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Albums Discography:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Deleted Scenes
08.12.2008Planet Rhythm
3.Crux Remixes08.10.2014Radial

Singles Discography:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.Menace To Society EP
(Guillotine / Missile Crisis / Inmate / Cold Shadow)
& Mattias Engvall & Diabla Diezco & Riotbot
19.02.2007Audio Assault Arms
2.Beton EP
(Revolver / Semi Life / Dynamo (Loktibrada remix) / Beton (Takaaki Itoh remix))
3.Palicavonzvreca 7 EP
(Klisna Z Hodonina / Dynamo / Cekuj Zmrde! / Deep Sea)
& Boss & Anton Pieete & Loktibrada & Takaaki Itoh
4.Hair Of The Dog EP
(Moeilijk / Moeilijk (Bas Mooy remix) / Recover / Recover (Paul Mac remix))
25.06.2007Audio Assault
5.Premium EP
(Deja Vu / Premium / Plafond)
6.Firm To Farm EP - Part 1 (Firm To Farm (Nachtsschade remix) / Shinoba (Radial remix))
& Bas Mooy
18.02.2008Planet Rhythm
7.Firm To Farm EP Part 2
(Camouflage / Like A House / A Child Can Do The Laundry)
05.05.2008Planet Rhythm
8.The Bigger Picture EP
(Tempname 35 / Black Pigeons / Sabotage / Volvere)
& Agony Forces & Carlos Rios & Oliver Kucera & Luka Baumann
11.03.2009Audio Assault Arms
9.Cooperation EP
(X3 / We Don't Know Either / NRG)
& DJ Boss
10.Metalinvader EP
(Vund / Desiccate / Adverse / Bone Collection)
& Grovskopa & Troika & Luka Baumann
11.Pressure Force EP
(Crystalize / When I Go To Lisn / Time Twister / Back To The Drawing Board)
& DJ Lock & Reeko & Go Hiyama
12.Caveman EP
(Caveman / Caveman (Sawf remix) / Vandal / Vandal (Bas Mooy remix))
08.01.2013Audio Assault
13.Linea Recta EP
(Asiel / Closer / 1980 / NYE)
14.Deleted Scenes EP
(disc 3 from the 2008 album) (She Showed Me Heaven (Radial remix) / A Coke A Smile / Bruce Lead)
08.10.2013Planet Rhythm
15.Deleted Scenes EP
(disc 1 from the 2008 album) (Smoking Kills / Fat Van Dale / Smoking Kills (Rumenige & Loktibrada remix) / Allright Allright)
09.10.2013Planet Rhythm
16.Deleted Scenes EP
(disc 2 from the 2008 album) (Three Steps Ahead / Nut Control / Kickdrum Light / Revolver (Oscar Mulero remix))
09.10.2013Planet Rhythm
17.Linea Recta EP
(Asiel / Closer / 1980 / NYE)
18.Crux Remixes EP
(Karplus (Anton Pieete remix) / Fifth Wheel (Patrik Skoog remix) / Excavated (Tripeo remix) / Cosmetics (Darko Esser remix))
19.Inverso Mundi EP
(Storm Tide / Boks / Quarantine / Fair Trade Slave)
20.Exploded View / Overdub / Slip / Sunstorm
& Patrik Skoog & Chain
02.09.2015Sample & Hold
21.Move 00:00 EP
(Obstacle / Slash / Polar Cut / Grace's Secret Is A Horse)
& Liss C & Isolated Lines & Joyb