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J Jimmy

Albums Discography:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Files Volume 2
& Cru L T

Singles Discography:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.Knite Force Classics Volume 1
& Cru-l-t
30.09.1996Knite Force
& Jenka
09.12.1996Just Another Label
3.Santa Maria
& Cru-L-T
16.12.199621st Century
4.Out Of Love10.02.1997JJ
5.I Wanna Be Forever (remix) / Body
& Cru-L-T
10.02.199721st Century
6.Destiny / Red Balloons (remix)19.01.1998JJ
7.Six Days 98
& Cru-l-t
26.01.1998Knite Force/Death Becomes Me
8.Do You Believe In Love
& Justin Time
9.DJs In Full Effect (DJ Brisk remix)
& Cru-l-t
10.6 Days (Sy & Unknown remix) / Addiction
& The Rhythm Warriors
11.Take U Away
& Cru-L-T
12.Bongo Bong / Raize Yo Hands (Idealz & Cru L T remix) / DJ's In Full Effect (Lenz remix)
& Cru L T & DJ Sike & Idealz
13.DJ's In Full Effect / Bongo Bongo / Can't U See (Idealz Old Skool mix)
& Cru L T & DJ Sike
14.Runaway / Feel It / Raining Smiles / Most Uplifting (Future Primative remix)
& Cru L T & Future Primative & DJ Force & DJ Ham
15.Happy Hardcore EP
(Follow Me / Rainbow In The Sky / 99 Red Ballons / All I Need)
& Visa & Force & Styles & DJ Paul Elstak
30.06.2008Hardcore Collections