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Line-Up Ex-Members Albums Various Refers
Cincinatti, Ohio, USA
*  11/1984


Kate French - voc,g,bg,kb
David T. Chastain - g
Dennis Lesh - ds,kb

Former Members:

Fred Coury (ds, 11/84-86); Ken Mary (ds, 1986-?); Rick Porter (ds, g.a.)
Leather Leone (voc, 11/84-?)
Mike Skimmerhorn (bg, 11/84-88); David Harbour (bg, 1988-?)

Albums Discography:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Mystery Of Illusion5/1985 Shrapnel/Roadrunner
2.Ruler Of The Wasteland
produced by: Mike Varney
1986 Shrapnel/Roadrunner
3.The 7th Of Never5/1987 Leviathan/Black Dragon
4.The Voice Of The Cult1988 Leviathan/Roadrunner
5.For Those Who Dare1990 Leviathan/Roadrunner
6.Sick Society23.10.1995Massacre
7.In Dementia05.05.1997Massacre
8.In an Outrage28.09.2004Toshiba EMI
9.Surrender to No One19.11.2013Leviathan
10.We Bleed Metal06.11.2015Leviathan

David T. Chastain:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Instrumental Variations1987 Leviathan/Black Dragon
2.Within The Heat2/1989 Leviathan/Roadrunner
3.Elegant Seduction1991 Leviathan/Black Dragon
4.Live, Wild & Truly Deminished
credited to: = "Counterpoint"
(& Michael Harris)
1992 Leviathan/Black Dragon
5.Next Planet Please4/1994 Bulletproof
6.Rockin' Roulette
credited to: The Dave Chastain Band
7.Countdown to Infinity03.04.2007Leviathan
8.Mystery of Illusion07.10.1008Shrapnel
9.Heavy Excursions07.04.2009Leviathan


David T. Chastain:

produced by LP:

Leather Leone: Shock Waves (1989, Leviathan/Roadracer)
Kenziner: Timescape (1.6.98, Inside Out)

Ken Mary:

appeared on the LP:

David T. Chastain: Instrumental Variations (1987, Leviathan/Black Dragon)
David T. Chastain: Within The Heat (2/89, Leviathan/Roadrunner)
Ken Tamplin And Friends: An Axe To Grind (1991, Intense)

David Harbour:

appeared on the LP:

David T. Chastain: Within The Heat (2/89, Leviathan/Roadrunner)
David T. Chastain: Elegant Seduction (1991, Leviathan/Black Dragon)
ABSU: Tara (16.10.00, Osmose)

Rick Porter:

appeared on the LP:

David T. Chastain: Elegant Seduction (1991, Leviathan/Black Dragon)

Press References:

Big Beng!
19971303.04.199748Hard & Heavy Masters