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Sydney, Australia
*  11/1973

Line-Up (2020):

AC/DC (photo)

Brian Johnson - voc
Angus Young - g
Stevie Young - g
Cliff Williams - bg
Phil Rudd - ds

Former Members:

Dave Evans (voc, 11/73-8/74); Dennis Laughlin (voc, 8/74); Bon Scott (voc, 9/74-2/80); Axl Rose (voc g.a.,4-9/16)

Malcolm Young (g, 11/73-9/14)

Larry Van Kriedt (bg, 11/73-2/74); George Young (bg,ds, 2/74, 11/74); Neil Smith (bg, 2-4/74); Rob Bailey (bg, 4/74-1/75); Paul Matters (bg, 1-3/75); Mark Evans (bg, 3/75-6/77)

Colin Burgess (ds, 11/73-2/74); Noel Taylor (ds, 2-4/74); Peter Clack (ds, 4/74-1/75); Tony Currenti (ds, 11/74); Phil Rudd (ds, 1/75-8/83, 3/95-cca 9/14); Simon Wright (ds, 8/83-12/89); Chris Slade (ds, 1/90-2/94, 2/15-cca 10/15 g.a.)

Albums Discography:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.High Voltage
produced by: Harry Vanda/George Young
produced by: Harry Vanda/George Young
12/1975 Powerstation
3.High Voltage30.04.1976Atlantic 1-2
4.Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap
produced by: Harry Vanda/George Young
05.11.1976Atlantic 3
5.Let There Be Rock
produced by: Harry Vanda/George Young
produced by: Harry Vanda/George Young
7.If You Want Blood, You've Got It
produced by: Harry Vanda/George Young
10/1978 Atlantic13
8.Highway To Hell
produced by: Robert Lange
8/1979 Atlantic8 17
9.Back In Black
produced by: Robert Lange
25.07.1980Atlantic1 4
10.For Those About To Rock (We Salute You)
produced by: Angus Young/Malcolm Young
16.11.1981Atlantic3 1
11.Flick Of The Switch
produced by: Angus Young/Malcolm Young
26.08.1983Atlantic4 10
12.Fly On The Wall
produced by: Angus Young/Malcolm Young
7/1985 Atlantic7 32
13.Who Made Who5/1986 Atlantic11 33
14.Blow Up Your Video
produced by: Harry Vanda/George Young
2/1988 Atlantic2 12
15.The Razor's Edge
produced by: Bruce Fairbairn
08.10.1990Atco4 2
16.AC/DC Live
produced by: Bruce Fairbairn
02.11.1992Atco5 15
produced by: Rick Rubin
18.09.1995east west6 4
(4CD box set)
18.11.1997east west 90
19.Let There Be Rock: The Movie – Live in Paris
18.11.1997east west
20.Rockview Interview
(in Australia)
21.Stiff Upper Lip
produced by: George Young
29.02.2000Warner Music12 7
22.Monsters Of Rock09.10.2001Rockview
23.Family Jewels3/2005 Epic
24.X-Posed: The Interview25.10.2005United States Dist
