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BONES Frankie


cca 9/96 101

Albums Discography:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
2.United DJs Of America 526.08.1996D.I.A.S.
3.Escape From New York26.05.1997Roadrunner
4.High IQ14.09.1998Hyperspace
5.Factory 20223.03.1999
6.Defined: Sonic Groove
& Heather Heart & Adam X
7.Army Of One11.11.2002611
8.The Thin Line Between Fantasy & Reality15.03.2004Pro-Jex
9.Act Like You Know14.06.2005System
10.Scene Starter12.10.2010Moist Music

Singles Discography:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.Just As Long As I Got You11/1989 87
2.Thunderground EP3/1993 Fabulous
3.My Peak02.09.1996Logic
4.Rockaway Shuttle EP22.12.1997Sonic Grooves
5.Ghetto Technics02.03.1998Ghetto Technics
6.In The Socket13.04.1998ESP Sun
7.Dirty Job27.04.1998Cold Front
8.Ghetto Technics 806.07.1998Ghetto Technics
9.The Candle EP
(The Basic Function / Track With No Train / Blow Out The Candle / House Call)
01.02.1999High Octane
10.Ghetto Technics 9 EP26.04.1999Ghetto Technics
11.Ghetto Technics 10 EP10.05.1999Ghetto Technics
12.The Mutha Fuckin' Good Life EP
(Ready 4 Da Darkness / Melissa Virus / Something Bumpin' / The Life!)
28.06.1999Underground Construction
13.The Way U Like It (Morpheus Productions remix) / Trashy Tweak / I Do Forgive You09.08.1999Bellboy
14.Ghetto Technics 11 EP08.11.1999Ghetto Technics
15.The Saga10.04.2000Pro-Jex
16.We Call It Tekkno24.07.2000Bash Again
17.Ghetto Technics 1309.10.2000Ghetto Technics
18.House Special EP
(House Special (Jamie Bissmire remix, Ben Long remix) / Snapper)
& Space DJs
06.11.2000Urban Substance
19.My House Is Your House20.11.2000Bash Again
20.Don't Touch That Stereo (Frankie Bones remix) / Let The Beat Control Your Body
& DJ Circuit Breaker
27.11.2000Hard To Swallow
21.Bonesbreaks 2000 EP
(Horny / Big Bopper / The Smooth / Let's Jack / We Who Are / Local Pump'n'Bump)
22.The US Ghetto Selecta EP
(Pump It 2001 / Pump That / Computer Funk / Get The Hoe / Free / Pump It Again!)
vs DJ ?
23.America In Black & White EP
(Try To Make Sense / It's Good For America / Black & White (Chris Cowie remix))
24.Filthy Dirty Animal Crackers EP
(Workin' / I Can't Control It / Blast Off / Animal Cracker)
25.The Strength To Communicate05.02.2001Remains/Hidden Agenda
26.Ghetto Technics 14 EP
(Work That Shit (2001 remix) / Perculate 2001 / I'm Dumb Hot / Burning Raindrops)
12.02.2001Ghetto Technics
27.Ring Your Alarm EP
(It's Like That / Ring Your Alarm / When U Live That / Lemonade Soundware)
28.The Metropolitan EP
(The Real Brooklyn Bounce / Skate Roll & Rock / Inner Freak Style)
29.The Falcon Has Landed
(Banged Out ("N Philly Carjacked @ 5am" mix) / Swallow This (Someone Else's mix) / The Falcon ("Retro-Tech" mix) / Respect & Love ("Frequent Flyer" mix))
& DJ Circuit Breaker
02.07.2001Hard To Swallow
30.My House Is Your House (Tanith remix & Dr Motte remix)27.08.2001Bash Again
31.Electrophonic EP
(Where's My Booty? / I Am Ready / Upgrade The Formula / Program My Own Future)
32.Turntable Specialist #1 EP
(La Musica De Grande / Certified Nutter / Hey I Can Relate / 8 Arms To Hold You Near My Heart)
22.10.2001Hard To Swallow
33.Symbol Of Strength (A United Effort: Techno Against Terrorism) EP
(Feeling Militant / Universal Soldier / Blood In The Sand / Twin Memories)
& Adam X & Reade Truth & The Horrorist
29.10.2001Sonic Groove
34.Ghetto Technics 15 EP
(Straight Up & Down / On & On & On / The Local (Stop / Start) / The Express (Non-Stop))
04.02.2002Groove World
35.Play One Record
& Medicine Show
36.The Day After The Music Stopped EP
(The Overdub Test / You Better Jump / Take The Red Pill / The Six Hundred Dollar Man)
25.02.2002Hard To Swallow
37.Bump Your Head EP
(Bump Your Head / So High / Feel Real Good / Knock)
38.An Unreasonable Lack Of Response & Action Against Our Present Age To Yield A Better Day28.05.2002Remains
39.Ultimate Bang Traxx
(The Money Shot / Into The Future ("2 Daze @ The Casbah" remake) / Listen To The Rhythm Flow ("Dirty-Tech" mix) / My House Is Your House ("12 Years Later" remix))
& DJ Circuit Breaker
09.09.2002Hard To Swallow
40.Johnny Fame Presents 718 Ways 2 Funk EP
(Italic / Don't Push It Playa / Retroistic / 212 Life)
& Johnny Fame & Agent Orange
41.Underground Mash-Ups EP
(Speakers Are Blown / Box Banger / DJ Tool / New Groove User / Pointing One Finger At You)
28.04.2003Hard To Swallow
42.Jack! Rewound 2004
(Sex Me All Night Long (Charlie Hall's Fixed mix) / Shake It! (DJ Shufflemaster's Shuffled mix))
& Digital Primate & DJ Rush & DJ Deeon
43.The Lot Of People (Rowland The Bastard remix)18.10.2004Pro-Jex
44.Unidentified EP25.10.2004Kiddaz FM
45.Crash Up On Interstate 95 EP
(Feel 4 You / Dance With Me / Rock On / Stomp Your Feet)
06.12.2004Tha Last Label
46.The Underground Soldiers EP
(Ignatus / Bang The Beat / Global Warning / Nuclear Fall Out)
09.05.2005New Conformity
47.The Language Of Acid! EP
(Ecstasy Express / Ear Worm / Brush / Take Me Back)
& DJ TJR & Mystic Bill & Mateo Murphy
48.Pro-jex Classics Vol 1
(Freaks On Hubbard (Dave Clarke mix) / Homage / Runk UK (UK extended mix) / The Lotta People)
& DJ Rush & Justin Berkovi & DJ Funk
49.The House Of Odd EP
(Jack Your Body / Day Shooter / Bones Lock 1 / Working (RAW mix) / The Secret / Bones Lock 3)
19.06.2006Groove Shop
50.Bonesbreaks, Vol. 16, Pt. 1
(You Got To Groove Move / The Big Break Theory / The Bass Is Felt / Underground Bounce)
10.02.2017 Musique Pour La Danse
51.Bonesbreaks, Vol. 16, Pt. 2
(Funky Acid Makossa / Mondolay Break / Techno Bass / I Want The People To Know)
10.02.2017 Musique Pour La Danse