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Personal Data:

Born: 20.10.1934
Died: 05.11.1996 (bone cancer)

Albums Discography:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Plug Me In? Atlantic
2.The Electrifying Eddie Harris? Atlantic
3.Cool Sax, Warm Heart1961
4.Jazz for "Breakfast at Tiffany's"1961 Hallmark
5.Exodus to Jazz17.01.1961VeeJay
6.The In Sound1962
7.Mean Greens1966
8.The Tender Storm19.09.1966
9.The Electrifying1968
10.Silver Cycles04.09.1968WEA
11.Swiss Movement
& Les McCann
1969 Atlantic
12.High Voltage1969 WEA
13.Free Speech15.12.1969WEA
14.Live at Newport
1970 WEA
15.Second Movement
& Les McCann
1971 Atlantic
16.Instant Death07.12.1971Atlantic
17.E.H. in the U.K.1973 WEA
19.Eddie Harris Sings The Blues8/1973 Atlantic
20.Is It In1974
21.I Need Some Money4/1975 Atlantic
22.Bad Luck Is All I Have12.09.1975Atlantic
23.That Is Why You're Overweight4/1976 Atlantic
24.The Genius Of Eddie Harris1977
25.I'm Tired Of Driving1978
26.The Explosive Eddie Harris1979
27.Steps Up1982
28.Shell Game2/1991 Sonic
29.Freedom Jazz Dance18.06.1994
30.Here Comes The Judge12.10.1998
31.Real Electrifying Eddie Harris06.04.1999
32.People Get Funny01.01.2000
33.Dancing By A Rainbow07.05.2002Enja
34.Goes to the Movies / Mighty Like a Rose21.05.2002Collectables
35.The Lost Album & the Better Half25.06.2002Collectables
36.Tale Of Two Cities01.10.2002Sindrome
37.I Guess I'll Hang My Tears Out To Dry13.07.2004Liquid 8
38.Come on Down! / The Reason Why I'm Talking S--t17.01.2006Collectables
39.Collectables Classics
(box set)
40.3 / 4 Mile24.10.2006Jazz Hour
41.Only the Best of Eddie Harris, Vol. 1
(box set)
& Ellis Marsalis
43.Smokin26.08.2016Essential Media Group

Singles Discography:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.Exodus3/1961 Vee-Jay 36
2.God Bless The Child11/1961 Vee-Jay 119
3.My Buddy11/1961 Vee-Jay 114
4.Listen Here6/1968 Atlantic 45
5.It's Crazy10/1968 Atlantic 88
6.Compared To What / Cold Duck
& Les McCann
12/1969 Atlantic 85
7.Is It In10/1974 Atlantic 107
8.I Need Some Money07.03.1975Atlantic

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