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PABLO Augustus

Personal Data:

Born: 1953 (Kingston, Jamaica, as Horace Swaby)
Died: 18.09.1999 (myasthenia)


1981 Flo And Eddie (LP "Rock Steady With Flo & Eddie")

Albums Discography:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.This Is Augustus Pablo1974 Get On Down
2.Ital Dub1975 Clocktower
3.King Tubbys Meets Rockers Uptown
& King Tubby
1976 Clocktower
4.East of the River Nile1977 Shanachie
5.Rockers Meets King Tubby's In A Fire House1978
6.Original Rockers1979 VP
8.Dubbing In Africa1983
9.King David's Melody: Classic Instrumentals & Dubs1983 VP
10.Rising Sun1985
11.One Step Up1986
12.Presents DJs From 70s To 80s02.06.1997Big Cat
13.Valley Of Jehosaphat23.03.1999
14.Jacob Miller With Inner Circle Band & Pablo Augustus
& Jacob Miller & Inner Circle
15.The Great Pablo20.06.2000Music Club
16.Dubbing With The Don30.04.2001Jamaican
17.Augustus’ Last Stand13.08.2002Fuel 2000
18.In Fine Style31.03.2003Pressure Sounds
19.Africa Must Be Free By 1983 (Dub)
& Hugh Mundell
20.Dub It - A Rockers Reunion!
& Chinna Smith
06.12.2004Nature Sounds
21.At King Tubbys11.07.2005Attack Gold
22.King David's Melody24.01.2006Shanachie
23.Gold: The Very Best Of Augustus Pablo17.07.2006Jetstar
24.Rare Dubs 1970 - 1971
meet Lee Perry & The Wailers Band
25.Augustus Pablo & Friends18.12.2006Ras
26.Eastman Dub18.12.2006Ras
27.Heartical Chart08.01.2007Rockers Rebel
28.Original Rockers Vol 208.01.2007Jetstar
29.Healer Dub29.01.2007Rockers
30.The Red Sea12.03.2007Aquarius
31.Ital Dub28.01.2008Clocktower
32.Rockers Comes East11.02.2008Rockers
33.El Rocker's09.06.2008Pressure Sounds
34.Rockers Story: The Mystical World of Augustus Pablo24.06.2008Shanachie
35.King David's Melody: Past & Present Classical Instrumentals06.05.2010Rockers International
36.King Selassie I Calling06.05.2010Rockers International
37.Pablo's Last Stand17.11.2010Rhino
38.Dub Store 90's10.03.2011Yard Music
39.Message Music: Digital Productions 1986-199412.07.2011Pressure Sounds
40.Dubbing On Bond Street17.02.2012
41.Skanking Easy
14.06.2012Metro Select
42.Dub Box Set03.12.2013Clocktower
43.Rockers At King Tubbys29.04.2014
(box set)
45.Greek Theater, Berkeley 198424.06.2014Cleopatra
46.Born to Dub You04.08.2014VP
47.Augustus Pablo Presents: Rockers International11.09.2015VP
48.Rockers International, Vol. 213.11.2015VP

