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Personal Data:

Born: 29.02.1976 (as Jeffrey Atkins)
JA RULE (photo)

Albums Discography:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Venni, Vetti, Vecci31.05.1999Murder Inc/Def Jam 3
2.Rule 3:3603.10.2000Murder Inc/Def Jam 1
3.Pain Is Love02.10.2001Murder Inc./Def Jam3 1
4.The Last Temptation19.11.2002Murder Inc/Def Jam14 4
5.Est. Since '9324.11.2002Murder Inc/TVT
6.7 Series Sampler: Pain Is Love20.05.2003Def Jam
7.Blood in My Eye04.11.2003Def Jam51 6
8.R.U.L.E.09.11.2004Inc/Def Jam33 7
9.Exodus13.12.2005Inc/Def Jam50
10.The Renaissance Project07.06.2011
12.Pain Is Love, Vol. 228.02.2012Mpire Music Group 197

Singles Discography:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.Can I Get A ... / Rush Hour EP
& Jay-Z feat Amil
9/1998 Def Jam24 19
2.Holla Holla / Murder Gram
& DMX / Jay-Z
23.02.1999Murder Inc/Def Jam 35
3.You Are Everything
& Dru Hill
18.05.1999 84
4.Memphis Bleek Is / Murda 4 Life
& Memphis Bleek
08.06.1999United Artists
5.Between Me And You
featuring Christina Milian
04.07.2000Murder Inc/Def Jam26 11
6.Put It On Me
featuring Lil' Mo & Vita
12/2000 Murder Inc/Def Jam 8
7.Between Me & You / Die (radio edit) / Holla Holla19.02.2001Def Jam
8.I Cry
featuring Lil' Mo
4/2001 Murder Inc/Def Jam 40
9.Living It Up
featuring Case
7/2001 Murder Inc/Def Jam27 6
Livin' It Up / Put It On Me (remix)29.10.2001Def Jam
10.Always On Time
featuring Ashanti
11/2001 Murder Inc/Def Jam6 1
11.Down A** Chick
featuring Charli "Chuck" Baltimore
2/2002 Murder Inc/Def Jam 21
12.Down 4 U
& Ashanti & Charli Baltimore & Vita & Irv Gotti & The Inc.
6/2002 Murder Inc/Mercury4 6
13.Livin It Up / Always On Time (Agent X remix)
feat Case
29.07.2002Def Jam5
14.Rainy Days
& Mary J Blige
07.08.2002MCA17 12
15.Down Ass Chick9/2002 91
16.Down 4 U (DnD remixes)
& Ashanti & Vita & Charli Baltimore
02.09.2002Murder Inc
17.Thug Lovin' / Pledge Remix (radio edit feat Ashanti & Nas, instrumental)
featuring Bobby Brown
11.11.2002Def Jam15 42
featuring Ashanti
30.12.2002Murder Inc/Def Jam12 2
Mesmerize / Pop N****s17.03.2003Def Jam
20.Clap Back / The Crown ("Suburb" radio edit, street mix, instrumental)06.10.2003Murder Inc9 44
21.Clap Back / Reigns24.11.2003Def Jam
22.The Playaz Volume 3
(Unbelievable / Number One / Mr Cool / Hot Summer / Rainfall (remix) / Niggas & Bitches)
& 112 & Willy Denzey & Tamia & Lemar & Nitin Sawhney
23.Against Time / Ni**as & B**ches (clean mix, street mix, instrumental)02.02.2004Arista
24.Wonderful / Caught Up
feat R. Kelly & Ashanti
25.10.2004Def Jam1 5
25.Exit Wounds: Original Soundtrack EP
(No Sunshine / Gangsta Tears / State To State / Bust Your Gun)
& The Lox & Styles & Sheek & DMX & Nas & Blackchild
26.Caught Up / Gun Talk14.02.2005Def Jam
& Ai Morioku
28.02.2005Smile Heart
28.Oh La La / I Love You / You Already Know
& Harry-O & Cherry Dennis & 112 & Foxy Brown
28.03.2005Word Of Mouth
29.Caught Up / New York / Better Days
feat Lloyd
18.04.2005The Inc20
30.Livin' It Up / The Inc
10.10.2005Def Jam
31.Always On Time / Worldwide Gangsta (reissue)
feat Ashanti
10.10.2005Def Jam
feat Ashley
12.03.2007The Inc
33.Poker / Are You Coming With Me
& Blackchild & Trina & Seven
09.04.2007The Inc
34.Style On Em / Chill
& Harry O
09.04.2007The Inc
35.Get It Shawty
& Big Boi & Lloyd
11.06.2007The Inc
36.Uh Ohhh!!
feat Lil Wayne
featuring Ashley Joi
08.10.2007Universal Motown
38.Sunset / 300
feat The Game & Newz & Tre & Merc Montana
10.12.2007The Inc

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