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Hertfordshire, GB
*  1963

Line-Up (2015):

ZOMBIES (photo)

Colin Blunstone - voc
Tom Toomey - g
Jim Rodford - bg
Rod Argent - kb
Steve Rodford - ds

Former Members:

Paul Atkinson (g, 1963-68, 3/69-1969, 1990-?, 11/97); Rick Birkett (g, 3/69-1969); Mark Johns (g, cca 4/01); Keith Airey (g, cca 10/04-cca 6/08)
Paul Arnold (bg, 1963); Chris White (bg, 1963-68, 1990-?, 11/97, 3/08); Jim Rodford (bg, 3/69-1969, cca 4/01-cca 10/04)
Rod Argent (kb, 1963-68); Sebastian Santa Maria (kb, 1990-?)
Hugh Grundy (ds, 1963-68, 3/69-1969, 1990-?, 11/97, 3/08); Steve Rodford (ds, cca 4/01-cca 10/04)

Albums Discography:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.The Zombies - Begin There4/1965 Decca 39
2.Early Days1968
3.Odyssey And Oracle4/1968 CBS 95
4.The World Of The Zombies9/1970 Decca
5.Story Of The Zombies
6.Rock Roots14.05.1976Decca
7.Live On The BBC1977
8.She's Not There
2/1982 Decca
9.The Singles A's & B's9/1987 See For Miles
10.Meet The Zombies1988 Razor
11.The Collection
8/1988 Castle
12.The Zombies Collection Vol. 14/1989 Impact
13.The Zombies Collection Vol. 24/1989 Impact
14.Five Live Zombies5/1989 Razor
15.The Return Of The Zombies1990 BMG-RCA
16.Golden Decade Of The Zombies6/1990 Knight
17.New Word4/1991 Essential
18.The Zombies
(3CD box set)
7/1991 Razor
19.The EP Collection11/1992 See For Miles
20.New World5/1994 Castle
21.1964-672/1995 More Music
22.Zombie Heaven1998 Ace
23.Begin Here - Plus11.05.1999
24.Out Of The Shadows3/2001 Redhouse
25.R.I.P.15.10.2000Varese Sarabande
26.Greatest Hits18.03.2003Morada Music
28.I Love You22.06.2004Varese
29.As Far As I Can See14.09.2004Rhino
30.Ultimate Best14.12.2004Sony
31.Into the Afterlife17.07.2007Big Beat
32.The Zombies And Beyond26.05.2008UMTV43
33.The Zombies Odyssey & Oracle Revisited: The 40th Anniversary Concert01.07.2008
34.RIP The Lost Album19.03.2010Sweet Dandelion
35.Breathe Out, Breathe In09.05.2011Red House
36.Recorded Live in Concert at Metropolis Studios, London26.06.2012Conveyor
& Dante
07.08.2012Neurotic Yell
38.Bunny Lake Is Missing
& Paul Glass
14.08.2012Reel Time
39.Live in the UK23.04.2013Red House
40.Still Got That Hunger
produced by: Chris Potter
09.10.2015The End
41.The BBC Radio Sessions20.05.2016Varese Sarabande
42.The Complete Studio Recordings
(box set)
22.02.2019Varese Sarabande

Colin Blunstone:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.One Year26.11.1971Epic
2.Enismore11/1972 Epic
3.Let's Keep The Curtains Closed Today1/1974 Epic
4.The Journey08.03.1974Epic
6.Never Even Thought1978
7.Late Nights In Soho1979
8.I Don't Believe In Miracles1982
9.The Light Inside29.06.1998Mystic/EFA
10.Out Of The Shadows25.03.2003Koch
11.Echo Bridge09.03.2004Big Beat
12.Live at the Bloomsbury Theatre, London
& Rod Argent
13.The Ghost Of You And Me09.03.2009
14.Original Album Classics03.08.2010Sony
15.Best of Colin Blunstone08.09.2010Camden International
16.On The Air Tonight11/2012 Go!

