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Los Angeles, California, USA
*  1985

Line-Up (2001):

L.A. GUNS (photo)

Phil Lewis - voc
Tracii Guns - g
Mick Cripps - g,kb
Muddy - bg
Steve Riley - ds

Former Members:

Phil Black (voc); Phil Lewis (voc, 1987-92); Chris Van Dahl (voc, ?-1997); Ralph Saenzo (voc, 1997-?); Joe Leste (voc); Jizzy Pearl (voc, cca 1999)
Mick Cripps (g,kb, 1987-92); Chuck Garrick (g, 1999-?)
Kelly Nickels (bg, 1987-92); Johnny Crypt (bg, cca 7/97-1999)
Nickey Alexander (ds, 1985-87); Steve Riley (ds, 1987-3/92); Bones (ds, 3/92-?)

Albums Discography:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.L.A. Guns
produced by: Jim Faraci
2/1988 Vertigo73 50
2.Cocked And Loaded
produced by: Tom Werman/Duan Baron/John Purdell
6/1989 Vertigo45 38
3.Hollywood Vampires
produced by: Jim Wirt
7/1991 Vertigo44 42
4.Live! Vampires1992 Vertigo Japan
(mini LP)
1993 Vertigo
6.Vicious Circle
produced by: Jim Wirt
7.American Hardcore27.01.1997CMC/BMG
8.Best: Hollywood A Go Go02.03.1999
9.Greatest Hits & Black Beauties07.06.1999Dead Line
10.Shrinking Violet
produced by: Gilby Clarke
07.06.1999Axekiller Productions
11.Cocked & Re-Loaded01.08.2000Cleopatra
12.Man In The Moon
produced by: Gilby Clarke
13.A Night On The Strip9/2001 Dead Line Music
15.Waking The Dead
produced by: Andy Johns
16.Ultimate L.A. Guns03.09.2002Cleopatra
17.Fully Loaded18.11.2003Direct Source
18.Rips the Covers Off27.04.2004Shrapnel
19.Hollywood Raw26.10.2004Cleopatra
20.20th Century Masters - The Millennium Collection12.04.2005Polydor
21.Tales from the Strip16.08.2005Shrapnel
22.Black List08.11.2005
23.Very Best of the L.A. Guns25.04.2006Big Eye
24.Loud & Dangerous12.09.2006Shrapnel
25.Very Best of L.A. Guns29.04.2008Store For Music
26.Hellraisers Ball: Caught in the Act15.07.2008Dream Catcher
27.Covered in Guns23.02.2010Cleopatra
28.Ultimate L.A. Guns16.08.2011Cleopatra
29.Acoustic Gypsy Live27.09.2011Favored Nations
30.Lost in the City of Angels10.01.2012Mausoleum
31.Hollywood Forever05.06.2012Cleopatra
32.Riot On Sunset: The Best of L.A. Guns13.11.2012Cleopatra
33.In Concert12.02.2013Cleopatra
34.Sex Action
& Phil Lewis
35.Live in Boston 198918.11.2014Cleopatra
36.Toronto 199017.03.2015Dead Line Music
37.A Fistful of Guns: Anthology 1985-201203.02.2017Deadline Music
38.The Missing Peace10/2017
39.The Devil You Know29.03.2019

Phil Lewis:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.More Purple Than Black16.03.1999

Tracii Guns:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.The Second Record
credited to: Tracii Guns' League Of Gentlemen
2.The First Record
credited to: Tracii Guns' League Of Gentlemen

Singles Discography:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.The Ballad Of Jayne3/1990 Vertigo 33
2.Some Lie For Love / Dirty Luv
10" + Rip And Tear / Sex Action / Bitch Is Back
12" + Slap In The Face / Electric Gypsy
CD + Malaria (all extra tracks live)
11/1991 Mercury61
3.Ballad Of Jane / Ballad Of Jane (live)
12" + Kiss My Love Goodbye / Some Lie 4 Love / Over The Edge
CD + Dirty Luv / My Koo Ka Choo / Over The Edge
12/1991 Mercury53
4.It's Over Now3/1992 Polydor 62
5.Stay Away1/2019


1. One More Reason - 1989
2. Love, Peace And Geese - 1991
3. Cocked And Loaded

WWW Links:


disbanded 1992
reunited 1993

Phil Lewis:

Compilation Appearances:

"Strutter" on Kiss tribute LP "Spin The Bottle" (27.4.04, Koch)

Tracii Guns:

appeared on the LP:

David Hasselhoff: Open Your Eyes (27.9.19)

Press References:

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