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Line-Up Ex-Members Albums Singles Various Refers
Los Angeles, California, USA
*  1966



Robert Lucas - voc,hca
Greg Cage - bg
Larry Taylor - bas
Fito de la Parra - ds

Former Members:

Bob "The Bear" Hite (voc, 1966-cca 1974, cca 6/80-4/81)

Henry Vestine (g, 1966-69, cca 7/71-9/75, cca 6/80-cca 1984, do 1997); Harvey Mandel (g, 1969-70, 6/76-?); Chris Morgan (g, 9/75-cca 1978); Stan Webb (g, 1976); Walter Trout (g, cca 1979); Mike Halby (g, cca 6/80); James Thornbury (g,voc,hca, 1988-?); Junior Watson (g, 1988-cca 1997)

Al "Blind Owl" Wilson (voc,g,hca, 1966-9/70); Joel Scott-Hill (g, 9/70-cca 7/71)

Stuart Brotman (bg, 1966); Mark Andes (bg,voc, 1966); Tony De La Barreda (bg, 6/70-cca 7/71); James Shane (bg,g,voc, 1973-9/75); Richard Hite (bg,voc, 1973-cca 1978)

Ed Beyer (kb, 1973-9/75); Gene Taylor (g,kb, 9/75-cca 1978); Jay Spell (kb, cca 6/80)

Frank Cook (ds, 1966-1/68)

Clifford Solomon (sax, cca 2/74); Jock Ellis (tr, cca 2/74)

Raul M. Rodriguez (cca 1981); F.M. Haley (cca 1981)

Albums Discography:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Canned Heat10/1967 Liberty 76
2.Boogie With Canned Heat2/1968 Liberty5 16
3.Living The Blues
12/1968 Liberty 18
4.Hallelujah8/1969 Liberty 37
5.Canned Heat Cook Book23.01.1970Liberty8 86
6.Vintage Heat23.01.1970Janus
7.Canned Heat '70 Concert
(in the USA 7/71)
6/1970 Liberty15
8.Future Blues9/1970 Liberty27 59
9.Hooker'n Heat
& John Lee Hooker
3/1971 Liberty 73
10.Canned Heat Concert1972
11.Portrait Vol. 1 & 21972
12.Rockin' With The King
& Little Richard
13.Historical Figures And Ancient Heads4/1972 United Artists 87
14.The New Age23.02.1973United Artists
15.Rollin' And Tumblin'1973
17.Masters Of Rock1973
18.One More River To Cross01.03.1974Atlantic
19.Original Canned Heat1974
20.History Of Canned Heat1975
21.Memphis Heat
& Memphis Slim
7/1975 Barclay
22.The Best Of Canned Heat11/1975 Sunset
23.The Very Best Of Canned Heat1976
24.Live At Topanga Corral11/1976 Scepter
25.The Human Condition12/1978 Tacoma
26.Kings Of The Boogie1981 Destiny
27.Dog House Blues1982
28.The Heat Bros '841984 A.L.A.
29.Infinite Boogie
1987 Rhino
30.The Boogie Assault12/1987 Bedrock
31.Hooker'n Heat Vol. 2
& John Lee Hooker
2/1988 Rhino
32.70: Live In Europe10/1988 Beat Goes On
33.Let's Work Together (The Best Of Canned Heat)9/1989 Liberty
34.Reheated1991 Dali
35.Straight Ahead2/1992 Thunderbolt
36.The Big Heat
(3CD box set)
11/1992 EMI
37.Big Road Blues4/1993 Pulsar
38.Burnin'8/1993 Topic
8/1994 EMI
40.Pearls Of The Past2/1995 B.A.M.
41.Internal Combustion7/1995 Aim
42.Gamlin' Woman7/1996 Mausoleum
43.Canned Heat Blues Band
credited to: Canned Heat Blues Band
44.Masters1999 Eagle
45.The Boogie House Tapes
(unreleased tracks 1967-69)
46.Cookbook: Their Greatest Hits26.02.2002Fuel 2000
47.Don't Forget to Boogie: Vintage Heat04.06.2002Varese
48.Blues Twinpack11.06.2002Dressed To Kill
49.Friends in the Can03.06.2003Varese
50.Greatest Hits Live18.11.2003King Biscuit
51.Canned Heat 1969-1999: The Boogie House Tapes22.06.2004Ruf
52.Best of Canned Heat11.01.2005Liquid 8
53.Then and Now: 40 Years of Boogie15.02.2005Fuel 2000
54.Very Best Of Canned Heat24.05.2005Capitol
55.Dimples19.07.2005Fruit Tree
56.Back to Back Hits
& Quicksilver Messenger Service
57.Canned Heat13.06.2006St. Clair
59.Canned, Labeled & Shelved11.07.2006Music Avenue
60.Instrumentals 1967-199625.07.2006Ruf
61.Eternal Boogie08.08.2006Music Avenue
62.Very Best of Canned Heat, Vol. 221.11.2006Friday Music
63.Boogie Assault: Live in Australia23.01.2007Akarna
64.Live at Turku Rock Festival20.02.2007Friday Music
65.Human Condition Revisited / I Used to Be Mad! (But Now I'm Half Crazy)
& Henry Vestine, kompilace
13.03.2007Blue Label
67.Under the Dutch Skies 1970-7422.05.2007
68.Live at the Topanga Corral18.09.2007Lilith
69.Christmas Album25.09.2007Fuel 2000
70.Canned Heat Live: Woodstock 10th Anniversary01.04.2008
71.If You Can't Stand the Heat, Get Out of the Kitchen14.10.2008Blues Boulevard
72.Boogie House Tapes, Vol. 3: Recorded Electrically18.11.2008Ruf
73.Woodstock Homecoming27.04.2010Fuel 2000
74.Live At Montreux 197323.08.2011Eagle
75.The Hits, the Blues08.05.2012IMV/Blueline
76.Cookbook: The Best Of Canned Heat31.07.2012Friday Music
77.A Spoonful Of Canned Heat05.03.2013The Store For Music
78.Live Heat '7216.07.2013Relayer
79.Live Heat 86 Reno Nevada07.04.2015Relayer
80.Carnegie Hall 1971
& John Lee Hooker
81.Stockholm 197312.05.2015Cleopatra
82.Illinois Blues 197307.08.2015Cleopatra
83.Songs From the Road14.08.2015Ruf
84.Live in Concert 1979: Parr Meadows, Long Island20.11.2015Echoes
85.Live at WCBN, Boston 197205.08.2016Livewire
86.Sneakin' Around21.10.2016Laser Media

