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London, GB
*  3/1969

Line-Up (2012):

Phil Mogg - voc
Paul Raymond - g
Vinnie Moore - g
Barry Sparks - bg
Andy Parker - ds

Former Members:

Mick Bolton (g, 3/69-2/73); Bernie Marsden (g, 11/72-6/73); Larry Wallis (g, 2-10/73); Michael Schenker (g, 6/73-6/77, 11/93-11/95, cca 10/00-2003); Paul Chapman (g, 1974-1/75, 11/78-6/83, 1990-?); Atomic Tommy M (g, 11/84-88); David Jacobson (g, 1986-88); Laurence Archer (g, 1990-cca 1992); John Norum (g, 5/96-1996)

Pete Way (bg, 3/69-6/82, 1990-96, cca 10/00-cca 2/09); Billy Sheehan (bg, 6/82-cca 1/83); Paul Gray (bg, 3-6/83, 11/84-88)

Danny Peyronel (kb,voc, 8/75-7/76); Paul Raymond (g,kb, 12/76-8/80, 12/84-8/86, cca 11/93); Neil Carter (kb,g, 8/80-6/83); Jim Davis (kb, 1991-?)

Andy Parker (ds, 3/69-6/83, 1990-11/93); Robbie France (ds, 11/84-85); Jim Simpson (ds, 1985-88); Clive Edwards (ds, 1991-cca 1992); Simon Wright (ds, 7-10/95, 1997-?); Aynsley Dunbar (ds, cca 2002)

Jeff Martin (cca 10/00); Louis Moldona (cca 10/00)

Albums Discography:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.UFO1970 Beacon
2.Flying1971 Beacon
3.UFO Lands In Tokyo
(in Germany)
1972 Nova
5.Force It
produced by: Leo Lyons
6/1975 Chrysalis 71
6.No Heavy Petting
produced by: Leo Lyons
7.Lights Out
produced by: Ron Nevison
03.04.1977Chrysalis54 23
produced by: Ron Nevison
6/1978 Chrysalis26 41
9.Strangers In The Night
12/1978 Chrysalis7 42
10.No Place To Run
produced by: George Martin
11.01.1980Chrysalis11 51
11.Rockpalast: Hardrock Legends, Vol. 11980 Made In
12.The Wild, The Willing And The Innocent1/1981 Chrysalis19 77
13.Mechanix12.02.1982Chrysalis8 82
14.Making Contact04.02.1983Chrysalis32
15.Headstone - The Best Of UFO
8/1983 Chrysalis39
16.Misdemeanor11/1985 Chrysalis74 106
17.The Collection
11/1985 Castle
18.Proffessional Vidence1986
4/1987 Raw Power
20.Ain't Misbehavin'3/1988 FM Revolver
21.High Stakes & Dangerous Men
produced by: Kit Woolven
2/1992 Essential
22.BBC Radio 1 Live In Concert1992 Windsong
23.Essential10/1992 Chrysalis
24.Lights Out Over Tokyo2/1993 Essential
25.The Decca Years4/1993 Repertoire
28.Too Hot To Handle - The Best Of UFO 1974-852/1994 Music Club
29.Live In Texas 'N' Live In Tokyo
10/1994 Essential
30.Heaven's Gate Live11/1994 M&M
31.Doctor Doctor5/1995 Spectrum
32.Walk On Water
(in Japan 4/95, Point)
27.10.1997Eagle Rock
33.On With The Action1998 Zoom Club
35.Best of Singles A's & B's23.02.1999
36.Werewolves Of London Live 199813.09.1999
38.Masters of Rock15.01.2002EMI
40.Then and Now19.08.2003Sanctuary
41.You Are Here16.03.2004Hunter
42.Flying: The Early Years 1970-197326.10.2004Sanctuary
& Dokken
22.11.2005Direct Source
45.Introduction to UFO08.08.2006Fuel 2000
46.One of Those Nights: The Anthology15.08.2006Castle
47.The Monkey Puzzle26.09.2006Steamhammer/SPV
48.Live28.08.2007Fuel 2000
49.The Best of UFO 1974-198315.04.2008Chrysalis
50.Impact Live10.02.2009Mischief
52.The Visitor02.06.2009Steamhammer/SPV99
53.Official Bootleg Box Set14.07.2009EMI
54.Let It Roll04.05.2010Mischief
55.Best of a Decade28.09.2010Steamhammer
56.Live On Air12.10.2010Ais
57.Rockpalast: Hardrock Legends, Vol. 126.10.2010
58.All the Hits & More08.03.2011IMV/Blueline
59.The Chrysalis Years (1973-1979)13.09.2011Capitol
60.Seven Deadly28.02.2012Steamhammer63
61.The Chrysalis Years (1980-1986)
62.BBC Archives: UFO12.03.2013EMI
64.Hot 'n' Live: The Chrysalis Live Anthology 1974-198308.10.2013Parlophone
65.The Complete Studio Albums 1974-198618.03.2014Parlophone
66.Story of UFO: Too Hot to Handle 1969-9307.10.2014Wienerworld
67.A Conspiracy of Stars03.03.2015Steamhammer50
68.Limited Edition 4 Vinyl Set
(4LP box set)
01.04.2015Back On Black
69.Live Sightings05.02.2016Cleopatra
70.Hard Rock Legends: Live at Westfalenhalle, Germany 198001.07.2016Rock Classics
71.Lights Out, Chicago23.09.2016Cleopatra
72.The Salentino Cuts9/2017

