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Albums Discography:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.You Don't Know The Half Of It13.08.2009Geffen27

Singles Discography:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.Huggermugger / Inorganic Sound
feat Wotsee
27.09.2004Blatant Beats
2.True Awareness / Axis Mundi
feat MC Wotsee
06.12.2004Blatant Beats
3.Poisonous / World Of Unknown12.09.2005Blatant Beats
4.Ready For Chaos / Music Holocaust13.03.2006Blatant Beats
5.Sweet Love / Wilde Syde17.04.2006Next Generation
6.Flowing Free / Realm Of XTC
feat MC Casper
23.10.2006Next Generation
7.Gabriel & The Vagabond / Indiscriminate Act Of Kindness
& Foyvance Gabriel
18.12.2006Wurda Mouth
8.Dance For Me / Dematerialize
feat Tais
19.02.2007Blatant Beats
9.Riding The Air / Addiction, Temptation21.05.2007Blatant Beats
10.Crush The Night / Tear It All Down
& Dreadhed
19.11.2007Blatant Beats
11.More Than You Can Take / Do You Fear Me? / Go22.09.2008Vagabond
12.No Mercy
vs Thian Brodie
06.04.2009Dropbeat Digital
13.Stepping Up
feat Tais
15.05.2009Dropbeat Digital
14.Sweat (Until The Morning)08.06.2009
15.Don't Wanna Run No More03.08.200941
16.Drift Away / Hardcore Habanera
& Brisk
27.10.2009Blatant Beats
17.Step Into The Light / Time To Let Go / Riff Shaker / Party Crashin' (Shanty remix)
& Freestyle & Darwin & Callum & MC Keyes & Si Anite
30.03.2010Electronic Bedlam
18.Hardcore Pack 4 EP
(Ready For Chaos / Music Holocaust / Flip Flop Falva / Caffeine Rush / Trust In The Music /Roll Em Up /Ultimate Sounds /10-4 /You Better Run (VAGABOND remix)/You Better Run)
& Robbie Long & Devastate & Dreadhed & Blatant Beats & Coyote & Frisky
05.05.2011Hardcore Pack

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