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Personal Data:

Born: 30.12.1978 (as Tyrese Gibson)
TYRESE (photo)


2007-12/15 TGT

Albums Discography:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Tyrese19.10.1998RCA 17
2.2000 Watts22.05.2001RCA 10
3.I Wanna Go There17.12.2002J 16
4.Alter Ego
12.12.2006J- 23
5.Super Hits15.04.2008Sony
6.Playlist: The Very Best of Tyrese25.01.2011Playlist
7.Open Invitation01.11.2011Voltron 9
9.Black Rose10.07.2015Voltron 1

Singles Discography:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.Nobody Else8/1998 RCA 36
2.Sweet Lady1/1999 RCA55 12
3.Lately6/1999 56
4.Garage Mayhem Volume 1 EP
(Nobody Else / Have You Ever)
& Brandy
05.07.1999Music Factory NYC
5.Nobody Else19.07.199959
6.The Best Man I Can Be
& Case & Ginuwine
12/1999 77
7.What'chu Like / That's What I'm Looking For
& Da Brat
01.02.2000Columbia 26
8.I Like Them Girls2/2001 RCA 48
9.Just A Baby Boy
& Mr. Tan & Snoop Dogg
6/2001 90
10.What Am I Gonna Do9/2001 71
11.Signs Of Love Makin' / How You Gonna Act Like That5/2003 J 57
12.How You Gonna Act Like That (Stig remixes)16.06.2003J30 7
13.Club Beatz
(Pick Up The Phone / Change / L'allumage / Keep Giving Your Love To Me / Real Things (remix) / I Gotcha Ma)
& R Kelly & In Essence & Willy Denzey & Beyonce & Javine & Cadillac T
14.The Playaz Volume 2
(Shady Girl / Bounce / Sweet Lady (Darkchild remix) / Anything Goes / On Top / Girl In The Club)
& Wayne Wonder & DMX & Mims & Jagged Edge & Alex
15.Pullin' Me Back
& Chingy
6/2006 Slot-A-Lot/Capitol 9
16.Pullin' Me Back / All We Do Is This
& Chingy
17.Pullin' Me Back / How We Roll
& Chingy
18.Turn Ya Out18.12.2006J