Phil Mogg:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Edge Of The World
& Pete Way
& Pete Way
10/1999 Steamhammer

Pete Way:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Edge Of The World
& Phil Mogg
& Phil Mogg
10/1999 Steamhammer
3.Acoustic Animal10.08.2004Majestic Rock
4.Amphetamine28.09.2004Majestic Rock
5.So Low03.01.2006Majestic Rock
& Michael Schenker
30.01.2007Majestic Rock
7.Letting Loose07.07.2009Mischief

Paul Raymond:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Man On A Mission28.06.1999Paul Raymond Project
2.Terms & Conditions Apply
credited to: Paul Raymond Project
05.02.2013Hear No Evil

Paul Chapman:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Paul Chapman's Ghost04.02.2003Zoom Club/Windsor

Singles Discography:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.Evil / Shake It About1970
2.Come Away Melinda / Unidentified Flying Object1971 Beacon
3.Boogie For George / Treacle People1971 Beacon
4.Prince Kajuku / The Coming Of Prince Kajuku9/1971 Beacon
5.C'mon Everybody
(v Japonsku)
6.Doctor Doctor / Lipstick Traces3/1974 Chrysalis
7.Alone Again Or / Electric Phase03.06.1977Chrysalis
8.Too Hot To Handle / Electric Phase6/1977 Chrysalis 106
9.33 1/3 EP
(Only You Can Rock Me / Cherry / Rock Bottom)
10.Doctor Doctor (live) / On With The Action (live) / Try Me (live)26.01.1979Chrysalis35
11.Shoot Shoot / Only You Can Rock Me / I'm A Loser (all live)3/1979 Chrysalis48
12.Young Blood / Lights Out04.01.1980Chrysalis23
13.Couldn't Get It Right / Hot'n'Ready17.10.1980Chrysalis
14.Lonely Heart / Long Gone1/1981 Chrysalis41
15.Let It Rain / Heel Of A Stranger / You'll Get Love1/1982 Chrysalis62
16.Back Into My Life / The Writer4/1982 Chrysalis
17.When It's Time To Rock / Everybody Knows
12" + Push It's Love
18.This Time / The Chase10/1985 Chrysalis
19.Night Run / Heaven's Gate2/1986 Chrysalis94
20.One Of Those Nights / Ain't Life Sweet / Long Gone11/1991 Essential


1. The Misdemeanor Tour Live - 1986, 80 min


1979 Melody Maker Heavy Metal Album Of The Year ("Strangers In The Night")

WWW Links:


original name Hocus Pocus
disbanded 6/1983
reunited 11/1984
disbanded 1988
reunited 1990
disbanded 1996 - changed name to LIGHT OUT

Compilation Appearances:

"Young Blood" on OST "The Way, Way Back" (2.7.13, Columbia)

Pete Way:

produced by LP:

Twisted Sister: Under The Blade (9/82, Secret)
Cockney Rejects: The Wild Ones (1982, A.K.A.)

appeared on the LP:
Michael Schenker: Temple Of Rock (9/11, In Akustik)

Paul Raymond:

appeared on the LP:

Michael Schenker: Temple Of Rock (9/11, In Akustik)

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