Doorn
45.Propaganda Album Sampler 2 (WRC Theme (extended) / Treviso / Counterpoint (extended) / The Man Who Was There (extended))10.06.2009In Charge
46.Solitary Confinement
feat Khashassi
15.07.2009In Charge
47.Ibilektro: The Sound Of Ibiza 2009
(Heads Off / Heads Off (Hirshee remix) / Don't Turn Your Back (Sander Van Doorn remix) / What Say (Bingo Players remix))
& Spencer & Hill & Olav Basoski & DJ Erick E & Sander Van Doorn
48.Scenario / When The Night Falls (extended)18.11.2009In Charge
49.Fantastic Damage / Environmental Solution (extended) / The Miracles Of Life (extended)16.12.2009In Charge
50.Coming Back / Inconsistent Talk / How You Feeling (extended)27.01.2010In Charge
51.Vision 4 EP
(Greed / Greed (Greedy mix) / Greyhound)
11.05.2010In Charge