25.AC/DC Rock Case Studies05.06.2007E1 Entertainment
26.Sight & Sound Collection11/2007 Columbia 73
27.Black Ice
produced by: Brendan O'Brien
28.10.2008Columbia1 1
28.Over the Top Unauthorised02.06.2009IMV/Blueline
(3CD/2DVD box set)
10.11.2009Columbia 39
30.Iron Man 219.04.2010Columbia1 4
32.Music Milestones: Back in Black26.09.2011Anvil Media
33.AC/DC Live At River Plate
19.11.2012Columbia14 66
34.The Complete Collection11/2012 Columbia
35.The Bon Scott Years02.07.2013IMV/Blueline
36.Maestro's from the Vaults22.10.2013
37.Brian Johnson Years12.08.2014Laser Media
38.Discography 03-1309.09.2014To Live A Lie
39.Live At Agora Ballroom In Cleveland August 22 197725.09.2014B13
40.Rock Or Bust01.12.2014Columbia3 3
41.Every Which Way10.02.2015Pride
42.AC/DC: 197907.04.2015Chrome Dreams
43.Overdriven and Uncut09.06.2015Euromax
44.No Holding Back17.07.2015Cloud Line
45.Problem Child: Live 197830.10.2015Air Cuts
46.Back to School Days06.11.2015Chrome Dreams
47.San Francisco '7704.12.2015Iconography
48.Live at Towson State College, Maryland, October 197905.02.2016Roxvox
49.Paradise Theatre, Boston, 197812.02.2016Zip City
50.Cleveland Rocks19.02.2016Good Ship Funke
51.Can I Sit Next to You Girl15.04.2016Laser Media
52.The Brian Johnson Years22.04.2016Blue Line
53.Transmission Impossible20.05.2016Eat To The Beat
54.Hell Ain't A Bad Place To Be08.07.2016Cannonball
55.Tasmanian Devils08.07.2016Chrome Dreams
56.Reunion in Dallas12.08.2016Good Ship Funke
57.What Do You Do With Money Honey26.08.2016Laser Media
58.Tokyo 198102.09.2016Zip City
59.Columbus: The Ohio Broadcast 197816.09.2016Parachute
60.San Francisco '7723.09.2016Parachute
61.Live in Nashville, August 8, 197814.10.2016Air Cuts
62.Roots of AC/DC21.10.2016Laser Media
63.The Story So Far21.10.2016Laser Media
64.Boston Rocks: The New England Broadcast 197821.10.2016Parachute
65.Greatest Hits in Concert: 1974-96 Legendary Broadcasts28.10.2016Anglo Atlantic
66.Cleveland Rocks: The Ohio Broadcast 197711.11.2016Parachute
67.Solid Gold: Live on Air18.11.2016The Store For Music
68.The AC/DC Broadcast Collection25.11.2016Parachute
69.Running for Home02.12.2016Smokin'
70.Rock and Roll: Rare Radio Broadcasts02.12.2016Laser Media
71.The Rockin' Years20.01.2017Laser Media
72.Live7/2020 Columbia
73.Power Up
produced by: Brendan O'Brien
13.11.2020Columbia1 1
74.The Broadcast Collection10/2021 Cult Legends

