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Calendar for 05.07.2022

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Albums Discography:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.J Kenzo20.09.2012Tempa

Singles Discography:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.Tekno Bass18.08.2008Soul Shakerz
2.Flowz / Chrome30.04.2009Soul Shakerz
3.Tekno Bass30.04.2009Soul Shakerz
4.Behind My Dirty House / Bodyrig Riddim
& Markomen
30.04.2009Soul Shakerz
5.Mortal Kombat / Cosmo04.05.2009Argon
6.The Dirtbag EP
(DZL (Diesel) / No Mercy / Bleed You)
& Twisted & Ill Bill Bachelor
21.05.2009Soul Shakerz
7.Conqueror / Derailment
& LD
09.12.20092nd Drop
8.Tropic Thunda / Counteraction24.05.2010Argon
9.Dominant Species / Constant
& Subscape
30.07.2010Dub Police
10.Rukus03.11.2010Roska Kicks & Snares
11.Stomp / Between Two Worlds20.12.2010Argon
12.Conqueror / Hardo Bread (DJ Heny G soul remix)
& DJ Heny G
28.04.2011Soul Shakerz
13.The Roteks / Protected30.04.2011Tempa
14.Nocturnal Feelings / Beg To Differ
& The Spit Brothers & DJG
15.RKS Allstars Vol 2 EP
(Without It (Terror Danjah Harddrivin' remix) / Let It Move / Da Growier)
& Tickles & Roska
15.12.2011Roska Kicks & Snares
16.Invaderz / Depth Charge19.07.2012Tempa
17.Bloodlines EP
(Cause & Effect / Ricochet / Enter Valarak / Bloodlines)
18.Eyes Wide Open (dBridge remix, Jubei & Youngsta remix)
feat Rhianna Kenny
19.Magneto / TVR (Feel It)14.11.2013Tempa
20.The Compilation: Vinyl Album Sampler 1 EP
(Straight Defeat / Subcontinent / Solstice / Questions)
& Perverse & Biome & Truth
21.Devil's Hands / Invads
& Truth
22.Urban Gorilla / Expansion / Technoid25.02.2015Tempa
23.Straight Defeat Remixes EP
(Straight Defeat (Caspa remix) / Straight Defeat (Jubei remix) / Straight Defeat (instrumental))
feat Collinjah
24.Rum Punch / Airwalk13.11.201531