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*  1996

Line-Up (2005):

Thomas Rainer - voc,kb
Sonja Kraushofer - voc

Former Members:

Hannes Medwenitsch (kb, 1996-6/02)

Albums Discography:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Lieder, die wie Wunden bluten17.11.1997Napalm/SPV
2.… in einer Zukunft aus Tränen und Stahl1998 MOS
3.Wenn der letzte Schatten fällt1999 Trisol Music Group
4.Dann habe ich umsonst gelebt1/2001 Trisol Music Group
5.Zwielicht08.02.2002Trisol Music Group
6.Als die Liebe starb03.02.2003Trisol Music Group
7.Zwielicht: The Remixes29.04.2003Cleopatra
8.Seelensturm10/2003 Trisol Music Group
10.Dein Herz06.06.2006BMG
11.Auf Deinen Schwingen26.09.2006BMG
12.Best of Indie Years06.05.2008Gun Europe
13.Momente13.03.2012Trisol/Cop Int'l
15.Drahtseilakt13.01.2015Cop Int'l
16.Unsterblich: 20 Jahre L'Ame Immortelle08.07.2016Trisol

Singles Discography:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.In The Heart Of Europe / No Trust / Silver Rain / Resurrection1999 Trisol Music Group
2.Echoes / No Trust / Love Is Lost (derVish rmx) / Figure In The Mirror (INertia reflection rmx) / Place Of Refuge (noiSEX rmx)2000 Trisol Music Group
3.Epitaph / Changes / Stern / The Truth Behind2000 Trisol Music Group
4.Judgement / Redemption / Rearranging (noX remix) / Final Oath (demo song 97)02.07.2001Trisol Music Group
5.Tiefster Winter / Just Defy / Scheideweg (Instrumental)11/2002 Trisol Music Group
6.Brennende Liebe / Eiszeit / Kill Me Again / Brennende Liebe (Transporterraum Remix) / Brennende Liebe (Hot Love Mix)
& Oomph!,
produced by: Oomph!
7.5 Jahre / Soul In Agony / Lass Mich Fallen / The Beast / Elegy2004 Gun/BMG
8.Stumme Schreie / Nothing / One Eternity11/2004 Gun/BMG
9.Fallen Angel21.02.2005Gun/BMG
10.Nur du9/2006


1. Disharmony - Live - 7/2003, Trisol Music Group

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