Brian Johnson:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Brian Johnson And Geordie1976
2.Strange Man1976
3.Keep On Rocking1991

Bon Scott:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Early Days
& The Valentines
2.Early Years 1967-197208.07.2008IMV/Blueline
4.The 1974 Recordings25.03.2016

Dave Evans:

1. David Evans And Thunder Down Under

Phil Rudd:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Head Job16.09.2014Phil Rudd

Singles Discography:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.Can I Sit Next To You / Rockin' In The Parlour
(v Austrálii)
2.Baby Please Don't Go / Love Song
(v Austrálii)
3.High Voltage / Soul Stripper
(v Austrálii)
4.Dog Eat Dog / Carry Me Home
(v Austrálii)
1975 Albert/EMI
5.It's A Long Way To The Top (If You Wanna Rock'n'Roll) / Can I Sit Next To You, Girl?
(v Austrálii, v GB 23.4.76, Atlantic)
6.T.N.T. / Rocker
(v Austrálii)
7.Jailbreak / Fling Thing30.07.1976Atlantic
8.Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap / R.I.P. (Rock In Peace)
(v Austrálii)
9.High Voltage / Live Wire29.10.1976Atlantic
10.It' s A Long Way To The Top / High Voltage
(v USA)
11/1976 Atco
11.Love At First Feel / Problem Child
(v Austrálii)
12.Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap / Big Balls / The Jack1/1977 Atlantic
13.Dog Eat Dog / Carry Me Home
(v Austrálii)
14.Whole Lotta Rosie / Dog Eat Dog
(v Německu)
15.Let There Be Rock / Problem Child30.09.1977Atlantic
16.Let There Be Rock (Part 1) / Let There Be Rock (Part 2)
(v Austrálii)
17.Rock'n'Roll Damnation / Sin City
produced by: Harry Vanda/George Young
18.Rock'N'Roll Damnation / Cold Hearted Man
(v Austrálii)
19.Rock'n'Roll Damnation / Kicked In The Teeth
(v USA)
7/1978 Atco
20.Whole Lotta Rosie (live) / Hell Ain't A Bad Place To Be (live)27.10.1978Atlantic
21.Whole Lotta Rosie (live) / Dog Eat Dog (live)
(v Austrálii)
22.Highway To Hell / If You Want Blood (You' ve Got It)03.08.1979Atlantic56
23.Highway To Hell / Night Prowler8/1979 Atco 47
24.Girls Got Rhythm / Get It Hot
Girls Got Rhythm / If You Want Blood (You've Got It) / Hell Ain't A Bad Place To Be / Rock'n'Roll Damnation
25.Touch Too Much / Walk All Over You12/1979 Atlantic 106
26.Touch Too Much / Live Wire (live) / Shot Down In Flames (live)25.01.1980Atlantic29
27.Beating Around The Bush / Shot Down In Flames (live) / Live Wire (live)
(v Holandsku)
2/1980 Atlantic
28.It's A Long Way To The Top / Can I Sit Next To You Girl
29.High Voltage / Live Wire
30.Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap / Big Ball / The Jack
31.Whole Lotta Rosie (live) / Hell Ain't A Bad Place To Be (live)
32.You Shook Me All Night Long / What Do You Do For Money Honey
(v Austrálii)
33.You Shook Me All Night Long / Have A Drink On Me05.09.1980Atlantic30 35
34.Hells Bells / What Do You Do For Money Honey
(v Německu)
35.Rock'n'Roll Ain't Noise Pollution / Hell's Bells21.11.1980Atlantic15
36.Back In Black / What Do You Do For Money Honey12/1980 Atco 37
37.For Those About To Rock / C.O.D.11/1981 Atlantic
38.Cold Hearted Man
(v Austrálii)
11/1981 Albert/EMI
39.Let's Get It Up / Snowballed12/1981 Atco 44
40.Let's Get It Up / Back In Black (live)
12" + T.N.T. (live)
41.For Those About To Rock (We Salute You) / T.N.T.
(v USA)
42.For Those About To Rock (We Salute You) / Let There Be Rock (live)25.06.1982Atlantic15
43.Nervous Shakedown / Brain Shake
(v Austrálii)
44.Guns For Hire / Landslide21.10.1983Atlantic37 84
45.Flick Of The Switch / Badlands
(v USA)
46.Nervous Shakedown / Rock'n'Roll Ain't Noise Pollution (live)
12" + Sin City / This House Is On Fire (all live)
47.Jailbreak / Show Business
(v USA)
10/1984 Atco
48.'74 Jailbreak EP
produced by: Harry Vanda/George Young
15.10.1984Atco 76
