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GLOVER Martin "Youth"

Personal Data:

Born: 27.12.1960


? Rage
6/79-82 Killing Joke (bg)
cca 4/80 4 Be 2s
cca 2/83-1986 Brilliant (bg)
1985-86 Zodiac Mindwarp & The Love Reaction
1990-? Blue Pearl (g,voc)
1/94-? Killing Joke
cca 10/94 Retribution
3/08-cca 2/22 Killing Joke

Albums Discography:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.The Empty Quarter
& Ben Watkins
2.Heavy Duty Breaks1985 Illuminated
credited to: The Empty Quarter
1986 Illuminated
4.Strawberries, Ships, Oceans, Forest
credited to: The Fireman
(& Paul McCartney)
12/1993 Parlophone


appeared on the LP:

The Drum Club: Drums Are Dangerous (8.8.94, Butterfly/Big Life)
The Orb: Metallic Spheres (4.10.10)

produced by LP:
Crowded House: Together Alone (11.10.93, Capitol)
The Fireman (Paul McCartney): Strawberries Oceans Ships Forest (15.11.93, Parlophone)
Tom Jones: The Lead And How To Swing It (14.11.94, ZTT)
Shack: HMS Fable (14.6.99, London)
String Cheese Incident: Untying The Not (23.9.03, SCI Fidelity)
Howie Day: Stop All The World Now (7.10.03, Epic)
Embrace: This New Day (27.3.06)
Dolore O'Riordan: Are You Listening? (15.5.07, Sequel)
The Cult: Born Into This (2.10.07, Roadrunner)
The Futureheads: This Is Not The World (26.5.08, Nul)
The Charlatans: Who We Touch (14.9.10, The End)
Poly Styrene: Black Christmas (3/11)
The View: Bread And Circuses (14.3.11)
The Prostitutes: Deaf To The Call (26.4.12)
Ian McCulloch: Holy Ghosts (22.4.13)
Pink Floyd: The Endless River (10/14, Columbia)

produced by SP:
The Seahorses: You Can Talk To Me (1.12.97, Geffen)
Embrace: Come Back To What You Know (5/98, Hut)

own label Butterfly

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