Henry Vestine:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Guitar Gangsters1992
2.I Used To Be Mad01.10.2002Aim

Junior Watson:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Long Overdue1993

Harvey Mandel:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Cristo Redentor1968 Philips
2.Righteous1969 Philips
3.Games Guitars Play1970
4.Electronic Progress (Same As D.)1971
5.Baby Batter1971
6.Gett Off In Chicago1/1972 London
7.The Snake1972
9.Feel The Sound Of Harvey Mandel1974
10.The Best Of Harvey Mandel1975
11.Cristo Redentor ... Plus Selected Sessions10.06.2003Raven
12.Snake Box20.01.2015Purple Pyramid
13.Snake Pit18.11.2016Tompkins Square
14.Snake Attack10.02.2017Rockbeat
15.Dragons at Play23.03.2017Independent

Gene Taylor:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Gene Taylor04.11.2003Pacific Blues
1.The Return Of The Formerly Brothers
& Amos Garrett & Doug Sahm, prod. Holger Peterson
1989 Rykodisc
2.Let Me Ride Your Automobile
& CC Jerome's Jat Setters & Nick Curran
12.10.2010El Toro
2.Live In Japan
& Amos Garrett & Doug Sahm, prod. Holger Peterson
1991 Mobile Fidelity

Larry Taylor:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Port A To Port B06.08.2002Boat Folk
2.The New Chicago Sounds Of Larry Taylor and the Soul Blues Healers13.02.2017AV

Singles Discography:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.Rollin' And Tumblin' / Bullfrog Blues7/1967 Liberty 115
2.Evil Woman / The World Is A Judge3/1968 Liberty
3.On The Road Again / Boogie Music5/1968 Liberty 16
4.On The Road Again / The World In A Jug7/1968 Liberty8
5.Going Up The Country / One Kind Favour11/1968 Liberty19 11
6.Time Was / Low Down2/1969 Liberty 67
7.Poor Man / Sic 'Em Pigs8/1969 Liberty 119
8.Change My Ways / Get Off My Back12/1969 Liberty
9.Let's Work Together / I'm Her Man
(v USA 10/70)
1/1970 Liberty2 26
10.Sugar Bee / Shake It And Break It6/1970 Liberty49
11.Spoonful / Big Road Blues6/1970 Janus
12.Future Blues / Skat9/1970 Liberty
13.Christmas Blues / Do Not Enter12/1970 Liberty
14.Wooly Bully / My Time Ain't Long1/1971 Liberty 105
15.Let's Make It / Whiskey And Wimmen
& John Lee Hooker
3/1971 United Artists
16.Long Way From L.A. / Hill's Stomp17.09.1971United Artists
17.Rockin' With The King / I Don't Care What You Tell Me3/1972 United Artists 88
18.Cherokee Dance / Sneakin' Around7/1972 United Artists
19.Keep It Clean / You Can Run, But You Sure Can't Hide6/1973 United Artists
20.Looking For My Rainbow / Rock And Roll Music9/1973 United Artists
21.Harley Davidson Blues11/1973 United Artists
22.That Good Old Rock'n'Roll1973
23.One More River To Cross / Highway 40101.03.1974Atlantic
24.The Harder They Come / Rock'n'Roll Show1975 Atlantic
25.On The Road Again26.09.1975United Artists
26.On The Road Again EP
(On The Road Again / Going Up The Country / Let's Work Together / Wooly Bully)
19.11.1976United Artists
27.On The Road Again / Let's Work Together5/1984 EMI
28.Let's Work Together / Goin' Up The Country
12" + Rollin' And Tumblin'
CD + Amphetamine Annie
8/1989 Liberty


Harvey Mandel:

appeared on the LP:

Graham Bond: Love Is The Law (1968, Pulsar)
Barry Goldberg: Two Jews Blues (1969, One Way)
John Mayall: Back To The Roots (4/71, Polydor)

Larry Taylor:

appeared on the LP:

John Mayall: Empty Rooms (3/70, Polydor)
John Mayall: Back To The Roots (4/71, Polydor)
John Mayall: Memories (11/71, Polydor)
John Mayall: Jazz-Blues Fusion (5/72, Polydor)
John Mayall: Moving On (2/73, Polydor)
John Mayall: The Latest Edition (9/74, Polydor)
John Mayall: Lots Of People (4/77, ABC)
Tom Waits: Heartattack And Vine (10/80, Asylum)
Albert King: The Lost Session (1986, Stax)
John Hammond: Wicked Grin (13.3.01, Pointblank/Virgin)
Kelly Joe Phelps: Sky Like a Broken Clock (10.7.01, Rykodisc)
Bruce Cockburn: You've Never Seen Everything (10.6.03, Rounder)
Tom Waits: Real Gone (5.10.04, Anti-Records)

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