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Calendar for 18.05.2021

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Albums Discography:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
2.Evilution12.06.2000One Inch
3.Virus23.09.2002Tidy Trax
4.Devilution Volume 331.05.2004Fragile
5.None Of Us Are Saints06.03.2006Avex
& DJ X
23.10.2009Audio Elite

Singles Discography:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.RTH14.10.1996Pod Communications
2.Blue Book17.03.1997Pod
3.CET01.12.1997Choci's Chewns
4.Genetik Response02.03.1998Elementary
5.Luddite EP23.03.1998Havok
6.Blue Book / Close Encounter27.04.1998Choci's Yellow
7.Psychoactivated / Multiband
& Silicon Based Life
8.Little Girl / Dingaling / Rock'n'Roll
vs Fallen Angel
01.02.1999One Inch
9.Reformation II
& DJ Oberon
01.03.1999Alien Trax/Intergroove
10.Reformation II
& Alien Trax
01.03.1999Alien Trax
11.Engine Man / I See You In My Dreams / Evel Knievel
& Fallen Angel & Mind Of God
17.05.1999One Inch
12.Vitamins From The Pharmacy / Orpham / Dragonfall
& Havok
06.09.1999One Inch
13.Mind Control / Get Out Of My House / Coma20.09.1999Alien Trax
14.Mask Hysteria
vs Nish
11.01.2000One Inch
15.Candyman / The Witch08.05.2000One Inch
16.Contact London11.09.2000Species
17.Concept Of Love / Ready To Bop02.10.2000Fragile
18.Fragile EP
(F8 / U R The 1)
19.Funk Now / Terminator21.05.2001Fragile
20.Do The Nasty
& Yoji Biomehanika
21.Nail It Down
& Andy Farley
16.07.2001One Inch
22.Be My Lover / The Bitch12.11.2001Fragile
23.Reformation 2 / CE310.12.2001Fragile
24.Resurrection / Contact London07.01.2002Fragile
25.Candyman / The Witch
22.04.2002One Inch
26.Place Go Boom / Psycho-Aktivated27.05.2002Fragile
& Lisa Lashes
8/2002 Tidy Trax78
Unbelievable (Lab 4's "Licenced To Thrill" remix & "Doubting Thomas" remix)
& Lisa Lashes
09.09.2002Tidy Trax
28.Requiem / 4th Floor28.10.2002Tidy Trax98
29.Klub Kollaborations EP 3
(Final Chapter / The Calm Before The Storm / Tiptronic)
& James Lawson & Dave Randall & BK
30.Candyman15.09.2003Tidy Trax90
31.Efini / Pump It24.11.2003Fragile
32.The Creator / Creator X15.03.2004Fragile
33.Groove Overdrive / Dingaling07.06.2004Fragile
35.Daisy Cutter / The Ritual25.10.2004Fragile
36.Perfect Drug / Invaderz12.06.2006Resist
37.Driller Killer / Cyanide
& Sterling Moss