49.Danger / Back In Business21.06.1985Atlantic48
50.Danger / Hell Or High Water
(v Austrálii)
51.Sink The Pink / Back In Business
(v Austrálii)
52.Shake Your Foundations (remix) / Send For The Man
(v USA)
53.Shake Your Foundations (remix) / Stand Up
12" + Jailbreak (live)
54.Who Made Who / Guns For Hire (live)08.05.1986Atlantic16
55.You Shook Me All Night Long / She's Got Balls (live)
(v USA 28.7.86)
56.Heat Seeker / Go Zone
12" + Snake Eye
57.That's The Way I Wanna Rock'n'Roll / Kissin' Dynamite
12" + Borrowed Time
CD + Shoot To Thrill / Whole Lotta Rosie (all live)
58.Thunderstruck / Fire Your Guns
12",CD + D.T. / Chase The Ace
59.Moneytalks / Down On The Borderline
12",CD + Borrowed Time
15.11.1990Atco36 23
60.Are You Ready / Got You By The Balls
12",CD + The Razor's Edge
61.Rock Your Heart Out / Shot Of Love
(v Austrálii)
7/1991 Albert/Sony
62.Highway To Hell (live) / Hell's Bells (live)
12" + High Voltage (live)
CD1 + The Jack (live)
CD2 + Hell Ain't A Bad Place To Be (live)
63.Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap (live) / Shoot To Thrill (live)
64.Back In Black / You Shook Me All Night Long
(v USA)
65.Moneytalks / That's The Way I Wanna Rock N Roll
(v USA)
66.Big Gun / Back In Black (live)
12",CD + For Those About To Rock (We Salute You) (live)
27.05.1993Atco23 65
67.Hard As A Rock / Caught With Your Pants Down15.09.1995east west33
68.Cover You In Oil / Love Bomb / Ballbreaker18.03.1996east west
69.Hail Caesar / Whiskey On The Rocks / Whole Lotta Rosie (Live)29.04.1996east west56
70.1996 Ballbreaker Australian Tour EP
(Ballbreaker / You Shook Me All Night Long / Back In Black / Thunderstruck (live))
(v Austrálii)
71.The Furor
(v Austrálii)
1996 Albert/EMI
72.Hard As A Rock (live) / Hail Caesar (live) / Dog Eat Dog (live)18.11.1996east west
73.Dirty Eyes10/1997 east west
74.Stiff Upper Lip / Hard As A Rock (live) / Ballbreaker (live)20.03.2000Elektra65
75.Satellite Blues / Satellite Blues (Call Out Hook)15.05.2000east west
76.Safe In New York City / Cyberspace / Back In Black (live)26.06.2000Elektra
77.Meltdown Summer Sampler
(Meltdown / Back in Black (live) / Ballbreaker (live) / Hard As A Rock (live) / Whole Lotta Rosie (live))
8/2000 Elektra
78.Satellite Blues / Whole Lotta Rosie (live) / Let There Be Rock (live)16.10.2000Elektra
79.Stiff Upper Lip / Cyberspace / Back In Black (Live Madrid 96) / Hard As A Rock (Live Madrid 96) / Whole Lotta Rosie (Live Madrid 96)24.01.2001Warner Music
80.Safe In New York City / Safe In New York City (Live 2000)2/2001 Elektra
81.Warp Brothers Remix
& Blizzard Brothers
82.Rock'N'Roll Train / War Machine24.11.2008Columbia
83.Anything Goes / Big Jack13.04.2009
84.Shoot To Thrill / War Machine (live at River Plate)06.05.2011Sony
85.Back In Black / Hell's Bells06.07.2011Atlantic
86.Shoot To Thrill11/2012 Epic98
87.Whole Lotta Rosie11/2012 Columbia68
88.Thunderstruck11/2012 Columbia44
89.You Shook Me All Night Long11/2012 Columbia42
90.Highway To Hell11/2012 Columbia40
91.Back In Black11/2012 Epic27
92.Hells Bells11/2012 Epic
93.It's A Long Way To The Top (If You Wanna Rock'n'Roll)11/2012 Columbia
94.For Those About To Rock (We Salute You)11/2012 Columbia
95.T.N.T.11/2012 Columbia
96.Let There Be Rock11/2012 WEA
97.Who Made Who11/2012 Columbia
98.Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap11/2012 Columbia
99.Touch Too Much11/2012 Sony Music
101.If You Want Blood (You've Got It)11/2012
102.Highway To Hell12/2013 Epic4
103.Play Ball10/2014 Columbia85
104.Rock Or Bust / Play Ball21.11.2014Sony BMG
105.For Those About To Rock (We Salute You)12/2017 Columbia90
106.Shot In The Dark07.10.2020Columbia
108.Kick You When You're Down11/2020
109.Through The Mists Of Time / Witch's Spell12.06.2021

