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Personal Data:

Born: 01.01.1958 (Bridgetown, Barbados, as Joseph Saddler)


cca 1979-11/83 Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five
since 1983 Grandmaster Flash

Albums Discography:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Work Party
& Melle Mel
10/1984 45
2.They Said It Couldn't Be Done2/1985 Elektra95
3.The Source4/1986 Elektra 145
4.Ba-Dop-Boom-Bang3/1987 Elektra 197
5.The Greatest Hits5/1992 Sequel
6.Salsoul Jam 200001.07.1997BMG
7.Flash is Back02.11.1998Marlboro/BMG
8.The Official Adventures of Grandmaster Flash28.01.2002Strut
9.Essential Mix: Classic Edition07.05.2002Warner Music
10.Greatest Hits
& Sugarhill Gang
11.Mixin' Bullets and Firin' Joints10.05.2005Salsoul
12.Source13.09.2005Collectors' Choice Music
14.Definitive Groove Collection08.08.2006Rhino
15.The Bridge: Concept Of A Culture23.02.2009Strut

Singles Discography:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.Rock The Message / Rock The Message (instrumental)
& Chilli-T & Stevie G
6/1983 Eclipse
2.White Lines (Don't Don't Do It)
& Melle Mel
11/1983 Sugarhill6 108
3.King Of The Streets / King Of The Streets (instrumental)
& Chilli-T & Stevie G
2/1984 Eclipse
& Melle Mel
5.Beat Street Breakdown
& Melle Mel
6.White Lines
& Melle Mel
1/1985 83
7.Sign Of The Times / Larry's Dance Theme2/1985 Elektra72
8.Megamelle Mix
& Melle Mel
4/1985 88
9.Girls Love The Way He Spins / Who's That Lady
12" + Larry's Dance Theme
5/1985 Elektra
10.Who's That Lady / Alternative Groove7/1985 Elektra
11.Style (Peter Gunn Theme)5/1986 Elektra
12.Lies / Behind Closed Doors7/1986 Elektra
13.All Wrapped Up / Kid Named Flash3/1987 Elektra
14.U Know What Time It Is? / Bus Dis (Woo)3/1987 Elektra
15.The Adventures Of Grandmaster Flash On The Wheels Of Steel / The Message / It's Nasty (Genius Of Love)1988 Special Edition
16.White Lines (Don't Don't Do It) / Jesse / The Message II1988 Special Edition
17.The Message / The Adventures On The Wheels Of Steel11/1989 Old Gold
18.White Lines (Don't Don't Do It) (freestyle Ben Legrand mix) / (Part 2)
& Melle Mel
7/1990 Castle97
19.White Lines (Don't Don't Do It) (D&S 7" remix) / Hey Hey (D&S 7" remix)
& Melle Mel
12/1993 W.G.A.F.59
20.The Message3/1994 W.G.A.F.
21.White Lines (Don't Do It) / Pump Me Up8/1995 Old Gold
22.The Message / Survival (Message II)9/1995 Old Gold
23.If U Wanna Party07.10.1996Jam/Town
24.Dance To The Beat
& Vern
(vs. Stretch)
25.If You Wanna Party17.08.1998Music Avenue
26.White Lines / Scorpio05.04.1999
27.1-2-3 Rhymes Galore
& DJ Tomekk
28.Break Dance Electric Boogie (Junior Cartier rmx) / The Message (Roots Manuva remix)
& Junior Cartier vs West Street Mob
(vs Roots Manuva)
29.If U Wanna Party
feat. Carl Murray
30.Ryders Rollin' / Megamix
& Mark "Ruff" Ryder
04.02.2002Strictly Underground
31.White Lines / The Message21.04.2009X Ray

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