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FABER Rasmus

Albums Discography:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.So Far11.12.2007Seoul KR
2.Where We Belong18.11.2008JVC
3.Where We Belong: Rafas Epic Journey06.04.2009Victor
4.Platina Jazz: Anime Standards Vol 107.12.2009Victor
5.Rasmus Faber Presents Platina Jazz Anime Standards Vol 206.12.2010Victor
6.Platina Jazz: Anime Standards, Vol. 403.09.2013Vitamin Entertainmet

Singles Discography:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.Never Felt So Fly
feat Melo
10.06.2002Black Vinyl
2.Ever After19.01.2004Cassagrande
3.Divided United
presents Apollo & Melo
4.Never Felt So Fly (remixes)
featuring Melo
5.Get Over Here
feat Melo
6.Most Rated Miami (Part 1) (Make Em Shake It / Time / Faith (Copyright vocal mix) / Vazilando)
& Kings Of Tomorrow & Wahoo & Copyright & Imaani & Annette Taylor
7.Most Rated 2005 (Tonight (Skylark mix) / Oh My God (Knee Deep club mix) / Make Em Shake It (Sandy's Blackwiz club mix) / Get Over Here (Axwell club mix) / 49 Percent (Angello & Ingrosso mix))
& Royksopp & Goldfrapp & Martin Solveig & Zoo Brazil & Basement Jaxx
8.Get Over Here (Axwell remix, Sunloverz remix)31.10.2005Azuli Silver
Get Over Here (Andy Cato remixes)07.11.2005Azuli Black
9.Come With Me
feat Melo
10.Get Over Here (unreleased mixes)30.01.2006Azuli
11.The EP Collection Vol 7 (Time (Prax Paris remix) / Time (dub mix) / Time (DJ Flex Executive remix) / Time (extended) / Ever After)
& Funk Bandit & Elya
12.Messin Around Sampler EP
(Ever After / Four / Beleza Nao Vai Embora / Smalls)
& Elizabeth Shepherd Trio & Abossa Eletrica & Boomish
13.Say What You Are / Get Over Here (Spencer & Hill remix)
& Ian "45" Carey
21.08.2006Kick Fresh
14.Ever After - 2006 Remixes
feat Emily McEwan
feat Clara Mendes
16.Are You Ready? / Ever After (2008 Epic mix)
feat Emily McEwan
17.11.2008Face The Music
17.Everything Is Alright
feat Linda Sundblad
18.Always (Studio Apartment & Ananda Project remixes)06.04.2009Farplane
19.Give It To Me
feat Dyanna Fearon
20.Where We Belong: RaFa Epic Journey EP
(Are You Ready (club mix) / I Don't Mind (remix) / Traveller Toccata (remix) / Any Way)
27.04.2009Face The Music
feat Linda Sundblad
22.Are You Ready Remixes
feat Emily McEwan
23.Never Figure Out
feat Emily McEwan
24.Defected In The House Ibiza '10 EP 2
(Helter Skelter / Circuit Break / Wilder Side / It's Over (AFTC's Lektrotek vocal))
& Alf Tumble & Candi Staton & AFTC & Rae & The Shapeshifters & Copyrig
25.So Far EP
(Ever After (main mix) / Ever After (C Alvarez remix) / Free (Ramus Faber's Brazilian Journey) / Get Over Here)
22.05.2010Face The Music
26.So Far 3 EP
(Hidden Thoughts (Comp version) / Born 1921 (main mix) / Don't Belong (Rasmus Faber remix) / Oye)
19.06.2010Face The Music
27.Ever After (2010 remixes) / Get Over Here (Miami edit remastered)
feat Emily McEwan