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Albums Discography:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Cross Road17.12.2013Universal

Singles Discography:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
& DJ X-Cess & Genetic
06.05.1996Great British Techno
2.The Kicker / Technoblast
& DJ X-Cess & Genetic
27.05.1996Pure Dance
3.Nutta Trax (Remix)
& DJ X-Cess
08.07.1996Burning Bush
4.So Good08.07.1996Limbo
5.Deadly Silence
& DJ X-Cess
26.08.1996Mental Platinum
6.Sky High / On A High (remix)
& Heatwave
09.09.1996Essential Platinum
7.Every Time You Touch Me
& NS
23.09.1996Fused Up
8.Breakdown / Feel It
& Melody
27.01.1997Fused Up
9.A Dreams Surprise / Trippin'
& Bananaman
10.Heaven To Heaven28.04.1997Limbo
11.Hardcore From Heaven / Awaiting Heaven
& Bananaman
12.Secrets / Twister
& Melody / Vinylgroover feat. Lisa
11.08.1997Alpha Project
13.Calypso Summer 97 / The Big Bang
& Bananaman & Vinylgroover
18.08.1997The World Of Obsession
14.Dream's Surprise (DJ Seduction, Sy & Unknown mixes)
& Bananaman
15.Sweet Affection / Arabian Nights
& Mike & Melody
24.11.1997Alpha Projects
16.No Resolve
produced by: Chris Fortier
17.Please Be Mine / Images
& Jhal
08.12.1997Alpha Project
18.Outta My Face / Music Man15.12.1997Fused Up
19.Feels Like Magic / Another Dimension
& M-Zone & Lenyy & Vinylgroover
22.12.1997Alpha Projects
20.Heaven / Orchestral Manoeuvres
& FX
30.03.1998Fused Up
21.TDK / Knight
produced by: Shy FX
22.Please Be Mine (Vinylgroover remix) / Searching
& Bananaman / Double Trouble
07.12.1998Light And Dark
23.A New Dawn
& Bananaman
25.01.1999Alpha Projects
24.A New Life / Awakenings08.02.1999Alpha Projects
25.The Love (Dubs) ("Sanctuary Dub" & "Bring On The Dub" mixes)05.07.1999Limbo
26.So Good07.02.2000Journey
& Bananaman & Simon & Apex
12.02.2001Subsonic Underground
28.I Want Your Mind / Inner Emotions
& Devastate & Skippy
09.04.2001Skippin Trax
29.The Love12.11.2001Fade
30.Show Me The Sunshine / For Your Face
& Dair & Force & Styles
12.11.2001Next Generation
31.The Love03.12.2001Fade
32.Burnin' NRG / Changing Everday
& Dair / Starchaser
01.04.2002Next Generation
33.Falling / Purgatory
& Simon Apex
16.12.2002Subsonic Underground
34.Unlock Ya Brain / Guardcore
& Menis & Brisk & Kevin Energy
15.09.2003Blatant Beats
35.Guiding Light
& Kelly & Impact
01.11.2004Master Wax
36.A Moment Of Truth EP
(Drifting Away / Five /Beautiful /She /From The Inside Out /Wiser For The Wear)
37.Under The Sun / Better Scarred / Nature Of Rain / Out Of Body Experience / You / Beautiful (live)26.05.2009N2O
38.Electronic Bedlam EP 3 (Keep On Trying (Darwin remix) / Rush / Energize (Cube::Hard remix) / Let's Fight (AC Slater remix))
& Adam J & Freestyle & The Mexican & Girdler Synthetic & Lee UHF
01.09.2009Electronic Bedlam
39.Imagination Of Yourself / Insider (Spirit remix)
& Chemical Ally & Lady Flava
40.Fear No Distance / Guerrilla Radio
& Mr Explicit
20.03.2013Grindhou5e Audio
41.Hideout / Propeller
& Dudawles & Dabs & Saffire
42.Crashing Stones / Aggression Snare
& Genotype