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KURUPT (photo)
1995-cca 3/06 Tha Dogg Pound

Albums Discography:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Kuruption!12.10.1998Antra/A&M 8
2.Tha Streetz Iz A Mutha16.11.1999Artemis 31
3.Girls All Pause
& Nate Dogg
4.Space Boogie: Smoke Oddessey17.07.2001Antra/Artemis 10
6.Kurupts Greatest Hits, Vol. 115.02.2005Bungalow
7.Against the Grain23.08.2005Death Row 60
8.Same Day, Different Sh*t27.06.2006
9.Philly 2 Cali
presents Tangled Thoughts
14.05.2007Traffic Entertainment Group
10.Digital Smoke
& J Wells
11.Frank & Jessy James11.11.2008Hi Power
& DJ Quik
09.06.2009Mad Science 61
13.Tekneek Files
& Roscoe

Singles Discography:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.Whole Lot of Gangstas Die
& Alcatraz & Flexx G
11.05.1999Shanty Town
2.Where I Wanna Be
& Damizza & Shade Sheist & Nate Dogg
10/2000 Baby Ree 95
Where I Wanna Be (Dubaholics "Switch" mixes)
& Shade Sheist & Nate Dogg
30.07.2001Public Demand14
3.It's Over / Ride Wit Us08.10.2001PIAS21
4.Kurupt EP25.02.2002
5.To Live & Die In CA
(To Live & Die In CA / Get Paid / Make Money / Gangsta Pimpin')
& Don Cisco & Daz Dillinger & Skee 64 & Bad Azz & Low Lifes & Sylk-E Fyne & Xzibit & Soopafly & King Tee
6.2 Militant / Big World ("No Curses" mix, instrumental)
& Killah Priest
02.02.2004Sure Shot
7.My Adidas / Gin & Juice / Microphone Fiend ((2K's remix))
& Chubb Rock & X-Ecutioners & Kokane & Jayo Felony & 40 Glocc
8.Ass On Your Shoulders / Major Skrilla
& Roscoe & Busta Rhymes & Kokane
9.Way 2 Often / Dat Whoopty Woop
& Snoop Dogg & Whoopty Woop
10.Daz Thang
& Daz
11.Til Tha Sun Come Up / Product Of My Environment / Jumpoff
& Rokbottom & Gillie Da Kid & Roscoe & Gail Gotti
(feat Freeway)
30.04.2007Good Hands
12.Digital Smoke EP
(Smokestra / All We Smoke / I'm Just Sayin' / Get It / I'm Too Gangsta)
& J Wells
13.Bacon & Eggs / Roccs / Comfortable / One Time / Something Like This / Ball Out
& Snoop Dogg
19.05.2009Penagon/Gangsta Grooves


1. G-TV - 19.02.2002, Southwest Distributors
2. Gangsta Sh*t The Movie - 01.05.2006, Street Dance, & Snoop Dogg & Daz Dillinger


appeared on the LP:

Cypress Hill: Stoned Raiders (13.11.01)
Teena Marie: Sapphire (9.5.06, Cash Money)
Daz Dillinger: So So Gangsta (1.8.06, So So Def)
N.O.R.E.: Noreality (9/07, Thugged Out Militainment)
DJ Quik: The Book Of David (20.4.11)

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