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Albums Discography:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Push Up25.11.2014Ramajam

Singles Discography:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.Fears / Chainsaws
& Rhythm Beater
26.04.2004Cutterz Choice
2.Sneaker Pimp / Troublemaker
& Rhythm Beater
28.06.2004Cutterz Choice
3.Neckbreaker / Kist12.07.2004Graff Series
4.Rhythm Beater EP
(Mz / Cosa)
13.12.2004Graff Series
5.Tempest / Crazy
& Rhythm Beater
02.05.2005Cutterz Choice
6.Midget With Ah Borha / Pinball
& Rhythm Beater
02.05.2005Graff Series
7.Dub Room / Strong Hold
& Rhythm Beater
05.09.2005Cutterz Choice
8.Balihoo / Rocker Switch31.10.2005XS
9.Rhythm Beater / Crazy Bal' Heads
& Toerag
07.11.2005Cutterz Choice
10.The Massive / The Filth16.01.2006XS
11.Lockdown EP
(The Massive / The Filth)
12.Turn Down The Lights / Soundboy Burial
& Visionary
4/2006 Digital Soundboy
13.Double Figures EP
(Astral Dub / Hold You Down / Sneaker Pimp (Rhythm Beater remix) / Crawling)
& Rhythm Beater & T.I.
11.09.2006Cutterz Choice
14.Rub A Dub / Urban Tribe16.10.2006Digital Soundboy
15.Dub Room / Through The Storm
vs Rhythm Beater & T1
20.11.2006Cutterz Choice
16.Battlefield / Can't Test
feat Spyda
21.05.2007Digital Soundboy
17.Step Out / Swagger16.06.2008Digital Soundboy
18.Roots & Future / Everything
& Dope Ammo
11.08.2008Dope Ammo
19.Pan Pipes / Trigger Finger
& Zero G
15.12.2008Digital Soundboy
20.Pass The Kouchie / Ganja Smokin'
& Mr Williamz & Serial Killaz
22.04.2011Necessary Mayhem
21.Original Killa / Take You Back01.06.2011Subway
22.Sound Fi Dead / You've Been Boasting
feat Top Cat
03.08.2011High Culture
23.Tempo / Taking Over15.09.2011High Culture
24.Stamina / Body Bumpin
& Zero G
03.11.2011High Culture
25.Undead / Game Of Death
& Zero G
01.02.2012High Culture
26.Raggamuffin / Murder In The Dancehall
& Zero G & Tenorfly
19.04.2012High Culture
27.Top Rank Skank / Know Fi Move Your Waist14.06.2012High Culture
28.Special Lover / It Haffi Bun
& Franz Job & Mr. Williamz
31.07.2012Necessary Mayhem
29.Champion Sound
feat Assassin
05.01.2015High Culture