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J Frankie

Albums Discography:

J Frankie (photo)
#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.What's a Man to Do?27.05.2003Sony 53
2.Frankie J30.09.2003Sony International
3.The One22.03.2005Columbia 3
4.Nuevo Dia13.06.2006Sony
5.Priceless17.10.2006Columbia 30
6.What's a Man to Do?29.04.2008Sbme Special Mkts.
7.Mis Favoritas20.03.2012Sony U.S. Latin
8.Take A Chance On Me18.12.2012Universal Music Latino
9.Hope, Faith y Amor28.05.2013Universal Music Latino
10.Santa Do Right10.12.2013Universal Music Latino

Singles Discography:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.Suga Suga
& Baby Bash
8/2003 Universal 7
2.Bunchlox Sampler 6.0
(Stages / Natural Shift / Moonlight / Just As I Am)
& Rob Collazo & Nehpets & Steve Balance & Smitty & Eric Davenport
3.Obsession (No Es Amor)
feat Baby Bash
1/2005 Columbia 3
4.Reggaeton Hits Vol 4
(Obsession / Castigo / Papi / Set It Off) (Kasheii remix) / After Midnight)
& Hector El Bambino & Chosen One & Enemigo & Miri-Ben Ari & Gwen Stefa
5.How To Deal5/2005 Columbia 39
6.Obsession (No Es Amor) / Don't Wanna Try / Obsession (No Es Amor) (Sic Element club mix) / Obsession (No Es Amor)
feat Baby Bash
7.More Than Words9/2005 Columbia 25
8.That Girl
feat Mannie Fresh & Chamillionaire
8/2006 Columbia 43
9.All That I Want (Tell Me Rhythm) / Is This An Illusion (reggaeton mix)
& Sizzla & Morgan Heritage
14.08.2006Music World Entertainment
10.The Right Side Up EP
(Shuck N Jive / Phat Soul Kicks / Shuck'N'Jive (Forgotten dub mix))
11.Got This Feeling / Homebaked
& Sonny Fodera
12.Funk Weapons Vol 2
(Sound Of PJ / Pretty Girls / Flapjacks / Closet Freak)
& The House Inspectors & Mindtravel & Paul Johnson & Jay West
13.Bite Sized Beats Vol 3 EP
(Gonna Give It To Ya / Same Old Thing)
14.Mork & Frankie J Are Friends Again EP
(Birds / Birds (Frankie J Deathfeathered mix) / When It Get Hot / When It Get Hot (Mork Murder rate remix))
& Mork
& Mikolas Josef & Fito Blanko
6/2019 Vivienne