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London, GB
*  1/1983


DIO (photo)

Ronnie James Dio - voc
Craig Goldy - g
Rudy Sarzo - bg
Scott Warren - kb
Simon Wright - ds

Former Members:

Vivian Campbell (g, 1/83-4/86); Craig Goldy (g, 4/86-88, cca 7/99-2001); Rowan Robertson (g, 7/89-91); Tracy G (g, 7/93-cca 3/97); Terry Kilgore (g, 9/94-?); Doug Aldrich (g, cca 2/02-cca 9/02)

Jimmy Bain (bg, 1/83-8/89, cca 10/99-cca 9/02); Teddy Cook (bg, 8/89-91); Jeff Pilson (bg, 1993-95, cca 1996, 3/04-2004); Jerry Best (bg, cca 8/95); Larry Dennison (bg, 12/96-cca 7/99); Chuck Garrick (bg, 5/00)

Claude Schnell (kb, 10/83-89); Jens Johansson (kb, 1989-91); Scott Warren (kb, cca 1995)

Vinnie Appice (ds, 1/83-89, 7/93-cca 3/97); Simon Wright (ds, 12/89-91)

Albums Discography:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Holy Diver4/1983 Vertigo13 56
2.The Last In Line5/1984 Vertigo4 23
3.Sacred Heart
produced by: Ronnie James Dio
8/1985 Vertigo4 29
(mini LP)
2/1986 Vertigo22 70
5.Dream Evil7/1987 Vertigo8 43
6.Lock Up The Wolves
produced by: Tony Platt
5/1990 Vertigo28 61
7.Diamonds - The Best Of Dio25.05.1992Vertigo
8.Strange Highways11/1993 Vertigo 142
9.Angry Machines23.09.1996Steamhammer
10.Dio's Inferno - The Last In Live23.02.1998Steamhammer
12.Angry Machines And Inferno: Last In Live03.10.2000Spitfire
13.The Very Beast Of Dio03.10.2000Rhino
14.Evil Collection - The Very Best Of Dio3/2002 Universal
15.Killing The Dragon21.05.2002Spitfire 199
16.Dio: Evil Of Devine?5/2003 BMG
17.Master Of The Moon07.09.2004Sanctuary
18.Evil or Divine22.02.2005Spitfire
19.Metal Hits04.10.2005Rhino Flashback
20.Holy Diver Live18.04.2006Eagle
21.Rock Legends28.01.2008Polydor
22.Dio At Donington UK: Live 1983 & 1987
09.11.2010Niji Entertainment Group 98
23.Singles Box Set11.09.2012Mercury
24.Finding The Sacred Heart: Live In Philly 198623.05.2013Eagle
25.Snapshot: Dio20.08.2013Niji
26.Live in Spokane WA17.09.2013Niji
27.Live In London Hammersmith Apollo 199313.05.2014Eagle
28.A Decade of Dio: 1983-199322.07.2016Rhino
29.Bronco Bowl, Dallas 199004.11.2016Zip City
30.5 Classic Albums9/2017

Ronnie James Dio:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Stand Up And Shout: The Dio Anthology27.05.20032CD
2.Mighter Than The Sword / The Ronnie James Dio Story

Dio And The Prophets:

1. Dio At Dominos

Singles Discography:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.Holy Diver / Evil Eyes
12" + Don't Talk To Strangers
2.Rainbow In The Dark / Stand Up And Shout (live)
12" + Straight Through The Heart
3.Rainbow In The Dark / Gypsy
(v USA)
10/1983 Warner Bros
4.Mystery / I Speed At Night
(v USA)
7/1984 Warner Bros
5.We Rock / Holy Diver (live)
12" + Shame On The Night / Rainbow In The Dark (live)
6.Mystery / Eat Your Heart Out
12" + Don't Talk To Strangers
7.Rock'n'Roll Children / Sacred Heart
12" + Last In Line (live) / We Rock (live)
8/1985 Vertigo23
8.Hungry For Heaven / King Of Rock'n'Roll10/1985 Vertigo72
9.Hiding (From) The Rainbow / Hungry For Heaven
12" + Shame On The Night / Egypt (The Chains Are On)
5/1986 Vertigo56
10.I Could Have Been A Dreamer / Night People
12" + Sunset Superman
7/1987 Vertigo69
11.I Could Have Been A Dreamer / Over Love
(v USA)
8/1987 Warner Bros
12.Hey Angel / Walk On Water
12"(1) + Rock'n'Roll Children / Mystery
12"(2) + We Rock / Why Are They Watching Me
CD + We Rock
6/1990 Vertigo94
13.Holy Diver5/2010 Warner Bros

Ronnie And The Prophets:

1. Love Pains / Ooh Poo Pah Doo (?, Atlantic)

Ronnie James Dio:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.Sitting In A Dream
& Guests
1975 Purple


1. Live In Concert - 7/1984, Polygram, live, 60 min
2. Special From The Spectrum - 1986, live, 65 min
3. Sacred Heart Live - 1986, 60 min
4. Evil Or Divine - 7/2003, Eagle Vision


Frank White: A Life In Vision: 1975-2009 (7.12.2018, photos)
Ronnie James Dio: Rainbow In The Dark (7/2021, autobiography)


disbanded 1991
reunited 7/1993

12.7.1999 tribute 2CD "Holy Dio" (Century Media)

Compilation Appearances:

"This Is Your Life" on Ronnie James Dio tribute album "This Is Your Life" (31.3.14)

Ronnie James Dio:

appeared on the LP:

Dog Eat Dog: Play Games (1996)
Munetaka Higuchi: Free World (1997, Ariola)
Deep Purple: Concertos: Live At The Royal Albert Hall With The London Symphony Orchestra (18.1.00, Spitfire)
Girlschool: Legacy (10/08)


2010 Classic Rock Awards - Tommy Vance Inspiration

Jimmy Bain:

appeared on the LP:

Phil Lynott: Solo In Soho (1980, Vertigo)
Scorpions: Love At First Stink (1984, Harvest)

appeared on the SP:
John Cale: Animal Justice EP (26.8.77, Illegal)
Gary Moore: Nuclear Attack (25.9.81)

Compilation Appearances:
"I" on Ronnie James Dio tribute album "This Is Your Life" (31.3.14, & Oni Logan, Rowan Robertson, Brian Tichy)

Claude Schnell:

appeared on the SP:

Mark Edwards: Code Of Honor (1986, Metal Blade)

Vinnie Appice:

appeared on the LP:

Lana Lane: Project Shangri-La (2/02, Limb Music Products)
Tara Lynch: Evil Enough (13.4.18)

Compilation Appearances:
"Man On The Silver Mountain" on Ronnie James Dio tribute album "This Is Your Life" (31.3.14, & Rob Halford, Doug Aldrich, Jeff Pilson, Scott Warren)

Scott Warren:

Compilation Appearances:

"Catch The Rainbow" on Ronnie James Dio tribute album "This Is Your Life" (31.3.14, & Simon Wright, Craig Goldy, Rudy Sarzo, Glenn Hughes)
"Man On The Silver Mountain" on Ronnie James Dio tribute album "This Is Your Life" (31.3.14, & Rob Halford, Doug Aldrich, Jeff Pilson, Vinny Appice)

Rowan Robertson:

Compilation Appearances:

"I" on Ronnie James Dio tribute album "This Is Your Life" (31.3.14, & Oni Logan, Jimmy Bain, Brian Tichy)

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