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PAGLIARA Massimiliano

Albums Discography:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Focus For Infinity02.06.2011Live At Robert Johnson
2.Magic Serials05.03.2013Live At Robert Johnson
3.Flying Away From You18.02.2014Love On The Rocks
4.With One Another
10.09.2014Live At Robert Johnson
5.Major Fun14.10.2014Live at Robert Johnson

Singles Discography:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.Transmissions Florales EP
(Beach Birds Keep On Flying / Alpha Base / Beach Birds Keep On Flying (On Acid) / Alpha Base (Phaser dub))
2.Toxic Love EP
(I Love You & That's Me / Sometimes At Night / Continental East Funk / Ophelie)
18.05.2009Live At Robert Johnson
(H-EA-L (R'23's Healing Medicine & Anti Depressiva dub) / I Hear You Say (23 Seconds Too Late))
& Roger 23
4.Sensation 914.10.2009Rush Hour
5.Focus For Infinity EP
(A Wrong Chance (Tuff City Kids remix) (Remixes Part 1) / A Wrong Chance (Tuff City Kids acid bonus riddim) / In Order Of More Depth (BHFV remix))
27.08.2011Live At Robert Johnson
6.Focus For Infinity EP
(Fade The Light (Rotciv underground mix) (The Remixes Part 2) / I'll Never Be (Nicholas remix) / Harmonize (DJ Sotofett Outta Tune & Inna Jungle mix))
02.04.2012Live At Robert Johnson
7.Magic Serials EP
(JP4-808-P5-106-DEP5 / MS20-707-M / P-P6-SPX90 / LM2-JP4-106-606-BL-303-SDE2000-P6-TX81Z)
07.02.2013Live At Robert Johnson
8.Back But Half / Bottle Of Mine / LA Melody / Week-end Lover / Monaco
& Jules Etienne & Egyptian Nipples
21.05.2013Apersonal Music
9.Flying Away From You29.01.2014Love On The Rocks
10.Compilation 02 Sampler 1 EP
(Decay / Blown Away / Synced Below (full version) / Caltrops)
& Geoffroy Mugwump & DC Salas & Hofbahn & Danny Benedettini
11.Major Fun / Your Love Away (For Lucky)09.10.2014Live At Robert Johnson
12.Cockring D'Amore 001 EP
(I Can Dub Anything You Like (Trent edit) / Tear The Roof Off The Duub (Discodromo edit) / Hop On Down To Petland (Massimiliano Pagliara edit))
& Trent & Discodromo
19.10.2015CockRing D’Amore
13.In Spirals / Agamous / Go South / Don't Push Me
& Benoit Gagnon
14.Time and Again / If I Try to Forget I Miss You Even More / A Faraway Place / A Passing Day24.02.2017Ostgut Ton