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Albums Discography:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.All Of The Above02.04.2002
2.The Best Part (Instrumentals)12.05.2003Triple Threat
3.Always Has Been04.08.2003Triple Threat
4.The Hear After29.08.2005Penalty
5.Then What Happened?26.05.2008BBE
6.The Best Part
14.04.2009Triple Threat
7.SPTA (Said Person Of That Ability)23.09.2011Triple Threat
8.Around The Sun21.11.2014Mortier
9.His Own Self31.03.2015Mortier

Singles Discography:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.Satisfied?26.08.2002Coup D'Etat
2.Like This Anna/MCee (clean mix, instrumental) /3 Out Of 7 (clean mix, acappella)30.12.2002Coup D'Etat
3.Sub Level / Salsa Scratch
& Rob Swift
14.04.2003Table Turns
4.Earl Remix Part 3
(Don't Stop / Like This Anna / Give Me Your Love)
& Pete Rock & CL Smooth & Jonell
5.Reset The Game / Stay In Line (dirty mix)
& Oktober
12.07.2004Fresh Chest
6.Earl Remixes Vol 4
(Fortenight / Brand New Live / Capicu / Bonus Beat #9 / Fortenight (instrumental) / Brand New Live)
& Tony Touch & Musiq
7.Harder / Do My Thing22.08.2005Penalty
8.Don't Play / Kick It To The Beat / Epilogue22.01.2007Bad News
9.3 Out Of 7 / All Of The Above / The 4th 3rd (Japanese Edition)05.02.2007Mic Life
10.Them That's Not18.06.2007Full Frequency Range
11.Reveal The Secret EP
(The Incredible / Once Upon A Mic / Practice (Magnificent mix) / Feel Like Spittin')
12.The City
& Dela & Surreal
26.11.2007Huge Soul
13.One Day (remix) / Ecology
& DJ Alibi
14.The Upgrade / The Understanding26.05.2008BBE
15.I Am Hip Hop / Wink End / Vacation / Crazy MF
& Jazz Liberatorz & Asheru
19.05.2009Kif SA Hip Hop
16.The City
& Dela & Surreal
19.06.2010Huge Soul
17.The Way That I Rhyme / Poetry In Motion13.07.2010Triple Threat
18.No Time To Waste / Home Or Away11.11.2010Triple Threat
19.Undivided Attention / Home Or Away / The Way That I Rhyme / How I Feel (part 1) / Fitness / Calculations19.11.2010Triple Threat
20.I Am Hip Hop / Wink End / Vacation / Crazy MF / Vacation (instrumental)
& Jazz Liberatorz & Asheru
22.03.2013Kif SA Hip Hop