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Calendar for 17.09.2021

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Singles Discography:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.Spines EP02.12.1996Classic/Rough Trade
3.Full Of Beeston Promise EP19.05.1997DIY Discs
4.Dancin' / Time For Change08.12.1997Classic
5.Serve Chilled Sampler 1
(Magpie / All This / Cuckoo's Nest)
& Mithra Quartet & Men O'Harlick
04.05.1998DIY Diversions
6.Brothers And Sisters15.06.1998Remote
7.Classic Label Sampler Volume II
(Dancin' / Remember Me?)
& Midnight Drive
8.A Kitten EP
(Slap My Ass / (I Don't Wanna) Hurt You)
9.Notts Landing: Nottingham Housin' Authority
(It's A Fine World / Fallen Angel / Surreal Picnic / Come Closer)
& Toka Project & DJ Profile & Schmoov!
08.07.2002DIY Discs
10.10 Years Of Classic Vol 1 EP
(Everything's Electric / Words & Lies / Small Talk / Low Cloud)
& Brett Johnson & DJ Heather & Justin Harris & Prztz
11.Black Cat EP
(That Man / That Man (Wharehouse mix) / Le Vent Nous Portera (Sweet Melany mix) / Le Ve
& Needle
08.04.2011Net´s Work International Germa
12.Ode Rammel EP
(Clear My Mind / Try / Til The Feelings Gone / Optimus)
06.02.2013Fear Of Flying
13.BPMs Vol 1 EP
(Bad Drainage / Bulldogz / Tripped / Fucked Off / OK Coral / Blueberry Pill)
14.A Block Trax Vol 1 EP
(Bullizzi Dub / Breeze / Rosesdub / Monday Brew)
15.Donks EP
(Personaledit / Feet Boutique / Hey Baby / Never4gedit)
09.07.2013Shabby Doll
16.Glazed / Act 1 / Nephew / Sonodab
& Harry McCanna & Zece & Sonodab
17.07.2013Fear Of Flying
17.Yonks EP
(Mouse Trax / Tequila / Gonnng / Javito Es Numero Uno)
24.07.2013Shabby Doll
18.Black Trax Vol 2 EP
(Sweet Feet / Frigid Beats / Village Trax / Snapshot)
19.Lugholes EP
(Nasher's Dub / Gimme That Cube / Decay Time / Emz Cannon Dub)
18.02.2014Shabby Doll
20.A Block Trax Vol 3 EP
(Together / Together (reprise dub) / Say Whut / Mangu)
21.Lost Trax 1997 EP
(Lemon Gus / Nerangus / In The Pocket / Heights / Brothers & Sisters / No Mo' / 90% Down & Shit / Just Can't Make My Mind)
14.07.2014Shabby Doll
22.Dug Out Vol 1 EP
(That's Alright Baby / Just U / Chill / The Rock)
23.Mosaic Split Series: Part Four EP
(Pharoah / Bell Curve / Auguste)
& Annie Errez
24.Luke Solomon Presents Unfinished Business Vol 2 Part Two EP
(Hurt Dub / Gonna Be Better / Notice Me (Notice The House mix) / Stop The Riot)
& Collis King & Sandee & Luke Solomon
25.Nite Music / Coff Splutta / Angel (dub) / Sup?? / Bikky Swing / Flytes / Track Two / Stay With Me / Lunar Views16.02.2015Shabby Doll
26.Esperance EP
(I've Been There / Our Love)
17.02.2015Hold Youth
27.Ode Rammel EP
(Clear My Mind / Try / Til The Feelings Gone / Optimus)
19.03.2015Fear Of Flying
28.Sentipede / 808 Rhythm Traxx 3
& Einzelkind
11.09.2015Pressure Traxx