Singles Discography:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.King Tubby Meets The Rockers Uptown / Baby I Love You So07.03.1975Island
2.The Great Pablo / The Wormer
& Prince Jazzbo
3/1976 Attack
3.East Of The River Nile16.12.1977Hawkeye
4.Pablo Meets Mr Bassie9/1978 Rough Trade
5.Earth, Wind And Fire
& Paul Blackman
8/1979 Daddy Kool
6.Please Officer10/1979 Sufferrers Heights
7.Ring The Alarm / Rockers Rock
& Tenor Saw
19.04.1999Soul Jazz
8.Unfinished Melody19.06.2000Pablo International
9.Have Some Mercy / Pablo Mercy / Mercy Dub / Different Fashion
& King Tubbys & Delroy Wilson
28.07.2003Lee's Gold
10.East Of The River Nile / River Nile (version)
& Herman & Herman's All Stars
11.Old Fashioned Way /Dynamic Fashion Way /Spanish Omega /Fat Baby /Broken Contract
& Zap Pow & Ken Boothe & U Roy & Dennis Alcapone
12.Forward Jah Jah Children / The Big Rip Off
& King Tubby & Jacob Miller & The Inner Circle
13.Keep On Knocking EP
(Keep Dubbing / Book Of Life / Book Of Dub)
& Hugh Mundell & Jacob Miller
14.Java (Java Rhythm)12.06.2006Impact
15.Sesame Street / Bells Of Death / Draw Your Brakes / Brake Riddim
& Scotty
16.Anzania Blacka Black17.07.2006Message
17.Pablo's Theme Song / Tubb's Dub Song (All Stars version)17.07.2006Pablo International
18.Golden Seal / Myhrr In Dub
& Soul Syndicate Band
19.Horse & Buggy / Pablo's Train
& Dennis Alcapone
07.08.2006Striker Lee
20.Way Out Rockers / Keep Skanking On Dub07.08.2006
21.Reggae Train / Mule Train
& Derrick Morgan
11.12.2006Striker Lee
22.I'm A Free Man / Santic Special / Hap Ki Do
& Leonard Santic All Stars & Freddie McKay
23.House Crasher (Mule Train Rhythm) / Pablo's Train
& Johnny Clarke
29.01.2007Striker Lee
24.The Way It Is / The Way
& I Kong
19.02.2007Reggae Shots
25.Up Wareicka Hill25.06.2007Rockers
26.Sukie Yakie / Easter dub
& Clevie & Pabloe Levi
27.The Red Sea / Darkest Night / Darkest Shade Of Red /Inner Space /Song Of The East /Middle East Skank
& James Eastwood & Sound Unlimited
30.07.2007Pressure Sounds
28.Monkey Rinch
& Ansel Collins
29.Love In Your Heart / Casanova / Casanova Dub / Casanova Ride / Dub Casanova
& Prince Mohammed & Rockers Allstars & Locksley Castell & Roman Stewar
30.Have Some Mercy / Pablo Mercy / Mercy Dub / Different Fashions
& King Tubbys & Delroy Wilson
24.09.2007Lee's Gold
31.El Rockers (Rockers Rock Rhythm) / Dub 4
& Jah T
32.Aquarius Rock / Jah Rock (version)
with Bongo Herman
14.01.2008Pressure Sounds
33.Rockers Mood / Pablo In The Hills28.01.2008Rockers
34.Edi Amin
& Joe Whyte
35.555 Crown Street (False Rasta Riddim)11.02.2008Rockers
36.Hot & Cold (Fever Riddim) / Lick the Pipe Peter
& Jah T
11.02.2008Black Art
37.Zion High (Riding High Riddim)25.02.2008Rockers International
38.Unfinished Melody24.03.2008Rockers
39.Skanking Easy (Swintg Easy Riddim)24.03.2008Rockers
40.King Of The Minstrel23.06.2008Rockers International
41.Black Gun
& Pablo All Stars
23.06.2008Rockers International
42.Rockers Rock
& Pablo All Stars
23.06.2008Rockers International
43.Pablo Meets Mr Basie / Rockers All Stars
& Rockers All Stars
23.06.2008Rockers International
44.I Love Jah Rastafari / Pablo Love Jah
& Ricky Grant
45.Pablo In The Dance
& Rockers All Star
46.Our Man Flint / Pi-A-Ring
& The Upsetters
01.09.2008Black Art
47.Problems / Peace & Love Dub
& Horace Andy
22.02.2010Pressure Sounds
48.Cinderella In Black
& All Stars
16.07.2010Fe Me Time
49.Kushites Dub / Third & Fourth Generation Dub
& Rockers Dub Band
10.03.2011Rockers International
50.Heavenly Father / Ska Train Dub
& Junior Delgado
51.Lightning Chap08.12.2011Rockers
52.Santic Special / Freeman (vocal) / Hap Ki Do
& Freddie McKay & Santic All Stars
31.08.2012Pressure Sounds
53.Bell Of Death / Sesame Street
& Scotty
29.01.2013Crystal/Dub Store
54.Children Of Israel / Pablo In Dub
& Horace Andy
02.05.2013Pressure Sounds
55.Columbo / Special Branch
& Leonard Santic All Stars
02.05.2013Pressure Sounds
56.Run Revolution A Come / Revolution Dub
& Hugh Mundell
57.Power Of The Trinity Dub / West Abyssinia Dub24.07.2013Rockers/Onlyroots
58.Sesame Street / Bells Of Death
& Scotty & The Crystalites
18.10.2013Move & Groove/Dub Store
59.Away With Your Fussing & Fighting / Selassie I Veranda / King David Melody / Soloman Dub (King David's Melody riddim)
& Pablo All Stars & Junior Delgado & Jah Levi
60.One In The Spirit / Rastadub / Islington Rock
& Sister Erica & Rockers All Stars
61.Day Of Judgment / Judgment Dub
& Hugh Mundell
62.Too Much Commercialization Of Rastafari / Commercial Rasta / 555 Crown Street / 555 dub
& Jacob Miller
63.Give Jah The Praises / Binghi Satta / Silent Satta / Traditional Satta
& Jah Butty & Norris Reid & Rockers All Stars
64.Look Within Yourself / Look Within Dub
& Rockers International Band & Tetrack
65.Pablo In The Dance / Don D Special14.04.2014Rockers
66.Brace A Boy / Silhouette / AP Special
& Dillinger
15.08.2014Pressure Sounds
67.Ethiopia15.08.2014Pressure Sounds
68.Simple Things / African Step
& Rockers International Band & Tetrack
69.Away With You Fussing & Fighting / King David's Melody
& Junior Delgado
70.Your Mind
& Delroy Williams
71.El Rockers Chapters I To IV EP
(El Rockers (DJ cut) / El Rockers (Clavient cut) / El Rockers (Melodica cut) / El Rockers (drum & bass cut))
72.Classical Illusion Dubplate Mix13.01.2017Dug Out

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