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Calendar for 27.05.2022

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Personal Data:

Born: (Naples, Italy)

Albums Discography:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Tropical Interlune03.07.2013Early Sounds

Singles Discography:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.CLB (Parts 1 & 2) (CLB 1 - City Rain / CLB 2 - Dondoy)14.01.2008Mosaiko
2.Gosh! / Superkar / The Polymath16.06.2008Mosaiko
3.Road To Alberqueque / Arsenico / Road To Alberqueque (Ray Okpara Okparalysed mix) / Gattaca29.01.2009Metroline
4.Twin Peaks EP Peak Two
(One Eyed Jacks / North West Passage / Masked Ball / Chekmate)
5.Don Dragone EP
(Don Dragone / Elm Street / Leviatano)
6.Grooveapocalypse EP
(Grooveapocalypse / Paypo / Lucus! Circus! / Moonbass)
7.Sleepless Nights EP
(Ravestation / Azimuth / Deepstation / Ghus)
15.07.2010Bass Culture
8.Strictly Grooves EP
(Dirty Belvedere / Pequenitas Groove / Tool 3 / Deathfloor)
20.10.2010Hudd Traxx
9.Samurai Blades EP Sampler
(Trippin' / Uptown Street)
& Alex Niggemann
10.Naked City EP
(Moser / Naked City / Moser (The Random Odyssey's Out Of Time mix) / Tonight Is The Night)
& Acirne
11.Earthrise EP
(Voyager / A Vision To The Past / Pale Blue Dot)
24.03.2011Morris Audio
12.Woodland / Ocron's Land / Mutant Camels08.06.2011Claque Musique
13.Vixen / Black Bird
& Steinwiese
26.07.2011Splendid Lo-Fi
14.The Keeper Of Dreams / Curved Space / Kosmo 80 / Il Mio
& Wifi Soul & Ennio Colaci & Meschi
15.Return Of The Luchador EP
(Forgotten Worlds / Camden Morning / Sider Sofa / Sax On The Beach)
10.11.2011Tsuba Limited
16.The Early Sounds Collective EP
(Rising Again / The Northwest Coast / Off The Train)
& Massimo Di Lena & Leskin
11.01.2012Early Sounds
17.Moon Phases EP02.03.2012Housewax
18.Early Cuts EP
(MS3 / JR1 / LSK1 / DKRO2)
& Leskin & Massimo Di Lena & Joseph Russel
26.04.2012Bio Rhythm
19.Urania EP24.05.2012Rawax
20.Never Mess La Cricca EP
(Rawverdose / City Drama / Detroit Bazaar / Gamma Ray)
& Luca Ballerini
(Bow Shock / Axial Tilt / P's Garden 3am (The Tropical mix) / Planet X)
vs Don Kosmo
22.A Vision Of A Dream EP
(Guabonito (Life On Saturno VI) / The Pains Of Sleep / Sunset On Bolsena Lake / Xanadu)
18.07.2012Hudd Traxx
23.A Fistful Of Wax 1 EP
(Get Back / A Bag'N A Hat Buy In / Got To Have Your Love / Aretha / SS 433 (bonus track))
& Giorgio Luceri & Jamie Trench & Jackmaster K & Marcoradi
13.11.2012A Fistful Of Wax
24.Modulo RZ EP
(Modulo RZ / The Octave Lord Of Ring Mode / Super Accompaniment)
& Massimo Di Lena
30.05.2013Clone Royal
25.Tapes Around You / Ganymede Jazz Club / Lost In Miami / Tale
& Salvo Castelli & Alex Magno & Antonio Del Prete & Fabio Monesi
26.Prisma EP
(Huge N Net / Lost Ones / Note Ignote / Prisma)
& Massimo Di Lena
27.The Luchador EP
(Code No 3 / Back To The Basics / Chillesque / Mission To Venus)
04.02.2015Tsuba Limited
28.Looking To The Sky / Summer Season18.05.2015Housewax