Brian Johnson:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.I Can't Forget You Now / I Can't Give It Up09.01.1976EMI

Angus Young:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.Rock'n'Roll Train11/2012 Columbia

Phil Rudd:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.Sun Goes Down9/2017


1. Let There Be Rock - 1980, live, 97 min
2. Fly On The Wall - 1985, Atco, 27 min
3. Who Made Who - 1986, Atlantic, 24 min
4. Clipped - 1991, east west, 22 min
5. Live At Donnington - 11/1992, Warner Music Video, 120 min
6. For Those About To Rock - Monsters In Moscow Live! - 1993, live
7. No Bull - Live In Madrid - 25.10.1996, Warner Music, live, 122 min
8. Stiff Upper Lip Live - 04.12.2001, Elektra, live, 140 min
9. Rockmasters - AC/DC - 18.02.2003, Image Entertainment, live
10. Family Jewels - 29.03.2005, Epic, live 2DVD
11. Plug Me In - 16.10.2007, Columbia, live 2DVD
12. AC/DC Live At Donington - 22.05.2009, Sony, live
13. AC/DC Live At River Plate - 09.05.2011, Sony Music, live, 180 min


1. Let There Be Rock (1979)
2. Maximum Overdrive (O.S.T. Who Made Who, directed by Stephen King)
3. Live Film (1992)
4. The Last Action Hero (1993, track Big Gun)
5. Looking For Bon (2015, documentary)


Malcolm Dome: AC/DC (1982, Proteus Books)
Richard Bunton: Hell Ain't No Bad Place To Be (1982, Omnibus Press)
Paul Ezra: The AC/DC Story (1983, Babylon Books)
Chris Welch: AC/DC HM Photo Book (1983, Omnibus Press)
Arti Funaro: Original Angus Young (1985, Amsco/Wise)
Barry Taylor: Singing In The Dark - A Rock'N'Roll Roadie Steps Into The Light (1990, Kingsway Ltd)
Mark Putterford: Shock To The System - The Illustrated Biography (1992, Omnibus Press)
Clinton Walker: Highway To Hell - The Life and Times of AC/DC Legend - Bon Scott (1994, Pan Macmillan Publishers Australia)
Malcolm Dome: AC/DC - The world's most electrifying rock'n'roll band! (1995, Virgin Books)
Martin Huxley: AC/DC - The World's Heaviest Rock (1996, St. Martin's Griffin (New York))
AC/DC - The Definitive History (9.8.2001)
Brian Johnson: Rockers and Rollers: An Automotive Autobiography (10/2009)
Brian Johnson: The Lives Of Brian (26.10.2021, Penguin Books Ltd., autobiography)


1990 Metal Hammer Album Of The Year ("The Razor's Edge")
1990 Metal Hammer Single Of The Year ("Thunderstruck")
1999 RIAA Diamond Award (LP "Back In Black", 16 mil. copies)
2001 Big Beng! Čtenářská Awards - Performance of the Year
2003 Rock'n'Roll Hall Of Fame
2009 ARIA Australian Music Awards - Best Rock Album ("Black Ice")
2009 Grammy Awards - Best Hard Rock Performance (track "War Machine")
2010 Classic Rock Awards - Band Of The Year
2012 Grammy Hall Of Fame (LP "Back In Black", 1980)

WWW Links:


1/1976 moved to London

Angus Young:

appeared on the LP:

Stevie Wright: Black Eyed Bruiser (1975, Albert)
Ray Arnott: Rude Dudes (1979, Albert)
Dweezil Zappa: What The Hell Was I Thinking (9/96)

Malcolm Young:

appeared on the LP:

Stevie Wright: Hard Road (4/75, Polydor)
Dweezil Zappa: What The Hell Was I Thinking (9/96)

appeared on the SP:
Stevie Wright: Evie (17.1.75, Polydor)
Stevie Wright: Black Eyed Bruiser (1974, Albert)

Simon Wright:

appeared on the LP:

Girlschool: Play Dirty (11/83, Bronze)
John Norum: Travel In Soul (12/96)
John Norum: Worlds Away (8.9.97, MNW)

Compilation Appearances:
"Catch The Rainbow" on Ronnie James Dio tribute album "This Is Your Life" (31.3.14, & Glenn Hughes, Craig Goldy, Rudy Sarzo, Scott Warren)

Brian Johnson:

appeared on the SP:

Geordie Aid: Try Giving Everything (8/85, Neat)
Jackyl: Locked And Loaded (6/97)

appeared on the LP:
Jackyl: Cut The Crap (22.7.97, Epic)
Alice Cooper: Hollywood Vampires (11.9.15)

Bon Scott:

appeared on the SP:

Blackfeather: Seasons Of Change (1971, Infinity)
Vince Lovegrove: Livestock (1972, Pepper)

appeared on the LP:
Blackfeather: At The Mountain Of Madness (1971, Infinity)

Cliff Williams:

appeared on the LP:

Adam Bomb: Fatal Attraction (5/85, Geffen)

Mark Evans:

appeared on the LP:

Bob Armstrong: Island Of Dream (1990, Mighty Boy)
Chris Turner: Exile (1990, Big Rock)

Phil Rudd:

3.8.2015 odsouzen k 8 měsícům Czechho vězení za přechovávání drog a výhrůžky smrtí

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