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Los Angeles, California, USA
*  1983


W.A.S.P. (photo)

Blackie Lawless - voc,bg
Mike Duda - g
Chris Holmes
Aquiles Priester - ds

Former Members:

Chris Holmes (g, 1983-90); Dan McDade (g, 4/92 g.a.)
Randy Piper (g, 1983-85); Johnny Rod (g, 1985-89, 8/90-?); Bob Kulick (g, 8/90-1993, cca 5/95)
Don Costa (bg, 1983)
Ken Hensley (kb, 8/90-?)
Tony Richards (ds, 1983-85); Steve Riley (ds, 1985-87); Glen Söderling (ds, 1987); Frankie Banali (ds, 9/87-1989, 8/90-cca 5/95); Stet Howland (ds, cca 1991-93, cca 1997)

Albums Discography:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
(= "Winged Assassins", = "I Wanna Be Somebody")
produced by: Spencer Proffer
17.08.1984Capitol51 74
2.The Last Command
produced by: Spencer Proffer
9/1985 Capitol48 49
3.Inside The Electric Circus10/1986 Capitol53 60
4.Live ... In The Raw9/1987 Capitol23 77
5.The Headless Children14.01.1989Capitol8 48
6.The Crimson Idol08.06.1992Parlophone21
7.First Blood ... Last Cuts10/1993 Parlophone69
8.Still Not Black Enough19.06.1995Raw Power52
9.Kill Fuck Die21.03.1997Raw Power
10.Double Live Assassins
11.Helldorado18.05.1999Snapper Music
12.The Best Of The Best 1984-200021.03.2000Snapper
13.The Sting10/2000 Panther
14.Unholy Terror03.04.2001Metal Is
15.Dying For The World11.06.2002Sanctuary
16.Neon God, Pt. 1 - The Rise20.04.2004Sanctuary
17.Neon God, Pt. 2: The Demise28.09.2004Sanctuary
20.The Sting: Live In Los Angeles10.06.2014Madfish
21.Golgotha10/2015 Napalm50 93
22.N.A.S.T.Y.04.12.2015FM In Concert Series

Blackie Lawless:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.29 Ravenshood Court2/1994

Randy Piper:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Violent New Breed
credited to: Randy Piper's Animal
29.08.2006Diesel & Glory
credited to: Randy Piper's Animal
21.10.2008Locomotive Music

Chris Holmes:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Shitting Bricks16.10.2015M&O Music
2.C.H.P.08.04.2016Traffic Entertainment Group

Singles Discography:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.Animal (Fuck Like A Beast) / Show No Mercy4/1984 Capitol83
2.I Wanna Be Somebody / Tormentor7/1984 Capitol77
3.School Daze / Paint It Black16.11.1984Capitol81
4.Blind In Texas / Savage
12" + I Wanna Be Somebody (live)
10/1985 Capitol77
5.Wild Child / Mississippi Queen
12" + On Your Knees / Hellion
6/1986 Capitol71
6.95 Nasty / Easy Living
12" + Flesh And Fire
9/1986 Capitol70
7.Scream Until You Like It / Shoot It From The Hip (live)
12" + Sleeping (In The Fire)
8/1987 Capitol32
8.I Don't Need No Doctor / Widow Maker (live)
12" + Sex Drive (live)
10/1987 Capitol31
9.Live Animal (Fuck Like A Beast) / DB Blues / Animal2/1988 Capitol61
10.Mean Man / Locomotive Breath
12",CD + For Whom The Bells Toll
2/1989 Capitol20
11.The Real Me / The Lake Of Fools
12",CD + War Cry
5/1989 Capitol23
12.Forever Free (eagle edit) / Love Machine (live '89)
12",CD + Blind In Texas (live '89)
8/1989 Capitol25
13.Chainsaw Charlie (Murders In The New Morgue) / Phantom In The Mirror
12",CD + The Story Of Jonathan (Prologue To The Crimson Idol - Part 1)
14.The Idol / The Story Of Jonathan (Prologue To The Crimson Idol - Part II)
CD + The Eulogy
15.I Am The One / Wild Child
10" + Charlie Chainsaw / I Wanna Be Somebody
CD + The Invisible Boy / The Real Me / The Great Misconception Of Me)
10/1992 Parlophone44
16.Sunset And Babylon / Animal (Fuck Like A Beast)
12"(1) + School Daze / On Your Knees
12"(2) + Hellion / Show No Mercy
CD + Sleeping In The Fire / I Wanna Be Somebody
10/1993 Parlophone38
17.Black Forever / Goodbye America
CD1 + Skin Walker / One Tribe
CD2 + Long Way To The Top / Whole Lotta Rosie
6/1995 Raw Power
18.Kill Fuck Die03.03.1997Raw Power


1. Live At The Lyceum Londen - 1986
2. Videos ... At The Raw - 1988, Picture Music International, 60 min
3. First Blood, Last Visions - 1993
4. The Sting - 11/2001

WWW Links:


W.A.S.P. = We Are Sexual Perverts

disbanded 1989
reunited 8/1990
disbanded 1993
reunited 1995

Bob Kulick:

appeared on the LP:

Michael Bolton: Michael Bolton (1983, CBS)
Drive, She Said: Drive, She Said (1989, CBS)
Marc Ferrari & Friends: Guest List (1996, Seagull)
Doro: Calling The Wild (11.9.00, Steamhammer)
Tim "Ripper" Owens: Play My Game (5/09)

Chris Holmes:

6/1989 married Litou Ford

Mike Duda:

appeared on the LP:

Jack Frost: Raise Your Fist To Metal (10/03)

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