Singles Discography:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.She's Not There / You Make Me Feel Good7/1964 Decca12 2
2.Leave Her Be / Woman10/1964 Decca
3.Tell Her No / What More Can I Do12/1964 Decca42 6
4.The Zombies EP
(Kinda Girl / Sometimes/ It's Alright / Summertime)
1965 Decca
5.She's Coming Home / I Must Move3/1965 Decca 58
6.I Want You Back Again / Once Upon A Time6/1965 Parrot 95
7.Whenever You're Ready / I Love Her8/1965 Decca 110
8.Just Out Of Reach10/1965 Parrot 113
9.Is This The Dream / Don't Go Away26.11.1965Decca
10.Remember You / Just Out Of Reach21.01.1966Decca 113
11.Indication / How We Were Before17.06.1966Decca
12.Gotta Get A Hold On Myself / The Way I Feel Inside11/1966 Decca
13.Goin' Out Of My Head / She Does Everything For Me3/1967 Decca
14.I Love You / The Way I Feel Inside
(v USA)
5/1967 Parrot
15.Friends Of Mine / Beechwood Park9/1967 CBS
16.Care Of Cell 44 / Maybe After He's Gone11/1967 CBS
17.Time Of The Season / I'll Call You Mine06.04.1968CBS
18.This Will Be Our Year / Butchers Tale (Western Front 1914)
(v USA)
7/1968 Date
19.Time Of The Season / Friends Of Mine1/1969 Date 3
20.Imagine The Swan / Conversations Of Floral Street5/1969 Date 109
21.If It Don't Work Out / Don't Cry For Me
(v USA)
7/1969 Date
23.Time Of The Season / Imagine The Swan07.09.1973Epic
24.Care Of Cell 44 / Maybe After He's Gone
25.She's Not There / Time Of The Season10/1983 Old Gold
26.Live On The BBC EP2/1986 Rhino
27.She's Not There / Time Of The Season / Tell Her No / Got My Mojo Working1988 Special Edition
28.She's Not There3/1989 Old Gold
29.She's Not There / Leave Her Be8/1995 Old Gold
30.Time Of The Season / Tell Her No9/1995 Old Gold
31.Time Of The Season5/2007 Ace
32.A Go Go EP
(If It Don't Work Out (undubbed) / Come On Time / I'll Keep Trying (undubbed) / Going To A Go Go (live))
30.09.2010Big Beat
33.R & B EP
(I'm Going Home (take 2) / Woman (demo) / Sticks & Stones (alternate take) / It's Alright With Me (demo))
30.09.2010Big Beat
34.At Work (N Play)
(Walking In The Sun (Undubbed) / Sometimes (Demo) / Work N' Play (Alternate Take) / The Way I Feel Inside (Rehearsal))
30.09.2010Big Beat
35.Time Of The Season / A Rose For Emily (previously unissued 1967 mix) / Care Of Cell 44 (previously unissued stereo mix) / Hung Up On A Dream (previously unissued stereo mix)27.10.2010Big Beat
36.Zombies '66 EP
(Call Of The Night / A Love That Never Was / One Day I'll Say Goodbye / This Will Be Our Year (demo))
27.10.2010Big Beat
37.Zombies On The BBC EP
(This Old Heart Of Mine (previously unissued BBC recording) / The Look Of Love / Just A Little Bit (previously unissued BBC recording) / Loving You Is Sweeter Than Ever (previously unissued BBC recording))
27.10.2010Big Beat
38.If It Don't Work Out / Rocket Number 9 / Come On Time / I'll Keep Trying / Going To A Go Go13.07.2012Ace
39.At Work EP
(Walking In The Sun (N' Play) / Sometimes / Work 'N' Play / The Way I Feel Inside)
40.Zombies '66 EP
(Call Of The Night / A Lovew That Never Was / One Day I'll Say Goodbye / This Will Be Our Year)
41.Zombies On The BBC EP
(This Old Heart Of Mine / The Look Of Love / Just A Little Bit / Loving You Is Sweeter Than Ever)

Colin Blunstone:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.She's Not There
credited to: Neil MacArthur
12/1968 34
2.Say You Don't Mind04.02.1972Epic15
3.I Don't Believe In Miracles11/1972 Epic31
4.How Could We Dare To Be Wrong19.01.1973Epic45
6.I Want Some More6/1973
7.Wonderful / Beginning14.09.1973Epic
8.It's Magical31.05.1974Epic
9.When You Close Your Eyes / Good Guys Always Win1976 Epic
11.Beautiful You25.02.1977Epic
12.What Becomes Of The Broken-Hearted
& Dave Stewart
13.Tracks Of My Tears5/1982 60
& Rod Argent


1. The Zombies Odyssey & Oracle Revisited: The 40th Anniversary Concert - 2008, live


1. Bunny Lake Is Missing (1966, starring)


2016 Grammy Hall Of Fame (SP "She's Not There", 1964)
2019 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame


disbanded 1968
reunited 3/1969
disbanded 1969
reunited 1990
reunited 11/1997

Compilation Appearances:

"She's Not There" on compilation "More American Graffiti" (19.10.79, MCA)
"She's Not There" on OST "American Dreams Original Soundtrack: 1963-1964" (6.5.03, Hip-O)
"She's Not There" on compilation "The Cavern - The Most Famous Club In The World" (20.8.07)

Colin Blunstone:

appeared on the LP:

Alan Parsons Project: Pyramid (1978, Arista)
Alan Parsons Project: Eye In The Sky (1982, Arista)
Alan Parsons Project: Vulture Culture (1984, Arista)
Alan Parsons Project: Ammonia Avenue (1984, Arista)
Emile Haynie: We Fall (24.2.15, Interscope)

appeared on the SP:
Dave Stewart: What Becomes Of The Broken-Hearted (19.12.80, Broken)

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